How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Tips for 6 month old who can’t sleep.

My son struggles a lot to fall asleep. He is 6 months. Any tips on how to help him fall asleep faster without him struggling a lot.


My son went through this during his 6 mo growth spurt and teething. I just snuggled him to sleep. In about a month he was back to sleeping as usual.

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It could be teething… try rubbing his gums with Motrin, and rocking him.

Lavender essential oils on his clothes.

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Soft music. A fan not blowing on him

Put rice cereal in his bottle it will help fill his tummy and help him sleep. My 3 kids had to have cereal in their bottles at 1 month they were starving every hour so I started them with it and it worked like a charm. They would sleep all night.

I have a white noise machine for my 6 month old. It has a projector that projects a little image for the baby to watch. He loves it and he sleeps great when I use it

Try not to let him nap in the afternoon take him out to play .he will get tired and sleep like a log

If you don’t already, get a consistent night routine going! When my son was that age I made sure he had a nice little bath with night soap from J&J, played some piano lullabies while I fed him and went right to sleep. I also made sure that he wasn’t overstimulated before going to sleep, lots of dimmed lighting and less noise.

Respectful Sleep Training/Learning this group helped me a ton when I was having trouble with baby sleeping. Making sure they have appropriate wake/nap time is very important! Look through their “files” section - lots of great info.

Enjoy it. My last baby is three now and oldest is 16. They grow too damn fast. Sleep will happen eventually but time won’t always be there !

Ew, this was a big issue for my son. I’d put the TV on in the living room kinda loud, so he could hear it a little and he’d fall asleep. If it was to quiet he wouldn’t fall asleep, :thinking:

If he’s teething then a little Tylenol and something for his gums and just keep him calm till he’s asleep. I would rock my little guy every night till he was out

We do a cereal bottle in bed after lights out. And he usually passes out. Sometimes he rolls around a little first. He’s been teething though, so… meh. Anyway, it works. Not a great habit once teeth officially appear, but it works for us now. He still wakes up for bottles though. I’m so ready to end that shit. :roll_eyes:

Have a fan going in the background to cover up the things that might be distracting him. Swaddle, bounce him a little and pat his butt. I’ve worked with a lot of babies and this is my recipe✊🏽

Soft music helped my little lady

Give him a bath before bed.