How to get baby to sleep through the night?

I cut a piece of mattress foam top and put it on top of my sons crib mattress and he started sleeping through the night when he was around that age!!

Try putting a shirt of yours or a pillow you sleep with often so he can smell you.

It will be tough as nails. I breastfed my youngest so he was constantly in the bed with me. When I finally stopped he was just a couple months older than your child. It was very hard transitioning him to his own bed. There were nights I used a warm bath, lavender lotion or laying down in his room holding his hand. Rocking him to sleep was the worst because he wouldn’t let go even being asleep. There were nights I had to get him to sleep and lay him back in his bed a few times through out the night. I even tried letting him cry it out at the time though he was close to 2 yrs old. But for your baby that might be alittle to soon because it sounds like he needs your comfort right now. To this day my youngest just turned 4 and thankfully he sleeps in his bed now but will still crawl his way into my bed quietly. It doesn’t stop but see if those things work for you. I wish you the best and I believe all mothers would agree it’s tough. Eventually it will change just hold on.


I’m no help
My baby is a co sleeper
Always has been close to me in bed

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Put a shirt in there next to him so he can smell you constantly and change out the shirt daily

Try sleeping in the same room with him in his room. Like on a blow up or pull out.

When my daughter did something like this, we moved a pack in play into the bedroom and id put her to bed in her bed. If she woke during the night id bring her intp our room and put her in the pack and play with her blankie and what not and she would gp right back to sleep. At this age they start to have little night terrors. So them waking up to see or know your close by soothes them. Then when you feel he is ready induce him back to the crib or making him feel more comfortable with it.

There is difference in letting them cry it out and it being harmful. You never let them go long periods screaming and crying. You go in and comfort often but you have to stick to it. 1 minute, then 2 then add on or do less. It’s all on your babies time. It’s exhausting but how many moms are so overwhelmed by crying that they hurt their babies or themselves? It’s ok to cry. We cry and no one comforts us every second we cry.


My 3 year old would always check to see if I was there. He just doesn’t like to sleep alone, so he sleeps through the night in my bed. It’s so much easier this way.


Teething sucks last till they get two yr old molars… have you tried to put your shirt down for your smell… special if breast feeding… and maybe a warm bottle/ cup of milk before bed. And bath with lavender… wishing you the best…

Sleep with his blankets a few nights so they smell like you or even while holding one of his stuffed animals.

Let him sleep with you?


Try putting a clock in the crib. The ticking is like a heart beat. Also put something in there that smells like you. Like a t shirt or something. Its like they think ur still there. 3 of my babies were like that and this all worked for me


I would like to refer everyone in this group to Safe Sleep and Baby Care – Evidence Based Support … it’s a great group with evidence based support . Have a look and I’m certain you will lots of new information.

My daughter who is now 16 months old since she was born we co slept. She’s still in my room as that’s how she sleeps a lot better. But she would not sleep in a crib. She hated the crib so she’s in a toddler bed that was her crib and we put a toddler rail on it to make it into a crib to make it a lot safer for her. I found out she would sleep all night in it this way then her waking up 5 to 6x a night

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We used the CIO method for both of our babies, my daughter used to self sooth like a dream, after my son was born she started getting up a lot more and putting her to bed was a nightmare…I would put her to bed and I would sit at the top of the steps and when she would come out I would pick her up, give her hugs and kisses and put her back in her bed. Same with my son. When they got older they would come into my room from time to time for a cuddle and I’d pull them into bed with me but then they had to go back to their own beds. It sounds harsh but sleep is important for everyone, including your baby!


It can definitely last more than a few weeks. Just stay consistent with the routine

We took the side of the crib and put it up against our bed. Slowly moved her over into her crib then put the side back up. Kept it up for a while then moved it a few feet from our bed. Once we finish redoing our sons room she’ll be moving in there with him. Best of luck

I’m definitely no help my son co slept with me till he was 3. He still comes to get in my bed every once in awhile now. He will be 6 next month. I just wanted to say you got this!

All 3 of my kids co slept with me. They are all over 30 now. I treasure that time.

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You need to sleep and he needs to sleep why can’t he sleep with you? He’ll grow out if it after all it’s just been a few weeks since baby was sick.


3 months is only 12 weeks. It has always taken my kids a little longer to sleep through the night. They stillxneed to feed and still too young to let cry it out in my eyes. I’d talk to the dr and see how they feel about this but I recommend giving the baby more time.

Our 4 four month old daughter does the exact same thing since we let her sleep in our bed. Following this post for tips !! :partying_face:

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If he will sleep in your bed, let him sleep in your bed, I gave up in the end because if it meant we both got sleep, who cares what bed they are in :slight_smile: and my 2 year old sleeps so much better with me, he will go in his bed when he’s ready, they aren’t little for long so chin up and do what makes it easy! I would rather that then make them scared and cry for me by sleep training them :frowning:

It’s ridiculously expensive at $1,500 new, but just read an article on the Snoo, a smart bassinet that uses AI to rock and make womb noises while also being a digital tracker. Exhausted parents sing it’s praises. You can find used ones or rent one for less. SNOO | Smart Baby Sleeper and Bassinet – Happiest Baby

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get baby to sleep through the night?

My son was 9 before he slept through
My husband would get In bed beside him to get him back off and he’d come in to me and tell me he’d got daddy to sleep lol
He just loved company
He’s ok now but he is 35 and doesn’t live with us now lol :joy:


Im no help.
I kept my kids in the crib in my room for a long time.
It seems odd that we are the only mammals who let their young sleep defensless


A wise old pediatrician told me this and it worked for my 4 children. If they get up and there is nothing wrong tell them it is tome for bed do not take them out of the crib. Sit in the dark room with a book and pretend you are reading and when the fuss tell them it is time to sleep. This way they know you hear them put they will eventually go to sleep. You might have to do this a few mights but they will get the message


Seriously all joking aside. We had to put a toddler bed right beside our bed and moved our bed so there was no room for him to fall out on either side. The only way for him to get out was by the foot of his bed which he never did. We would put him in bed ad he would stay put.


Yea. Do you have a bed in his room that you can lay on while he’s in the crib? Try that. At least you can fall asleep at some point yourself. As a Gma now I see where I missed out on a lot of sleep by not going to bed in my kids room when needed. Pretty soon you will be able to stay until he is asleep and he will continue sleeping after you leave.


Good luck. My son’s 26 and he still doesn’t sleep through the night.


just let him sleep with you until he gets a little older…no harm done…just get some rest😄


There is no right answer and everyone has an opinion. If your getting up early in the morning you need to let him cry it out. It takes about three nights. It’s hard but well worth it. I’m sure your pediatrician would tell you the same thing. Good luck.


First…Breathe. :slight_smile: Teething babies are miserable. They hurt and want to be comforted, that is where you come in. This to will pass. In the meantime, if you have a friend or parent who can give you some respite until he gets through this phase, that might help with your sleep deprivation. I would probably never let him sleep in your bed again, since he seems to have loved that. Always go to him. Maybe have a cold chewie ready for him.

Put him in the crib awake let him learn how to fall asleep will take 3-4 nights if crying then life is better


My daughter & son-in-law did this & thher son slept in her bed until he was ~7yo. Big problems. Find an answer now, good tips here.


There is nothing to be done but go through the “baby crying in their crib” routine that every mother dreads. It takes about three nights. Go to YouTube and enter “Supernanny putting baby to bed”in the search engine.


I had to let my son cry. It was awful. It got better after a couple nights.


I co slept with my first daughter and she was so hard to transition into her own bed. My second daughter slept in a bassinet/crib only for the first couple years of her life (living situation with my hubby in nursing school). When we moved into our home, putting her to bed in her own room was so easy I couldn’t believe it. Maybe try the crib in your room, so he feels your near, and transition back to his room for naps

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Hey maybe your baby feels he is alone when he sleeps… you see right… i dont know how you will take this but it works… your blouse that you wear during the day, give it to him when he goes to sleep, so he feels he is closer to you and that he isnt alone. Try it! It works! Just tell me what happens.:blush:


This is going to take about a week. Put him in his crib tired but awake. Take a chair and sit next to his crib. Slowly throughout the week move the chair farther and farther from the crib. Also try a white noise machine at low volume. Good luck!! What ever you do, don’t pick him up. It sounds like torture but he needs to know he is safe and you are the boss🌺


hes playing you few nights of crying and he will stop its hard to ignore but its an attention cry

You might try staying in the room with him in a chair but not paying any attention to him until he goes to sleep. Actually I’d probably just lay on the floor I’m trying to sleep. Good luck mama!

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Carry on letting him Sleep in your bed. It won’t last forever. You sleep, baby sleeps. Everyone happy

This may sound weird but I realized after several months of my baby crying and restless every night, taking her to the doctor to see why she wouldn’t sleep, that she didn’t like any kind of light on when I put her to bed. One night I was so tired that I decided to turn off all the lights and just go to bed.
I was going to just leave her alone in the dark. I went out of the room for a few minutes and went back in to check on her and she was fast asleep. Needless to say, I made sure her room was dark every night. That was 40 years ago and she still can’t sleep unless the room is totally dark.
Sometimes a baby’s cry is just they’re way of communicating with you. You know the way they sound when they need a diaper change, that it sounds different when they’re hungry, I believe the same premise applies to not sleeping at night. As long as you know your baby is healthy, try to relax.


He might have been frightened when he was sick, and is afraid that it might return. I think he has to see your face to reassure him. I would just let him sleep in your bed, but I’ve always been a softie and couldn’t bear to let my children cry. I’m a grandma now and it turned out alright.

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I tried so many trick to get my son off to sleep at that age and then I slightly changed his bedtime routine and took the bars off his cot put it against a wall and used a bed guard the difference was amazing he didn’t feel trapped he didn’t really get out of bed after that! Although he did eventually learn how to become stealth like and wake in the middle of the night and climb in to our bed sleeping upside down so not to wake us! He’s five now and we are just finally learning to sleep in our own beds x

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I know I’ll get lambasted for this comment but when my two boys were teething in the middle of the night I would pour a shot of whiskey. I’d use a Qtip and rub their gums with it and I’d drink the shot. We all slept well. True story.


I had to put him in a bouncy seat next to my bed while he watched Sesame Street…good luck.

The same thing happened to me with my daughter and I had to tolerate it until she was 5 years and then one night she didn’t come back . It is hard but prayer helps

Put him in his crib before he goes to sleep and allow him to fall asleep in there. If he wakes, he won’t be scared…imagine if you woke up in a completely different place than where you fell asleep?
If he cries at first, let him for about 5 minutes. Go in and sooth him, talk to him if needed. Then leave. If he continues to cry, go back in about 10 minutes and sooth him, but don’t talk to him. Continue doing this, waiting longer and longer before going back in. All of my children were sleeping soundly, in their own beds in 3 days tops.

Yes stay his room reading either yourself or to him they soon drop off had to do this with my granddaughters it does get better good luck

Put a piece of your clothing in his bed when you him down for the night. This worked for my children. My daughter did the same with her babies with success.

He is trying your patience. You will have to listen to him scream but do not play They all know just what they are doing, smart babies.


I am a grandma and I wonder if a stuffed animal or doll would help ?


Take a shirt u don’t need. Put your smell. On it. Like sent put ona small pillow or stuff animal ty sleeves around it so not to tangle around child. The smell mommy an feel as if your laying next to them. If the dad was in the bed do 1 for him place by child the same way you sleep it bed

My son would do this too wake up screaming and trying to climb out of crib,I finally figured out it was printed crib sheets! He thought the designs were bugs!!


Put a toddler bed beside u thats what worked for my daughter she had dora the explorer everything lol

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Give him a warm bath and warm bottle or warm glass of milk and maybe put one of your thirty on him to give him your scent so he can sleep and out a small fan and nite light in there for him! Rub hid back if he wakes up but do not let him back in your bed!

Put lullaby music on in his room.

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Put a t shirt you have worn under his sheet where he sleeps. He is missing your smell or scent. Also try a fan or babbling brook sound in room. Remember he came from a place where he heard your heart beat very loud under water for 9 months. Hope it helps.

The first thing is mot to start something like that I know that don’t help now but that is the most stupid thing a parent can do but I guess you know that now

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This is a old one, but it works. Try taking a piece of your clothing, (shirt) with your scent on it and lay it next to him.

Give him something to sleep with. Once you put them in your bed it’s hard to get them out. Put his crib beside your bed

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2 options let him sleep with you or let him cry himself to sleep. Both work.

Give him something of yours with your smell on it wrapped around a small pillow and lay it next to him

Use to have music playing all night in his own room has slept through the night since he was month old now he is 14
Only problem he has to have noise when he goes to sleep eg fan going summer and winter lol

Maybe a small toddler bed in your room temporarily, then move back in baby’s room

Make a loving sleep routine. He’s getting older so he’s understanding more and more. Warm bath with lavender, feed him, lots of loves and hugs, Then say goodnight,put him in his crib and leave. I have six children and I tried every trick in the book. But the pediatrician told me to just stand my ground. I had about 3 nights of crying with all of the kids and then they slept, but honestly they were over a year.

Maybe Instead of a blanket use one of your shirts that you have worn so it smells like you.

Consistency it could take up to a month but not giving in rock him back to sleep and lay him down it’s tiring but you’ll get your best results for him sleeping in his bed


What about a monitor or camera so he can see you when he wakes up?

A baby will sleep where they fell asleep….! There’s your answer


And, he will chase you into your bathroom soon. It’s not forever, enjoy your son now :heart:

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Just bring that Baby to me. I’m awake all night.

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Let him cry, he’s smart, he knows he’ll get his way.

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Give him some sweet honey and you well see how fast he well fell asleep

My kids, 13 and 9 still don’t sleep thru the night :joy:

DO NOT GIVE HIM HONEY!!!babies under one year cannot have it

Have a photo of your face put on a pillowcase. Place it on a pillow snugged up to him.

No nap in the day time

Let him cry it out a few nights, he’ll stop

Crib or pnp in your room might help

Put his cot next to your bed

Get one of your jumpers or t-shirts and put in the crib with him

Put crib in your room

He playing you like a fiddle.

Fill a glove with dried beans and make sure it’s sealed good and place on baby’s belly or back… people say it works

An 8 month old CANNOT have honey!!!

Try puting his crib next to your side of the bed so he can see you. If that works , then you start moving the crib only and inch or so at a time but you need to wait a week to 2 before you start doing the moving. But if it works you will eventually have him sleeping and across the room. I had 5 and every one of them slept with me , never worried I would roll on one . But we all have our own idea when it comes to our kids .


Don’t start sleeping in the room with him or sitting in his room so he can see you — you will never get a babysitter and you will create a monster. He needs his own bed and routine.


I never ever had babies in our bed. I had this issue for a bit of time with my son. I did the 5 minute check with him. I laid him down with a hug and a kiss and then left the room. After 5 minutes I went back in. Hug and kiss. Left. It took a few long sleepless nights but the time got shorter and shorter and finally nothing ever again. My pediatrician recommended it.

Singing a lullaby for him every night is a good pattern that he knows he’s going to sleep. I usually do this also, but I hold him until he goes to sleep. AND then, I have my hubby throw a big blanket into the dryer. The blanket will be warm, and when I out him down, I wrapped the warm blanket around him and then out him down. It works!

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Well if he was a bit older and in a toddler bed I’d say lay down with him until he falls asleep

I put the star spin lamp in my 2 girls room with a soft music cd on repeat that knocked them out every nite

You spoiled him now you have to live with it. A nurse told my daughter-in-law don’t start something you don’t want to continue forever.

Co sleeping isnt awful. He will get over it. Relax.


Use Super Nanny’s techniques

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I found this interesting… and it was helpful in reassuring me that it was normal for babies to go through cycles of waking.
I have 6 kids… 24-6 yrs old right now.
You got this mama! Just breathe deep and be patient. It will not last forever. He will eventually sleep through the night all the time. :relieved:

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