How to get baby to sleep through the night?

My 5 month old WONT sleep. Won’t sleep more than 30 mins day or night. I’ve tried everything. I paid for a sleep course, I’ve tried crying it out, I’ve bought new mattress, nested bean sack, love to dream sack, several noise and color night lights, blankets, pacifiers, changed temp changed pajamas, chamomile tea, full meal right before bed, moving bed time, of course bath before bed, pillow for baby, he’s been cured of the ojo, evaluated for reflux and ear infection, I’ve tried co sleeping, sleeping with him in rocking chair in my arms, gripe water, no caffeine in my diet
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AND NOTHING WORKS. I’ve even put my vibrator under the crib mattress so that it would vibrate all night. Nothing. I’m going to die of lack of sleep I have a job, full time student, and another child. I can’t go on like this.


Have u tried changing his formula

Switch to formula perhaps if breastfeeding. Soy formula. If that doesnt work, I’d say baby just needs to outgrow this.

Have you considered taking the baby to get an adjustment? We had a cryer just like friends of ours. Chiropractor did the trick. Good luck.

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I second Chiropractor!!

Maybe speak to pediatric dr .Maybe pain somewhere ? Good luck & :pray::pray::pray::pray:

Ask the Pediatrician if he can take liquid melatonin. It’s a natural sleep aid. I have a friend that needed to use this because baby wouldnt sleep very well at all. It was very beneficial for them.

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Could be a late four month wakeful. All you can do is stick to a bedtime routine. Also he/she is way too little to cry it out. And why are you putting your vibrator in the baby’s crib… that is just weird.


Are you formula or breastfeeding?

My first son was like that, so when he was a month old the doctor put him on baby cereal, it helped. Have you tried taking him for a ride in the car?

Chiropractors are NEVER a good option for anything, children or adults 🤦🤦🤦 Look at the dangers of chiropractic care!


Teething maybe? Talk to your Doctor about if would be okay to give Infant Tylenol and see if that helps at all if so

Maybe check with an ENT?
My son was like this. He didn’t sleep through the night at all until we had his tonsils removed at when he turned 3. Idk if they can/will do anything about it that young, but if his tonsils are enlarged, they could be causing Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Good luck.

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I hope you get some rest soon. I know it’s not popular but we Co slept. Of course I’m bit of a hippie


Do you EBF? Are you sure he’s getting enough to eat? Mine did this when I didn’t realize I was underproducing. I also started using formula. I went with nutramigen, he had reflux so he also had Zantac, and I switched to playtex nurser bottles with plastic liners that helped eliminate swallowing air.

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Put one of your worn shirts wherever he sleeps.

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Have you tried cosleeping? If you arent a heavy or wild sleeper and dont mind sleeping without blankets it’s worth a try


Look into a chiropractor!! They work miracles!!!

If you work full time, is the babysitter letting him sleep all day?

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Does he sleep during the day?

When this happened with my daughter I had to switch her to gerber goodstart soothe for colic. Worked in the first 24 hours. Amazing difference

Hi. Are you breastfeeding baby? If yes cut down on high caffeine and sugar. It could also be baby’s tummy cramps. You can massage baby with olive oil on tummy and sometimes a nice warm bath and massage helps. If all fails than best see a pediatrician. My 3rd baby is 9 months so I can relate to your situation, everyday is different. I now aba him on my back and he falls asleep so fast after him meal etc…

Put your vibrator under the mattress? Haha hope it’s not what I think it is

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Did this start recently or has this been since birth?

Some babies just don’t sleep.
My firstborn was an angel, slept/ate every 4 hours. So perfect.
Then came my second one. She wouldn’t sleep unless she was being help, she hardly ate anything, had acid reflux, it was a nightmare. I really thought I was gonna die from exhaustion.
I don’t have any advice, other then maybe try some rice cereal before bed.
Put baby to bed, and go to bed your self mama. Baby will be fine in the crib while you sleep( no blankets, studies, etc).
Good luck! :v:t2::purple_heart:

He has to be sleeping more than 30 mins a day or he would die, instead of letting him take 30 min naps whenever he wants because your exhausted and want any kind of sleep, keep him up and stimulate him for an entire day. At the end stick to a routine, bath, massage w lotion, snuggles, rock n feed, bed. If you do this at least for 1 week straight. I guarantee he will sleep through the night no problem


My daughter is also like this. Only 30 mins maybe a hr at very most will she sleep. Its DRAINING!!! she is not even 3 months yet and i have also trier everything. She gets woken up by any little sound like when i mean little i mean little lol it’s absolutely horrible since i have a 4 year old son. I feel like i haven’t slept since i had her. And doctor just tell me its normal for some babies. I have 2 other kids and non had this issue. Keep your head up mama i know its trying.

You’ve tried all that in 5 months? This child needs a routine. Knowing what is coming next during the day and night. Knowing what you will and wont do in aiding his sleep. Good luck :sleeping:


I know a child who only slept 45 minutes till she was about two, it was a neurological thing.

Maybe you should talk to the doctor that doesn’t seem right. I’m not sure what you could try Besides that. Good luck.

Have you tried sleeping on tummy

Wear a T-shirt for several days , take the T-shirt and lay the baby on it so he / she can smell your smell ( it’s comforting . They will sleep ! Also warm milk at night helps .

I would suggest changing the formula, maybe try one without milk in it to see if there’s a sensitivity. Try going for car rides or even in the stroller. Walk around your house with the babe in the stroller. Throw on some classical music for the little one.

Chiropractor. Worked miracles for my baby. My son was the same way, never slept. I noticed improvement that same day. It’s almost like a massage for the baby.


Have the baby sleep.propped up, have a dehumidifier in their room or open the windows. Try setting a routine, bath and bed using lavender scents

How r u full time student and know hes only getting 30 min of sleep a day.

Sounds like hes sleeping at day care more then 30 min.

If ur doing online school and know this then u need to make sure hes awake allll day.

Then put him in a crib with a camera that goes to ur phone. Turn the volume off. Walk out of the house and sit outside. Watch him make sure hes still breathing but do not go back until he falls asleep.

If that doesnt work. I would go to a doctor something could be wrong.

Also putting a heart monitor outfit on ur child and u leaving them in the crib. Go to sleep for 3 hrs. Isnt going to hurt the baby.

If u dont get sleep u could accidently hurt ur baby.

Would a couple crumbs of melatonin in the bottle really hurt at this point? I think not.


My 7 week old I started on a schedule. I wake him at 5am change him feed him. Play even if I talk sing or read to him. Then I swaddle him lay him down for a nap between 6 and 630 he sleeps till 8am. Then I change him feed him get him dressed for the day. We Play do floor time etc. Then at 1130 12ish he eats I change him (change as needed through out the day obv) about 1230 he naps until 230ish then change him he eats between 3 and 330. We Play again. I put him in swings bouncers on a boppy and do dishes tend to my other son play game with my other son. His dad comes home plays with him feeds him. After we make dinner we feed him put him in his swing so hes at the dinner table with us. About 700 we bathe him on nights we dont bathe him we give him a baby massage put him in pjs swaddle him about 8 we give him 2 ounces we read to him as a family he falls asleep and sleeps from 830 9pm until 5am straight. We started this thw moment he got home from the hospital. Of course some days it doesnt work like that but hes been doing really well with thia

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Almost sounds like teething to me. My second son had a similar sleep pattern that started with his teething at 4 months. He would push through more than 1 tooth at a time and would only sleep for 20-40 minutes at a time. If its teething you’ll see other common symptoms like diarrhea and/or diaper rash, tugging at ears or rubbing eyes and nose or even grabbing at her lower jaw. Sometimes increased drool. A small bump on her gums where her front top teeth will come in. If thats the case low doses of motrin 20 minutes before bedtime helped and using camillia tubes throughout the day and week of teething.

Its a long shot, and one I hope isn’t the case but maybe have baby evaluated for Angelmans Syndrome. Thats usually one of the first signs is not sleeping, although they are normally very happy children

My mom said that when I was a kid I would only sleep in 20 minute increments until I wAs 18 months old. Not sure of an answer, but I hope you’re able to find something that works for you.

My son was this way. Colicky and mill allergy was the problem

I’m sorry I have no other advice but the curing of the ojo… And you have done that. But I will tell you I watched a documentary on a child with a rare condition like this. Not saying that’s what it is but ya never know… I’m really sorry your little isn’t sleeping honey… best of luck :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Sleep is developmental. It isnt something you can ‘train’. Im so sorry you are suffering. As he or she gets older they should sleep more. My son is 12 months and still gets up anywhere from 4-100 times a night. Mostly bc he wants to nurse just a a second or wants cuddles. It’s hard, I’m tired too. Praying for you.

Could he have reflux? Babies with sever reflux are super fussy.

My Son was Teething And I Couldnt Get Him To Sleep More Than 5 Mins For Weeks Till His Teeth Poped Through I Would Have too Sleep Sitting Up And Holding Him On My Chest And Pray That Had Worked For The Night Or Atleast To Get A couple Hours Of Sleep

Sweetheart, I have absolutely no advice but how you made me laugh!!! Classic use for a vibrator. I really hope you get some real good advice and soon… But thank you for the laugh :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


No advice on the sleep but are you around any family or SO? Can they watch him while you take a nice long nap? Good luck!

What about one of those heartbeat baby dolls? Lulla is what they are called, I am told they soothe babies by allowing them to hear a heart beat as they sleep.

I would have never thought of the vibrator. That’s a good idea. Have you tried that with a pillow under the mattress.

Sounds like silent reflux. My son had it but never spit up. But he was in pain from it I started him on Zantac and he was so much better, ate better slept but he would only sleep
On an incline. And swaddle. He might be to big for swaddle but try a wedge for crib and maybe talk to your dr about silent reflux and see if Zantac helps. Good luck

Could be colic. My middle son was colic and always crying. Finally got him switched to a special formula and it helped. He was able to sleep and smile and not cry

Acid reflux! :ok_hand:t2: Mine stopped napping. At like 3 months. I fought with it for a week before I finally gave in and went to the doctors. Mind you I felt like a fool going in for no naps. But he’s THREE MONTHS OLD. They gave him Zantac and my life was better from that day on. Lol. And once he out grew that dose he started not sleeping during the day again and I had to take him back and get it upped at like 5-6 months and everything went back to normal again. Don’t be afraid to go to your doctor about this. Now he’s almost 3. He out grew it about 1-1/2.

My other son never slept I was going crazy we found out his trachea never fully developed he had gerd he had reactive airway disease and eds… Once we got his medical need situated he slept alot better