How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Okay. Well this started yesterday. My son went to bed around 830-9pm. Well he had about an hour nap yesterday and that night he slept for 3 hours and woke back up ready to play. He has just woke up again has been asleep for an hour and a half now hes up waking and is ready to play once again. Hes 9 months old and he hasent done this since he was like a month or 2 old. What can I do?


Try putting him to bed earlier. My son took two naps a day an hour each at that age. 9 am and like 1 pm. We tried not to let him fall asleep after 3 pm, and slowly moved his bedtime earlier. Slept through the night. Some kids sleep later going to bed later but mine did not! He now goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 7

Nothing. You can do nothing. Mines 7 months old & he’s started that. So for an hour or so I just let him play on my bed, give him the boob & he’s back out till the next round.

Ride with it.
Limit sugar and other processed food.
Good Luck.
My lil girl wouldnt chew meat for a year our so.
She’s 34 now.

It’s sleep regression. Most babies go through it. Nothing you can do except roll with it and try and get them to go back to bed.

God my 3 year old just started doing that this week, and its driving me crazy.

8-10 month sleep regression


Have the same problem

Leave all the lights off and make it clear that it’s bedtime not play time

My son used to do this as well, what I found was if he wakes during the night and wants to play I make less eye contact and acknowledgement then feed him his bottle, change his nappy and lay him back down, but i ensure that this is done in the room where he sleeps as its quiet and dim, he goes back to sleep…

My daughter just turned 9 mths the 10th of February and just started the same thing. I let her play for like and hour an she and wants to eat so I try and feed here a snack before we lay her down goes back to sleep sometimes wakes up at 3 am to 5am and then sometimes she sleeps til 7 am. It different ever night. Most of the time she is hungry so I feed her an she goes back to sleep. Fill his belly more and he should sleep longer. Also try and make less eye contact once he is laid back down. Good luck bc I am going thru the same thing currently.

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Not sure how to keep them from doing it during a sleep regression but I learned it’s a lot less frustrating to go with it and let them play and then I’d try to get baby back down after an hour or so. It won’t last forever I promise

Mine stared around 8 months doing something similar and I took him out in the living room and made a bed on the floor turned on a small lamp and let him play and after an hour he crawled back to me and nursed back to sleep. It’s on and off now he’s not always doing that at night but sometimes is waking around 6 am and we usually get up about 6:50 and I need that extra 50 :sleepy:

Well youre the parent so really you call the shots. If you dont mind him throwing off the schedule you set then by all means let him play, but be prepared for it to turn into a fight the longer it goes on. Chances are youll grow tired of it. If you dont want this happening make it clear this is bedtime and don’t allow the playing. Leave him in his crib without bright lights and eventually he fall back asleep.

My 10 month old does this. I leave the lights off and place him in his crib until he’s for real crying and not fake crying. I nurse him. And if he does it again I put him in his swing. Wait until he actually cries nurse him. And do that until he realizes it’s not play time it’s sleep time.

Welcome to this thing called motherhood

Give him a snack and milk 30 minutes before bed