How to get baby to sleep through the night?

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My 18 month old refuses to naps during the day and will only sleep at about midnight or later how will i get him to sleep earlier


I would take to your doctor about some melatonin maybe? We have to give it to my two year old cause good lord she never sleep if didnt

Not that young for melatonin, maybe get up earlier and more physical activities…

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Its normal for their schedules to be wonky. Maybe baby isnt feeling well? Do they have a normal temp? Eating and drinking?

I would try more activities, healthy food, bathtime, and no electronics the last couple hours before bed

Wake them up early in the morning, spend a lot of time outside and give them a bath before bed with night time soap.

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I am a believer in the cry it out method. And no I dont mean shut the door and walk away. Check on them at 5 minutes, pick them up, hugs and kisses and lay back in bed. Chances are the first time they will get up again. Give it ten minutes this time. Then 15. Then 20. After we took paci away mine had to sleep train again and after 20 minutes she was exhausted from crying and dozed off to sleep in my arms. The second night wasnt that bad. And by the third night, I could tell her that I needed to turn the fan off and she would get in bed. I had to do this for my sanity. My best advice is to hang in there. Little ones need sleep. The best advice I have for you is that you are doing great already. Does the child have clean clothes and diapers? Is the child fed? Then you are doing it right. This sounds like a rather long phase, but in time it will pass. If your super worried, bring it up to your doctor.

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Lots of park time to tire them out, make sure baby is getting lots of healthy food and not getting tummy aches, bottle and read a book before bed. Routine is good!

Maybe try to work in a nightly routine. And yes get up early and wear him out by the end of the day💙

My kids stopped napping at this age I just put them to bed earlier. Ugh. Toddlers…

If he is happy, he just may not need a lot of sleep. If he is cranky look to why he is not sleeping. Is he getting attention by staying up? Get him up in morning so he doesn’t sleep in.

Try making sure they are up at a good time every day and keep them active during the day but calm in the evening so their body can slow down and relax before bed.

No sugar, even natural like fruits and juices, more exercise to wear them out and don’t let them sleep long at night 6-8 hours max that way your little one tires for a nap, repeat after nap so they tire by bedtime. Also make sure they’re full and warm bath before bed usually relaxes them.

Turn the tv off. Parks and running. A tired child is a sleeping child! If your stillbhaving issues consult a doctor, there is condition that prevent children from sleeping.

Bedtime routine…wear him out playing

You might need to live with it. I’ve slept max of 6 hrs a night from babyhood. 6 hrs - MAX. I’ve passed 50… I’m down to 4-5. I’ve recently read that the less sleep required, the higher the brain functions (not necessarily in my case) tho I can remember from before I could walk.

I suggest finding what quiet things interests him. Books? Bed-safe Interactive toys?