How to get baby to sleep through the night?

How do I get my 2yo out of my bed?! She never sleeps in her crib all night. If we lay her in her crib she will wake at 2am and cry literally until moved to the middle of our bed. I need help! I dont want to do the cio method as she has no emotional problems or issues with us so far.


We put a toddler mattress beside ours. Until she was over it. But we couldn’t sleep well with her in our bed so she got her own close to us.

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I believe you have to give her motive to want change. We love the noise machines ( rain, ocean, forest, white noise), and the stars that slowly change colors on the ceiling.

Consistency. And its fucking exhausting. Just constantly moving them back to the bed until it stops. Reward systems for some help, but its just a constant cycle until they get it.

We didn’t co-sleep, just because I was afraid I would roll over on our son. But when the time came to move him from his bassinet in our room to his crib in his room, we put a mattress on the floor beside his crib. Stayed there all night for 3 nights, then would sneak out to our bed after he was asleep. If he woke up crying we would go lay back down until he went to sleep again. Only took a little over a week. They are all so different though. Good luck!


I am in the same boat. Well mine is almost 2 will be 2 in July. He will start in his bed but end up in mine some time before day break.

Don’t move her in your bed. Let her stay there in her bed. She’ll figure out that you won’t come every time. She needs to be in her own bed. Momma needs sleep. Lol.

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Take her out if you bed and put her in her own bed. Keep repeating the process till she stays in her bed.


I used to let mine fall asleep in my bed then move her to her bed. Remember to enjoy this time because one day she won’t want to cuddle with you.


What I did was set up a bed in her room next to her crib so when she woke up I’d lay on it until she fell back asleep then I’d move back into my own bed. Eventually all I needed to do was go in and comfort her for a few minutes and she’d be good

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It’s going be tiring process. You lose sleep. But with my granddaughter her doctor told us put her in bed. She wakes up put her back in her bed sit there beside her till she falls asleep then sleeps. Keep repeating the steps. Then after so long after u lay her down move further away from in her room till you get to where you just put back to bed an leave. It took couple months with granddaughter to stop. Those months I felt like a walking

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Read the book babywise.

We put our sons bed in our room and lay with him until he falls asleep. The first couple nights he would wake up crying for me but now he does fine and I barely have to lay with him anymore and it’s only been 3 weeks

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Could try giving her something with your sent a pillow/blanket/shirt. Might help calm her down and let her sleep. I had to do it with my son when my hubby starting working out of town.


We started out with a crib in our room so our two year old saw us if she cried. It took about two weeks. At the end of our bed we had the crib. Than when she got used to that we moved her crib across the room. With a night light

I put the cribs of both of my boys beside my bed…then their toddler beds…beside my bed. Eventually, I moved them into their room. They still felt the familiarity of their beds and I got sleep…because literally, I could reach out my finger for them to hold till they went to sleep.


My middle one was in our bed from day 1, she would immediately wake/would not sleep without me mostly/or hubs. Got her toddler bed, wouldn’t do it or would come to our bed middle of night. Well we got a play pen for my youngest and she almost immediately claimed it for herself. Now most of the time she sleeps in it on her own the whole night. Her choice. Maybe cuz she gets jealous of the baby and wanted something like babies crib? Idk. But whatever it was it worked; once in awhile she still wants to sleep with me and I let her but usually she chooses her bed. And a lot of times I can even leave the room while she’s still awake. (I use a baby gate so she can have the door open)

Get her a toddler bed start with it in your room and then move it to her room

I started early with the crib. My daughter very rarely gets in bed with me. We cuddle on the couch and watch TV together. I guess I have always just wanted separate spaces for sleep.

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My son’s is 2.5 and his toddler bed is pulled up against mine so he’s close but not in my bed anymore. Also if baby’s in a crib I took 1 side of the crib off and put that up against the bed until he was old enough to have a toddler bed


I bought my 2 yo a ‘big girl bed’ (toddler bed) and a trolls blanket (her favorite show) also gave her a stuffed animal and since then she loves her bed and sleeps in it every night. Rarely does she find her way to my bed. I just made her more excited about her own bed then sleeping in mine lol. It worked though. She used to refuse to sleep anywhere but by me.

What I did with my one son is let him sleep in my room on his own mattress for a bit. Then we put him in his room and I sat in there till he fell asleep. The week after I would leave for 5 min then come back and increase the time I was away.eventually he fell asleep. I still always allow them to come to my room and climb in bed if 8 yr old still climbs in bed with me from time to time.

Give her the I’m so proud of y big girl speech and keep laying her back down while doing it

Just keep doing what you’re doing. She’ll eventually sleep through in her own bed. She just doesn’t feel secure alone yet, and that’s ok.


Up until now crying got her into your bed. It’s what consistently works. There’s going to be crying involved, no way around that. And you guys will have to send the new message that crying won’t get her out of her bed. When it stops working, she’ll roll back over and go to sleep if she wakes up at 2. You can get her one of those things you can push and it sings so she can have something to soothe her. Maybe you lay in her room so she knows you’re there but she’s not getting out of her bed. Nothing changes if nothing changes. You have to break the cycle of pulling her out of her bed when she cries. I don’t know how you do that without her crying it out.


I slept with my son until he was 2 also with him I would lay with him till he feel asleep then lay him in his bed and for a lil while he would wake up off and on there out the night and I would put him back to sleep and then move him back to his bed now he’s at the point where he only wakes up over threw out the night and we tell him night night he goes to his own bed and we sit either outside the door or inside across the room as long as he knows we’re there he’s good and other then waking up once he sleeps the whole night with no problems which he only wakes up that once honestly because he can’t stand being in a dirty Dipper so after we change him he’s good

Had my son the same way. He will be 2 in June. We just got him a toddler bed last week and started a routine. He still is in my room but now I lay him in his bed, kiss night night and go lay in my bed. When he starts to get up I say no no go night night big boy and he lays down and drifts off.
In the middle if the night he gets up I will give him a sip of water and do the same and he pretty much stays in his big man bed now.

At 2 am just go to her and talk to her softly. Maybe even sing her a lullaby. Do not take her from her crib. Yell her baby girl it’s sleeping time. Mommy loves you but you need to sleep in your own bed. You can stand there and rub or scratch her back. Pat her softly and quiet her down . Oh do not turn on any lights. If she is still in diapers you can check and see if she’s wet and if she is change her diaper in the crib. If she uses a Billy give it to her. Give her the favorite blanket or toy. Just tell hervInlove you baby but it’s sleep time.once she quotes down softly and slowly leave the room .this might happen again and again every night for a while but if you stick to your commitment it will work.Dont put the next baby in your bed. It’s not a safe practice and you end up with kids in your bed every night for at least 9 or 20 years if you are lucky. God Bless don’t give up or give in. If she cries you know that she is fed, dry and safe. You just have to break a bad habit.

Or you can just let her sleep with you? She’s only going to be little for so long. :woman_shrugging:


You are the parent, not her.

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All of my children (3) went through the stage where they slept with me. It seemed like forever that there was a kid in the bed. They all basically moved out of my bed themselves. Around 2 years… It’s definitely a habit you don’t want to start but when you’re dying for sleep, you’ll try anything to just get a few hours. Call me crazy but I literally let my children do things at their own pace without a lot of reinforcement and they always did great. That’s with potty training and all. Of course we set goals but I tried to make an already stressful thing into a more positive experience. Maybe move the bed in the room with you because she will start crawling out if she sees you’re not coming and that could be dangerous. Please please stick with not letting her cry it out. I read a study that said children will cry for so long during these “cry outs” and the reason they quit is because they see no one is coming for them and it lets them down at an early age. It’s not good, emotionally to cry it out. Best of luck

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I made that mistake of letting my oldest sleep in my bed from the time he was a baby and I didn’t end up getting him out of my bed until he was 4 1/2

You don’t, just enjoy it… your gonna miss it one day

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I had the same problem until I got her a big girl bed. Then when she woke up for the first week or two one of us went and laid down in her bed. Now fingers crossed she rarely wakes up

Try a big girl bed if she is not in one yet. This does complicate it a little if she still wants to be in your bed. If she wanders into your room, correct, give loving affirmations of being a big girl and take her back to her bed. Consistency is key. The second you give in, you’ve lost progress. I had to lay on the floor next to my son’s bed for a time to help with this. He still has his moments, but its much better.

Just go to her room and lay beside her and rub her back for awhile and don’t talk to her,just lay there

I did the cio method… Only took two days. At two years old she should get a bed. Let her pick out the sheets, comforter, etc.

Just leave her kn there and let her cry it out she has to learn that she needs her own bed it will be hard for a few days maybe a week or two but u have to stick with it

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Nice little musical movement night light might help