How to get baby to sleep through the night?

How do you guys keep your kids in bed? Our oldest is 4 in December and she is constantly crying (mind you 90% fake crying because the second I come in the room she’s totally fine as if I walked in on my own accord) through the night. Not every night but at least every other night. I help her to go potty, or grab her a drink but when I’ve told her enough is a enough she cries (for real) for daddy, and then I end up with a kid in the bed the rest of the night. Yes I know I may be being picky but I’m also 28 weeks pregnant with out 3rd and am afraid I’ll have both our daughter and the newborn in the bed with us and there is not room, or that I’ll need up sleeping on the couch with the new baby in a bassinet next to me. What do I do? I understand nightmares/sick etc reasons for needing mommy and daddy, I am not against that at all, but it’s the constant nothing is wrong just want to sleep with mommy and daddy thing that I’m starting to lose my mind with. Help.


Get a pretty bed net that hangs and one of those projector light shows. I have both for my daughters, my son has a bed tent thing that he loves. I think it’s mostly that they’re scared, so anything you can do to make her bedroom less scary at night. Also you could get a essential oil diffuser with lights on it. Use lavender oil, it helps calm the soul. Good luck!

Melatonin the lowest dose. 1mg. Doctor approved and suggested. My daughter is 5 and has issues staying asleep and falling asleep

Get her a night light and a radio with quiet music that’s what I do .