How to get baby to sleep through the night?

So… I have a baby boy who turned 1 a few weeks ago. Don’t shoot me, but I feel like we did everything wrong with regards to sleeping habits since he was about 6 months old. He is my first child, and I would do it totally different second time around but I can’t change that now. He still Sri is bottles during the night and when I tried the water switch over, he chucked the bottle me every time. He is I a routine in day care but I can’t get him to sleep through the night. He is getting tubes in his ears on the first as he has had back to back ear infections. But what are some ideas for help with getting off a bottle. He never did a pacifier so that won’t work. Suggestions please.


The nipple is the bottle like but in sippy form i had my son switch to this during the day time and once he got use to it i tossed all his bottles and gave it to him in this and now he takes this only at night with warm milk and during the day hes on flavored water or watered down juice in a 360 cup dont worry im a first time mom too and theres sooo much i didnt know or did because no one told me about

Ear infections are almost always dairy related. Try the switch to juice and see if it alleviates. has a ton of natural remedies that people weigh in on. Once I gave up dairy, I had zero sinus / ear issues. Please give it a try before the tubes go in :two_hearts:


He may suck the bottle to help his ears…


I bought the 360 cup if my son absolutely refuses water and I start to worry I will put a splash of juice in the water cup with an ice cube to keep it cool through the night. Ud be surprised what difference that little splash of juice makes. The problem with the nipples are it will affect his teeth if you continue. As hard as it is I would try my best to remove the bottle completely soon.

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My son is almost two and still on the bottle at night. I know hes way too old and im generally on time if not earlier for most things. However the way I see it is he’s not going to drink that much milk during the day so at least he’s getting it at night :woman_shrugging:t3:


Half water half juice. Change to sippy cup.

I agree with the 360 cups, I had the same problem as you. I thought getting her off the bottle was going to be impossible(esp at night) but it went really well. The first night was great, the second night she refused the cup but I did not give her a bottle, that night was ruff but then after that she was fine with the cup. The best advise I could give you is don’t give in, once he knows he can throw a fit and get the bottle back it will be alot harder. Good luck!

My son is two and still on the bottle :grimacing:. We’ve completely switched to just water in it now. He screamed and cried for three nights of it but is fine now.
Just rip the band-aid off is what id say!!
We’re about to take it away completely ! Good luck!!

When mine turned one I threw away all the bottles and gave him 360 cups. He survived. He’s waking up because his ears are bothering him. If he gets tubes it’ll make a huge difference. Dairy does not cause ear infections.

My youngest is three and he still takes milk at night (he’s also a rough sleeper); if we’re out of milk, it’s mostly water with a splash of juice for a little flavor. We switched him from bottle to sippy between 1-1.5yrs. It was a little tough at first but he got the hang of it quick.

mine is 2 & still gets milk at night. we use the mam transition cup. its a soft nipple & in the middle so its like a bottle.

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Give him a cup and no other option and then he will have no choice.

We did the sleep thing “wrong” too. I mean we did what we had to to survive. My son hasn’t slept through the night yet how ever we have been through the bottle weaning stage. The thing I wish I would have know to start with was that diary played a huge deal in his sleep and still does. The day we made him dairy free he slept through the night and it worked for about 3 weeks. So here’s how we started since I didn’t know about the dairy until later on. I lowered him .5 ounces every night from his last bottle. He woke up for 2 bottles a night. When that bottle hit 4 ounces, I added 1 ounce of water and reduced the nipple level by 1 size. Eventually after about 2 weeks we were down to 1 water bottle one night and then he was sleeping through the night. He stopped sleeping again once we went to whole milk. I was told stomach bug. Turns out he has a lactose intolerance. Now my son is 2.5 and still wakes up a lot but that’s a whole set of unrelated issues to the bottle and dairy. I would definitely keep on the water bottle route but adjust it to take more time and less of a noticeable difference to baby and also just try going dairy free for 2 weeks. If nothing changes then give dairy back but if something does change then you know your culprit

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Take him off dairy to avoid getting tubes in his ears … :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and he is still a baby should consider that as well should still be getting nutrients from breast or formula

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Not the best advice but…I stopped mine cold Turkey. I had no problem of staying up at midnight and having them drink sitting then back to bed. Struggled for about 3 days but hey they learnt the routine and started taking bedtime routine Seriously. They stopped waking and crying at midnight

My one year old won’t take anything but a bottle either!

We have a turn one and the bottle is done rule, turn two and the sippy is gone too.

Now on our 5th child w this, it’s rough the first week, but guess what we all survive. I just replaced the sippy w the bottle, after a couple days they just started drinking it because it was all they got.

By two our children weren’t allowed to walk around the house. They sit at the table in the kitchen when they want a drink and use a regular cup.

I bought straw cups for water only when we go in the car.

We have 5 kids under 6 and this works for our family. I know the first baby is always the hardest. I remember my first lol but I think he was the easiest :joy::joy:

This is the cup I use for my one year old and she can use the bottle or this cup like there is no difference

I have a special needs toddler but this cup is amazing for milk for her. She transitioned so fast with no issue. Uses any cup for water. It’s called the nuk learner cup or active cup.

My 18 month old still breastfeeds 2-3 times a night I would try a cup

Does he like to fall asleep with the bottle?? Try to give the bottle and let him finish it before you lay him down. Don’t let him go to sleep with it. You could try switching to whole milk instead since he is 1, warm that up and give it to him before bed. My son had tubes put in just before he turned 1 and it made a world of a difference! It could just be he is uncomfortable and looking for anything to comfort him.

Was slightly different for me because I breastfed but my daughter was still nursing 3 times through the night until she got her tubes and then she just stopped on her own and she was 18 months.

Every night or so put little less than usual in his bottle. Pretty soon he will stop wanting it (be sure he has plenty before bed! ) give him strickly sippy cup in daytime with milk and occasional half juice half water . When bottle decrease has finished at bedtime. Offer milk in a sippy. But not too much because you want him full before bed. The little bit he’s getting (2 Oz.) In bed is just for soothing. This is what we just did with the great grandson. Worked great, and honestly he loved his bottle at bed time but he did great !

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Suggestion. Stop thinking about what you think is “supposed” to be.


18 months is a good age

Try giving him something other than milk at anytime especially at bed time. He may be sensitive to milk. Drinking a bottle laying down and the milk, might be causing his ear infections. (the doctor probably will not agree with milk causing ear infections)… Just try it and see if it helps. Give him water in the bottle, if he has to have it at night, otherwise don’t let him have it laying down at night. He’ll cry himself to sleep the first couple of nights and then when he finds out you are not going to give in he’ll eventually quit. Use a sippy cup during the day. If he’s really attached to the bottle, gradually take it away. One year old is pretty young yet to take the bottle away, on less he’s really comfortable with the sippy cup and gets enough liquid during the day. If he has to have a bottle, hold him and have him drink it somewhat sitting up before he goes to bed. My two children both had problems with milk allergies. (chest congestion and ear infections) Just my thoughts. Good luck and be patient it all takes time. :slight_smile:

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My sons 2 and still has “milk” at night. Some times it’s milk, some times it’s juice, sometimes water and Most of the time it’s in a hard sippy cup but it’s not harming him.

Prior, he didn’t stop breastfeeding until his 2nd bday.

Just something to think about: don’t worry about the stigma “stop breastfeeding/stop the bottle at a year” do what is best for your son, what you think is right. He’s only 1 lol he’s still a baby. The sucking of the bottle might be the comfort he wants rather than the actual milk inside. (I know you said he throws the bottle with water, but it’s probably because it’s an unfamiliar taste at night time when he’s trying to sleep).

To be 100% honest my daughter drank a sippy of milk before bed up until last summer and she was 4. Lol it was her comfort to go to sleep. She’s had 0 cavities and now has no problem going to sleep without it.


My daughter was on a bottle until 1.5 years. I made it a slow process that started during the day so she wasn’t so pissed off. Then i just put less and less in her bottles at night and just let her finish her bottle at night then rocked her to sleep so she wouldnt rely on it to fall asleep.

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If he won’t take a sippy start giving him juice in it with water of course. And if the bottle is a must at night time make sure he has it prior to going to bed. He may not like it but make sure it’s known to him that there are no bottles in bed. You may have to use a little bit of tough love But as long as you stand your ground it won’t take very long at all. You got this mama!

I have 5kids and two have had bad ear troubles (glue ear) they will take them self off it when they’re ready just like breastfeeding … don’t sweat the small stuff


Buy sippy cups throw the bottles away

why cant he/she have their bottle? some need it longer then others


Dr. Brown’s bottles has a new sippy top cover that will fit right on the bottle so they still have the bottle shape in their hand but they have this sippy cup in their mouth do this during the day and at night that’s how I transition my son on to a sippy cup who also is getting tubes because of ear infections he got used to sippy top feel in his mouth and the security of the feel of the bottle in his hands and a few weeks after that I switch him to a sippy cup and he had the sippy cup everyday every single time and then at night he’d have the bottle with the sippy top nipple and slowly it start giving him to cut more unless the bottle work-rate hasn’t had a bottle I really long time like 5 months

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Don’t worry so much about it. My oldest was still on the bottle after one. We had a baby around so we couldn’t just make bottles disappear and switch to sippy cups. Middle child weened himself off the bottle at 11 months because his big brother was using sippy cups by that time and he wanted to be like his brother. Every child is different. If it’s really a big thing on your list give him water or a milk in a sippy cup and if he doesn’t like it let him cry it out. It’s hard on mama to hear your baby cry and decide not to do anything about it but it only takes a few days before they realize it’s not gonna happen. I know there’s a stigma against the cry it out method but it worked for me.

He will get rid of it when he is ready sometimes its a security issue


He just turned 1. Don’t follow the unwritten rules. He is your baby follow your heart. Their only little for so long.

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When my boys turned one…we litterally just chucked the bottle and got the sippy cups. “Next stage after bottles” type sippy cups. We just delt with the crying and never gave into them wanting the bottle. If they are thirsty…they will drink lol. I never gave any other cup to them. By 2 they were able to use normal cups with very minimal spillage. They still had leak proof cups to go out with, but i didnt go back. My youngest has tubes in his ears for 3 years and it was a great day when he didnt need them anymore.

I had a bottle until I was 5. ( that was ridiculous but my parents allowed it). He is only one, I don’t think their is anything wrong with having bottles with him being so little. Maybe introduce nuby training sippy? It really helps transition and night bottle, in My opinion is harmless. Also there is different methods of sleep training to help him sleep through the night, do your research and see if it’s for you.

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Give him water in a sippy cup and then just let him cry it out for a few nights and he will forget about it

I can’t give much advice my daughter came off her bottles at 7 months old, the dummy she thru in the bin herself at 2 years 4 month, she’s always had her snuggie (comforter) so tbh they come off them on their own when they are ready, gradually take it away an persevere with the constant crying it’ll soon end, my little one wanted a cup with a straw attached to it an still would use it, but they soon forget about them after a few nights

Buy sippy cups and throw the bottles away. If he’s thirsty he’ll drink some water. If that doesn’t work after his tubes fall out just quit it cold turkey and don’t give him anymore bottles

Sippy cup of water after he’s healed from surgery. Throw all the bottles away. He’ll be upset for a bit but just comfort and it passes.

After he gets the tubes that might help. My son seemed to want a bottle overnight with prior to his surgery at 8 months. After that he slept right through. No written law it has to be one. Just ween him off.

You know the answer here.
U have to stop the night feeds.
His body is on a clock now, he routinely wakes up. He can’t stop even if he wanted to.
U need to stop that. No water nothing
Make sure he has three solid meals then a BTL if he wants one. Or just at bed Tech he should be taking milk from a cup by now and zero btls. We kept the bed time BTL at 1 still.
Id check in with daycare, maybe he’s ready for only one nap. But it sounds like his body is routinely waking up.
There are non cry it out methods online and Facebook groups
This won’t be easy, but if u stick it out. It’ll only be one week of hell opposed to a child that can’t sleep thru the night on his own .