How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Hey guys. Sleep deprived mom needing help here. My baby refuses to sleep in his own bed. I breastfed him the first 7 months of his life, he is now 11 months, and honestly, my laziness is to blame. My husband and I have a big bed, so it was easier for me to just let him co-sleep because he was eating so much. He is our 4th child and I have never had this happen with the other 3. Yes, I know all children are different… but NOTHING has worked. I have read so many articles, done so much research, tried everything to sleep train him… nothing has even come close to working. He will scream and scream until he can’t breathe. He is an amazing baby, good temperament, happy, healthy… but God forbid I lay him down in his crib. He is getting huge, so room is becoming an issue (he wants to lay sideways lol)… he has to fall asleep on me though and I lay him down between us after he falls asleep, but this kid sweats like a grown ass man which makes me sweat, and also I would love to be able to touch my husband and snuggle again. Any advice to help correct my laziness?

Any rude comments will result in me bringing my baby to you at bedtime. :rofl:


No help here but I know how you feel, my girly will SCREAM until she vomits and chokes on it… it’s not safe having her in the crib. Still get judgements but you have to do what you have to do!

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Try doing just nap time? Maybe a pillow with a shirt of your or his daddy’s and let him cuddle that?
Co sleeping with my 7 month old currently and I am terrified of the day I finally put her in her own bed. She does the whole screaming thing, too. Has made herself sick a few times

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He is old enough now to let him cry it out, or if he takes a sippy cup give him some water and put him down in his crib. It will be tough but eventually he will get it and self soothe. Also give him one of your worn t shirts and take it out once he falls asleep. I personally don’t like the cry it out method because I feel so bad but when nothing else works you have to if you want your bed back.

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I understand mine only 5 weeks (first baby) and he decided day 2 he wont sleep alone :sob::sweat: I mean I sleep easier with him next to me but idk how ima wing him when he is older

Maybe if he is getting to big for his cot, get his a toddler bed and put guard rails up? That way you could lay down and read stories and cuddle him… Ease him into that way? I coslept with my breastfed baby til she was two (now 3) and she’s only now starting to go to sleep without a fuss. Good luck!

I got my son a blanket and sheet of A character he likes (elmo). I set him up in his room with a fan on (not pointkng towards him, just for white noise) and turn on his favorite cartoon. We did that for a while in his play pen then transferred to toddler bed. Keep him on a schedule for naps and bed time. He will be ready for his naps. Schedule is key

results to no sleep for a couple days but make him sleep in a play pen when he falls asleep if he wakes up put him to sleep and lay him in that again keep doing that

i know your tired but got to be consistent my son used to only sleep in a rock and play till i did what i just recomended at the end of the week he was sleeping sound in his play pen

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If hes sweating that much,try tank too & shorts to bed & turn down the ac, we keep ours at 72 or 73…no sweating

i literally have no advice but my 15 month old is the exact same way… i felt like i was reading my life lol. reading all of these comments, i’ve tried them all & nothing (& i mean nothing) works for us.
you’re not alone mama! :sob::sob::sob:

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Try pack n play next to your bed then when you got that down gradually move it further away

No help here but same! Same age same situation everything. It sucks. He’s our only and we tried the cry it out but he will scream until he’s sweaty snotty and hyperventilating(we tried it for 4 days) tried the pick up put down and camp out method. I love this little boy but seriously needs to sleep on his own lol

My boy was doing samething I got him a big boy bed as he called it and from their he wont sleep in my bed besides when he first gets up oh and his sister had gotten a new bed so that helped me transition him

Have you tried a zippidy zip? Helped a lot for us!

Have you considered hiring a sleep trainer to come and help ? My girlfriend did and she said it worked wonders

Yes to the worn T shirt in the crib to soothe him.

Can you put an air mattress on the floor next to his crib & sleep in his room for a few days or weeks? Once he’s good with that, after he falls asleep go to your own bed. Then once he’s good with that, maybe he’ll go down w/o a fuss.

Or start with his crib in your room next to your bed, & move it farther away as he gets OK with it until it’s in his own room.

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No advice.But i like the ending :rofl:


Put the crib up against your bed with the side off the crib. He’s close but still not in your bed get him use to being in his own bed 1st

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I had this issue until mine was almost one. I let her fall asleep in my bed and had a toddler bed put in my room in between my bed and the wall and put pillows and cushions on the ground in case she rolled out. She got so used to waking up in the toddler bed eventually she put herself in it at night.

When she was almost 2 we moved rooms as in put her bed in her room, stayed with her until she fell asleep and then We left her. All was good.

Let him cry he will fall asleep

Get a toddler bed and lay with him until he falls asleep and when he wakes up in middle of night repeat… I did this with my 3 year old and shes now going to sleep on her own and staying in her own room.

When the baby is a little older, put him/her in with your second youngest.

Mine was the same way until we did a version of the controlled cry method. The problem is now she wont sleep anywhere but in her crib. It was really hard at first waiting for the timer to go offhand listening to her scream before I could go in and comfort her.

I have a 19 month old and currently going through the same thing. We built him a big boy bed because he kept climbing out of the crib and coming to my bed. So out of fear we have built a platform bed, so at nighttime we lay down together, read a book and I lay there with him till he is almost asleep, no he has not stayed in his bed all night but he will sleep in there from 8pm till 3-4 am so progress. This has been the only thing that has worked for me so far. I am currently pregnant and tired of being kicked in my back, head, belly etc so I understand the exhaustion part.

Have you tried moving him after he is asleep.? Give him a stuffed toy to sleep with.

I have no advice at all my daughter 3.5 still sleeps with me lol but love your spunkyness lol

I appreciate all of the advice! I am the writer of the question.

Unfortunately, we have tried everything… letting him cry it out only makes him angry and he cries so hard that he hyperventilates and then starts choking. Using stuffed animals, giving him our shirts, moving him after he falls asleep… everything. He is stubborn (gets it from his father, obviously). Keep on with the advice though, I love hearing from other parents. I am also posting a picture of the monster so you guys can see the pure evil I am dealing with. :rofl:
He. Is. Too. Dang. Cute. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

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I use intervals for transitions. Using a long period and shortening those periods of time as we go. For example, I’ll stay with him for an hour. Leave and come back. Then, stay for 30/40 minutes. Leave and come back. If this doesn’t work we do what is comfortable to build trust. Then, try again later, or the next day. It’s worked pretty well. He’s 3 months and sleeping in his own room in his crib, now.

My child was in a toddler bed at that age. Maybe try skipping the crib?

All these comments make me REALLY happy that I never let my kids co-sleep with me.

My son had issues staying in his bed at nap/bed time as a toddler. I would sit in his room until he fell asleep. It sometimes took a LONG time, but after doing that for awhile, I would say “Ok, I’m only staying in here for 10 minutes. Then I’m going out to the living room.” Then I moved to just putting him down, and let him get himself to sleep.