How to get baby to sleep through the night?

So my almost two year old has been in a toddler bed for a couple of weeks now… but it’s not going all so well.
He will sleep until about midnight, wake up and I’ll usually sit with him until he falls back asleep. This is also how I put him to sleep. Then he’ll wake again about a half hour later and so on over and over. I’ve made the mistake of bringing him to my bed because I’m just so drained and the only parent trying to get him sleep trained. How do I fix this and get him in his own bed all night?


Tell him he is a big boy and see him in the morning.Only go in when nessasary and dont stay. Just tell him you are getting ready for bed or whatever and leave door open abit or how ever he feels comfortable.He will learn when its bedtime mommy sleeps in her own bed.Its hard to break habits so hopefully for you its soon.

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i had this same issue with my son. he’s 3 & it wasn’t until a couple months ago we worked on not getting up & me not caving & putting him in bed with his dad & i. don’t lay with him until he falls asleep. what i do is read a book , snug for a little bit , & then tell him “i’ve gotta go clean up the dishes , i’ll be right back” & he ends up falling asleep on his own. then when he would wake up in the middle of the night , i would do it again. lay with him for a little bit , then make an excuse to get up. i also make him do naps alone. it helped a lot. i tell him “okay go take a nap” & he goes to his room without me & falls asleep on his own. my son now sleeps throughout the night with no problem

Maybe try white noise?

Take one of your T-shirt’s or gowns you have worn all day and lay it on his bed/pillow; he will smell you and sleep all night . He wants to smell the comfort of you .


Takes time .just be consistant.It’s worth it.

I got lucky with this some how with 3 kids… My first 2 slept with me on and off and they never had problems sleeping by their selves my 3yr old still wakes up in the middle of night sometimes he crawls in my bed passez back out I put him back in his bed… One day I know it will stop… I know it seems like a hassle but enjoy it momma

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Stick to it. It’ll get better. It’s rough but you’ll make it momma.

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My son is 3 and this was a constant problem. We got so tired of not sleeping that we put his mattress next to my side of the bed. Once we move, we are going to try and get him back in his own room because a dog, him and a newborn in our room isn’t going to work

Background noise helps. Do a bedtime set up and stick to it. Whatever its is that you like to do. Bath, book, prayers, goodnight words and kisses, then sleep time. It sounds easy, but it is not. Just stay consistent and it will get easier. We did bed time set up with my almost 4 year old. It took about a month until he understood the routine of it. Now he starts things before we do. He was 2 when we started too.

Put the toddler bed up against your bed. He sleeps, you sleep.


Give him a shirt that smells like you that he can cuddle with

Never started it. In my day a Mom having her son in bed with her was not accepted. I would lay by him on his bed when he was tucked in, normally when he was sick.

I put a nightlight and kid stories for bedtime on for my son and it helped alot, he wasn’t used to it so he was just scared. It was really comforting to him and now he won’t sleep with me even if I want him to. :sob:

Try a weighted blanket. It feels like a snuggly hug. Draven’s weighted blankets makes kid sized ones. We have a Rapunzel one