How to get baby to sleep through the night?

I have an almost 3 1/2 month old son that I just need a little bit of advice for. He has gotten so much better at sleeping throughout the night but he still wakes up at about 4/430am. This is usually because of his diaper. His bedtime routine is done every single night. His diaper is changed and he is fed before going to be put in his crib but for some reason when 4/430 hits he’s awake and won’t go back to bed until his diaper is changed. When i change it and put him back to bed, he falls back asleep and sleeps until 6. How do I break this habit of changing his diaper every night. It is not full, he could definitely make it for a clean diaper at 6. I have tried everything I could think of to get him out of the habit of needing it changed. Any advice, and please no judging, I am a first time mom and just went back to work this week so it has been very tough balancing both. Thanks!


Expecting him to make it through the night is a bit much at his age. My daughter is 8 months and she still wakes up through the night for milk and a diaper. And I’m a working mom. He’ll most likely hit a 4 month sleep regression anyway and wake up during the night. I’d just count your blessings that he only wakes up once :woman_shrugging:t2:


A 3 month only waking once per night sounds like heaven. Congratulations on getting so lucky!


My daughter woke up several times a night til she was 2 years old. Most babies don’t sleep through the night for a while

Try changing his routine a little bit. Feed before changing then bed after hes peed/pooped! Good luck momma!

My sons almost 2 and still refuses to sleep through the night. Count your blessings lol


Good luck on that one. My 8 month stills wakes up at 4 for a bottle and diaper. We then cuddle and she goes back to sleep until 7. He’s a little newborn.

Every baby is different. I personally do believe he should be changed during the night. I would say towards 6 months he should maybe start sleeping a little better. My son woke up several times a nigjt and I would change his wet diaper at least once a night. Sleeping in soiled underwear all night wouldn’t be fun to me either


I wish my 7 month old only woke up once a night and just to have a diaper change. You’re a lucky mama. I am up 2-3 times a night nursing my son.
Try using a different diaper. With my daughter we used Luvs during the day and Huggies at night and if we were going anywhere. With my son I use Cloud Island (Target).

It’s a baby. They wake up through the night, it’s what they do. You don’t break it or try to change anything. ITS NORMAL.

Hon, my grandson is 6 months, & has just really got down the night time sleep routine! My daughter is exhausted, every day. & Now he is sick, & last night was up every hour.
At least he goes right back to sleep, so theres that lol. Try a “night time” diaper, & maybe change him right before you fall asleep, that might help some. If not just go with the flow, it will change soon enough! With kids they always do lol!

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But, I would either get a bigger sized diaper, or just keep on changing it to keep him comfy.

You are so lucky though, my boy is almost 2 and still wakes up 2 or 3 times at night. Not for long, but he has never grown out of it.

My daughter was like this! Never could break the habit she didn’t like to be dirty or wet! That being said she was 100% potty trained, of her own volition, by 14m :woman_shrugging::tipping_hand_woman::joy_cat:

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Oh lord all the sanctamommies on here who never begged Jesus while in tears for their kid to sleep just 6 str8 hrs :woman_facepalming: she’s not asking how to make him not pee or even how to avoid changing it she’s for real just asking if this is for the rest of forever and the answer is its the rest for forever for now anyway some babies just do not like to be wet. Seems u have one. Wait til he dribbles 2 drops on his shirt every 2min until his 18 :joy: :joy: :joy: changes everytime! my daughter has hangers and a rack, it was compromise for the “wet” clothes she swore were dirty with 2 drops of water :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: now she hangs them up to dry and wears them when she dribbles on that one :joy: :joy: :joy:


I mean, I know it sucks, but my first answer would be just to change it.
My second answer would be to try different diapers. Or maybe just a larger size come bed time. I use luvs and they have a 12 hour protection (never let my daughter go that long though)
Maybe try a diaper with night lock? Like the, feel dry no matter how much pee?
My daughter (7 months) gets up around 4 every morning just to play. My alarm goes off at 5. She falls asleep just before my alarm. We co sleep because it is easier (horrible, or so they say) I am a single mom and also a FTM. Sadly, being tired is just part of the mom description!
Best of luck!!

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Try going up a size or try a nighttime diaper. I know you are tired, but your son is only 3 1/2 months old. He only wakes once per night, you are extremely lucky. My 3 year old wakes at least once per night most nights. If you can, trade off night duty with the father. You take one night, he takes the next. You will make it through.

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Btw I have a 2 year in diapers and he soaks through it almost every other night. How do I deal? I just live with it :joy: I’m a mom I’ll wash the sheets it’s part of mom life

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My first son slept through the night by three months. My second son did not sleep ay night for 18 months…he has his days and nights all mixed up. Some kids you just can’t control.

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Why not try and change it again before you go to sleep. My 1yr drink water all day long and have to change him a few times once he is down… good luck

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Have you ever sat in wet underwear for a couple hours? A little uncomfortable, isn’t it?

Sounds to me like you are lazy chage your kid quit whining some people just wish they could chage theirs again


For being that young and only waking up once that’s pretty great honestly! I’d just deal with it


Haha sorry but a lot of babies don’t sleep this well until much much later, my 20M girl still wakes up once a night usually

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Uh… you get up to go when you have to, right? So… he doesnt like being wet either, he goes back to sleep when you change him… his bladder will grow as he grows. Give him a break :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Hey mama, it sounds like at this age you are SUPER lucky to only have one wake up per night (and scheduled at that! :wink:) enjoy the little middle of the night moments with your baby and embrace the sleep deprivation. We’re at two years and still feel under rested most days. Also, be prepared for the sleep regression that is to come. It comes approximately every three months and lasts about a month at a time. And sleep regression can happen when baby hits big milestones too: sitting up on his own, crawling, teething, walking…among other things. Just take a deep breath and learn to love the lack of sleep. Being tired is the mark of a good mama. This little stage goes so fast, soak up every moment.

Wow. Consider yourself lucky that he only wakes up once a night. If only!

Just roll with it. Try a different diaper maybe.