How to get baby to sleep through the night?

So this is probably super random. Please no judgement. But my son is 3 months old, he really only sleeps on my chest. I don’t mind it as my thyroid makes my milk supply low and I can’t directly breast feed him. So all the skin to skin is amazing for keeping my milk supply where I need it for him. What I’m wondering is, any other moms that were this close to their babies, how did you manage to enjoy your personal time??


I don’t have any personal time. My now 11 month old is so far up my rear end that if I walk out of his eye sight he freaks the f out. I make my husband take the screaming child so I can have 5 minutes of shower time before he eventually comes in…


There is no personal time. My oldest is 8 and my youngest is 3. I can’t even go to the bathroom by myself. Enjoy it! That’s all I can say. Because they grow up fast! You will have personal time soon enough.


What’s personal time? Lol


My little one slept on my chest too. She never left my side since day one. It was and still is very hard to find time and she is 16 months. She is very attached. But we just try to find time when we can go have personal time and also I figure it’s worth it I waited 7 years to conceive her!!

My kids are 13 and 17 I have personal time!!! At that age mine slept in the room with us but how about during tummy time dad watch baby and you get a couple moments to shower! Love that you posted this, but the idea of personal time shifts, I’m not sure what you were used to, this will be different, but so much better! Hang in there momma

Both my babies were like that. My 2 year old is now a super independent sleeper in his own crib. My 8 month old sleeps in a co sleeper beside our bed, for the past couple weeks now. There is no personal time!

Once you welcome motherhood, say bye to your personal time… on another note enjoy the baby cuddles they grow too fast and once they hit the explore stage there’s not much quiet or cuddle time like the newborn stage.


What is this personal time you speak of :thinking::thinking:


Personal time… those days feel like a dream now!! :joy: I have a soon to be 3yr old and a 3mth old. I have plenty of help from hubby and family but I still rarely get a chance to catch my breath. My “me” time is school work and going to class :sweat:

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I leave her with her dad and go have some time to myself. Thankfully he’s an amazing dad. I can go out with friends or just hang out in the living room by myself while he takes care of her in the man cave. I love my baby to pieces but sometimes I need some time to myself and that’s okay.

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Mine is 4 and there is still no personal time. I don’t mind though. She’s my miracle baby and I know soon enough she will be a teenager and will be too cool to hang out with me.

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My youngest is 5 and it’s gotten better! Not really :joy: but they all sleep in their own beds. Every1 still comes with me to pee :pensive: :joy: :joy:

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I’ve not had personal time in 18 plus months my little miracle is permanently stuck to me or screaming if I’m out of sight, but I love it :heartpulse:

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I can’t believe how many people say they don’t have personal time. Both my kids were/are extremely close to me and I made sure I had personal time. Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean your personal time needs to end.


Personal time is after they start school. Working moms have to consider their commute and work as personal time, stay at home moms get personal time while they run errands, clean, etc. Motherhood changes the meaning of personal time, it just means kid free for awhile while working or holding down the household. Enjoy this time. I miss it so much having an 11 and 15 yr old. I’m close with both and they are up my butt still but with way less cuddles and way more attitude​:blush::woman_shrugging:


My son is 2 and still sleeps on my chest lol. Enjoy it mama it goes by fast.

We’re at 5 months now and she sleeps on my chest still 95% of the time including day naps with no plans of changing this. I’l be soaking up all the snuggles I can :heart:

I try for some personal time when the hubby is home and she is cooperative, which is mostly between 6am&5 PM so I sneak a soak in and sometimes a nap, but she also doesn’t like me being out of sight. We’re ebf, so I just try and plan for a few minutes when she just wakes up.

I loved it!! Now she’s 5 months & she doesn’t want to cuddle, she just wants to flip & move lol.
Bitter sweet moment

Personal time became very crowded until about 10 months after birth.

My son was like this. I took time in the evening when he would sleep in his crib for a few hours at a time for the overnight sleep. If you’re able, I’d invest in a good carrier/wrap so you can still do the day to day stuff if he’s wanting to be held while he’s awake, too. It’s exhausting but also so amazing that they need and want us so much, isn’t it? :blue_heart:

My son slept exactly like this since day 1. I literally enjoyed every second of it!! BUT he got used to it and it became really difficult to put him to sleep alone in his bed. I breastfed him until 18 months so he would sleep on my chest also at night i didnt have or use my free time at all. He’s 2 and half now and he still nap in his bed for like 1 hour and then wake up come to me, hug me and sleep minimum 1 hour again on my chest. Its annoys me now a bit because i have other things to do but then i think if he’s comfortable and needs my snuggles to sleep why not. They wont stay so forever and as long as you’re a mother you wont have any personal time :joy:

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What personal time? :woman_shrugging:t2: lol

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Make sure your baby bonds like this with someone else so you can have personal time. My sons always went with my husband so I could have mommy time.

I feel the need to clarify. I’m not asking about the alone time I get with my husband, and I’m bot looking for ways to include my child in my personal time. I’m talking about the time where my husband or someone else in the family is watching my son for a little while. I’m a stay at home but my husband and I do our needed outings together as I don’t drive. I’m asking how to enjoy my time away from the baby. That’s all.

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I didn’t breastfeed and my son slept like that on me and hubby for months. He had horrible colic we were just relived he was finally sleeping

What helps me personally is to just know it wont last forever and to remember how fast they grow, when I think about how quickly time has gone I enjoy my little guy only sleeping when I’m holding him :green_heart:

What personal time haha but seriously


I dont get much personal time but my son goes to bed at 9pm every night and i get personal time then. Or when i get off work early my sitter watches my son for me

You’re a mom. Say bye to personal time.


When mine were 3 months old my “personal time” consisted of a baby asleep in my arms as I read a book!

My daughter slept in my arms a lot. Especially at nap time. I would try to put her in her bassinet or crib before she woke up.

My son would only sleep on me like this for the first 6 months and I didn’t breastfeed. If he was elsewhere and I wasn’t there he would sleep fine on his own. About 3-4 months old I slowly would lay him down and try to get me time. But in all seriousness you don’t really get me time when you have kids…6 years later I still can’t go to the bathroom alone, or take a shower…or just sit down.

Our son comes in the room in the middle of the night and lays on me still. :sparkling_heart:He just turned 4