How to get baby to sleep through the night?

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I am hoping to get some advice from mamas that breastfed a little one that would not sleep through the night. This is my third baby and he wakes up 2-4 times at night and is 7 months old :sleepy: My first was a trick baby that slept 7pm-7am at just a few weeks old and the second would only wake 1-2 times a night to feed until around 6 months when we started solids. We have tried a set bed time ritual, supplementing with formula, eating more solids, sleeping in the same bed (he usually sleeps in his own bed) and many other things. What are some tips or tricks that you recommend for a night owl baby who wants to breastfeed all night long? :grimacing: Is it a boy thing? My first two are girls. Either way this mama needs SLEEP!


Following as I feel your pain. My son is 8 months and is the same way…

What all do you do with him when he wakes up? And does he go right back to sleep after he eats?

Well…its not a boy thing…my daughter woke up 2 to 3 times a night for her bottle …she never drank a whole 8 oz bottle…she would take 4 oz n then go to sleep wake up for another 2 oz around 1-2 and then wake up again around 5 for another 4 to 6 oz bottle …shes now 18 months and she still wakes up at least once a night lol …luckily she take the bottle or sometimes pacifier n goes back to sleep…she my last out of 5 and i feel like all

My first child (girl) was like yours… Was 2 weeks old the first night she slept an entire 8 hours and I would usually have to wake her to feed her… My second (also girl) is pushing 6 months and is still an every 2-3 hour feeder… I find it easier to pump right after I lay her down and keep that bottle in the crib, so when she wakes, I simply hand it to her and go right back to bed… There are days that I can pump enough for 2 feedings and I keep this bottle on my nightstand, because her crib is right next to my bed… However, the days that I’m not producing enough, as long as I can get 5-6 hours of sleep I’m good… Take some melatonin at night so that the sleep you are getting is good sleep

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It is not a boy thing! My daughter (7 months in a few days) gets up 2 to 3 times a night (between 10 and 5 a.m.) to eat. She is formula fed and always has been a big eater.
My dr told me to just let the baby be when she starts fussing in the middle of the night (have tried this. She usually just ends up screaming until she gets her bottle)
Try anything comforting. A binkey, a blanket, maybe even a t shirt that smells like you or daddy.
I have a blanket for my daughter (she has slept with it for months because of a comfort thing) and when she starts getting fussy I just throw that on top of her and sometimes she does calm down

Same exact cycle Im in with my 3rd! My 1st 2 were the same as yours. She nurses and goes back to sleep. I cosleep if its after 1am. Its just easier and the only way i get any sleep and she will sleep longer if shes next to me.

My only suggestion really since he’s still under one year of age is to start decreasing the amount you give him gradually with each feeding. A lactation consultant told me that their body wakes for the nutrients and when you slowly decrease the amount given, eventually the body will not find the small amount of nutrients given sufficient enough to wake up for, and they’ll start sleeping for longer stretches.

This is the only thing I can really think of.

My little one breastfeeds all night long (he’s 11 months), we dream feed so I can get some sleep too. :blush:

Our little boy did really well sleeping after we bought a little blue bear that played music. If you have a google home then tell it to play the sound of rain. It’s called white noise. Helps him sleep then complete silence :slightly_smiling_face:

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I nursed my girl until 20 months and she NEVER slept through the night until I weaned and she turned 2. And now she still wakes up around 2 AM for a water cup.

My youngest did, and not to be to honest but I just let him sleep in bed with me with my boobs out.:woman_shrugging: If and when he got hungry he would just wiggle his way over and eat. It helped me and him finally get a good night’s sleep.


Have you consulted with a lactation specialist you may not be flowing enough for them to get a full belly also breast milk is lighter than formula or milk to oatmeal type thing so they may be hungry for either reason and also talk with your ped. They have a lot of good suggestions.

my 15 month old breastfed daughter still wakes up a few times a night… thought it was normal :woman_shrugging:

My daughter is 2years 2months and wakes up in the middle of the night to eat still. She is off milk and on full food. Doesnt matter how much she eats before bed, shes still gonna wake up to eat. She has a fast metabolism… They will grow up fast just enjoy the cuddles while they eat

Your first two spoiled you. This is absolutely normal. Change him, feed him, burp him then back to sleep. He is still a baby. Most babies wake 2-4 times a night at this age.

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F, my first she basically stayed up all night eating… It was horrible, with my second she woke up MAYBE 3 times during the night to eat, and normally slept most of the night. Hoping this third one is that easy like my second

My formula fed kid didn’t sleep through the night either. Most babies don’t. They NEED to wake up and eat. Sleep is developmental and he’ll sleep through the night when he’s ready


My 2 year old was like this!He was colicy!

lol a “trick baby” —- it sounds like at his age, he could begin learning to self soothe a little better! i used the little ones sleep program but there are all different kinds of strategies (you’ll have to research what you’re comfortable with) to help them achieve better sleep. i’ll explain what we did as a gentle version of whine it out lol lol… if she was whine crying, i’d let her but when it turned to sad/scared, i’d go in a console her (rub, rock etc) and put her back in the crib once she was relaxed. supposedly at 7 mo they say they don’t need (any/as many) night feeds if you’re supplementing with formula but idk each child is so different that wasn’t the case for my girl :woman_shrugging:

My 10 month old is still waking to nurse 5-6 times a night 3-4 on a good day he cosleeps I talked to his ped and she said just put him in his bed let him cry watch the video monitor but don’t go in till morning. I can’t bring myself to do that please let me know if you figure it out