How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Need some advice please! I teach full time and my husband works swings (12 hour days with a lot of overtime), so it’s usually just me and the kids. I’m about to start a job online from home which will require me to be up at night while the kids sleep. I will be making calls and my kids can not interrupt or I can lose my second job. I’m pretty sure my 4 year old has ADHD (it runs in the family) and he will NOT stay in his bed for the night. He gets up and whines a lot that he wants to be with me. I feel bad, but I can’t have him waking up and disrupting me while I work. What can I do to keep him in his room? My oldest has never had this problem. Thanks!

Side note: I am calling a behavioral health clinic on Monday to see if I can get him evaluated. He gets in a lot of trouble at home and at school. He hit a kid in line today when I went to pick him up (I saw it). He currently has nothing in his room besides clothes and a bed and he isn’t allowed to play video games or watch tv.


Tv an DVD player? Gate?

when i first moved i would sit with my son until he fell asleep then leave after that. to the point that now i read him his book and tuck him in and hes fine. its repetitive and letting them know that ur there if they need u

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Ask dr about using melatonin

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Gates may be a good idea then he can still sleep with his door open which makes him more comfortable

I know everyone hates on them, and to make I clear I vaccinate my child, but there are some essential oils you can use, they’re like sleepy time ones, just rub a little behind the ears, it doesn’t work for all children, because every child is different, but it works for some

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