How to get baby to sleep through the night?

So I am a new mum, I have a 6 month old baby who is usually amazing when it comes to sleep, sleep all through the night, now she’s been in the hospital for a couple weeks now, she’s constantly tired and its pretty noisy here at night with other patients parents/ family members, and nurses doing their stuff and doing their checks on her every hour, that includes temp and eye checks and so on, yes she doesn’t have a private room sadly but thats ok, but my question is how do I help her getting sleep at night? I tried head scratches, lullabies, I tried to get the room as dark as I can but hard when others have their lights on and shines right through the curtains… I sadly can’t pick her up and sooth her that way as she’s connected to tubes ect that can not come off. I also tried asking the nurses to see if they can get the others to be a tad more quiet as they talk pretty loud at night, face time and slames draws and open and close curtains with no care in the world and crank some videos on loud I feel pretty bad for asking but I needed to do someone but sadly that didn’t work either, so what else can I do to help my baby?