How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Hello ! Another question I was looking to get some different perspective on. My one month old daughter has been having issues with being super fussy through the night. Usually between 11pm-5am. She will eat 4 ounces of formula ( Similac sensitive) and be content for about an hour then need another 4 but will suck like she’s starving and choke and cry with the bottle in her mouth and will puke some of it up.( I sit her directly up) She falls asleep during feedings so it takes a while to actually get the formula down . I’ll move the bottle around or rub her cheek and try to wake her up but she will just fall asleep and then freak out when I burp her and fall back asleep a few seconds after trying to feed again . I’ll carefully take the bottle out and in a few minutes she will wake up crying hungry again ( making the o face looking for a boob ) . This goes on through the night so sorry for rambling but could it be the way she’s drinking or formula ? I’ve tried gas drops and bicycle kicks thinking she could be gassy . Any help would be greatly appreciated !


Cereal!!! Just add some plain rice cereal to her bottles. Mine were preemies and on it at 3 days old per doctors order.

Try changing her diaper when she wakes up to feed, it helps make sure she’s fully awake ready to eat. Do not add anything to her formula, and talk to her Dr. good luck.


Have you checked the size of the bottle nipple? The higher the number the faster the flow. If it’s a level 1 that is what she should be at. I be noticed some parents are oblivious or don’t realize there is such a thing. I use to work at a daycare with the babies. Also with feedings taking so long she may not ever truly feel full. She could be gluing too much air if she constantly releases the nipple and then latches back on as well. If you’re not against a pacifier that may be something to try. Sometimes the sucking motion alone comforts them. I personally would call and ask your pediatrician, they may have some input as well.


Try swaddling and binky

My daughter did this when she was about a month-two months old and she had colic.

Sounds like reflux. Try raising the head end of the crib up a little, and consult the dr. 2 of my babies needed zantac at that age and we found out they were allergic to the protein in milk and soy. Had to put them on goats milk.

She’s eating WAY too much, she’s probably upset from gas and over feeding

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That sounds to me like a lot of formula ay such a young age. Granted I know every baby is different but 8 oz in 2 hours. Just seems a lot she could be bloated after drinking so much.

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Sounds like acid reflux

She probably has an upset stomach, offer a pacifier instead of more formula.

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The doctor told us that to babies the “I need to eat” and “stomach ache” pains feel the same. I’m not sure how long that lasts, but it could be the little one is spitting up because she’s eating too much due to the confusion.