How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Okay mommy’s I need help or advice, my son is 18 months old does not sleep through the night at all he was so good sleeping in his own crib every night now he won’t sleep through the night without mom next to him, well with another baby on the way his kicking is starting to really hurt so I tried reading to him rocking him moving him from bed to bed letting him cry it out I even put his toddler bed right next to my bed n nothing is working at this point I gave up n let him sleep wherever he passes out at. I have a routine dinner at 6 run around till 7:30 (going straight to bed he pukes) then bathe for 45 mins then brush teeth use potty before bed n go lay down with a milk cup while mom reads or we watch tv 9 he is usually asleep but every two hours he wakes up crying. I’m tired every morning an I’m constantly running into work with minutes to spare. Please help me no rude comments


How long ago did it start, he could be going through a sleep regression which could last a few weeks but it’ll pass despite it feeling like it never will xx

Get him some probiotics in the refrigerated section at the health food store. Sounds like he has some digestion issues if hes puking…these will help repopulate the good bacteria in his digestive tract. Get some childrens organic food based multivitamins and DHA, this should help too.

No technology/screen time atleast 2 hours before bed. It disrupts their sleep patterns. Lavender essential oil with a little coconut oil rubbed on the bottom of his feet, back of neck before bed will help.

Just keep at it and eventually he’ll sleep in his own space.

Milk before bed could upset his tummy. So maybe try watered down juice or water itself. Milk before bed will also cause problems with his teeth!

And babies sense things. He might feel “alone” or “jealous” if he knows or senses you’re pregnant. And it happens.

Have you used white noise, CD with music, or sounds, kids get activity all day some kids need noise. Just a thought.

I’d also say no night light because it affects REM sleep. I also dont put my phone in the same room. Wifi disrupts sleep and has been recommended in other countries to be completely banned from nurseries. Unplug when not in use. I got mine shut off because my toxicity to radiation was rising after only having it on for 1 month.

We do dinner about 6, banana can help for sleep. We do a bath, bottle, teeth and bed by 7.30ish Husband puts him down awake turn music on is mobile andsay night night sometimes he will fuss a little but mostly settles himself. We have been through sleep regression and that is very hard he wont settle at all no mater what we do. Routine is key i think, does he nap as could be over tired maybe my son sleep 1/2 hours after lunch if he doesnt have a nap we notice he is 20mnts almost x

I would probably just feed him these foods or you can try this homeopathic organic sleep aid,ss:67&prds=epd:3345824240388982047,paur:ClkAsKraX2rVSrGFPzoRhrCCWB0CoTRE8Mxqa3mHm_70Qilko7W2e5XMRzXcRpRlQdwsQ4tKF6hQXxXVDZtb477_5XKOlBLX3UctdcTAURvd-6Hr1NIGXAItwxIZAFPVH72SqE6KrIMTWSqmvCxT6IyZcyQftw,cdl:1,prmr:1,cs:1,rv:1-2

The foods would probably work better though.