How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Just a question my son is going to be 11months he does not sleep throw the night and he goes to bed at different times every night. I can not get him on a schedule. When do they normally start sleeping through the night.


Never…haha. my 3 year old wakes once still, it’s normal for them to wake xx

My son is 2 and just started sleeping through the night. My daughter is a champ she was sleeping through the night at 4 months

My 11 month old still don’t sleep all night either my other child did thou xx

Change nap time no lateryhan 2 at 730 bath bottle he should sleep to 7

My 3 month old is sleeping thru the night. Usually goes to bed around 11:30 and sleeps til about 7. Only advice I have from my other two is keep the lights on/daylight during the day and at your desired bedtime make it dark & keep it that way until morning.

My daughter is 3 & still doesn’t most nights.

Nearly 3 and still doesnt sleep nights.

My 15 month old still wakes 4-6 times a night. Every baby is different. But routine is important (and helpful for everybody)


My daughter started sleeping thru the night around 18 months. My son didnt start until a few months after he turned 2

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Routine is extremely important

Have him take a nap at 12:30-1. Put him to bed at 7- 7:30. You have to be persistent with it cause if not he will not take you seriously

Routine helps get them to sleep through the night. We nap no later than 2 and go to bed at 7 and he’s slept till 7 since he was 1

My younger daughter is 3 next months she still doesn’t sleep through the night

You need to take a look at other peoples routine if I’m honest see what they do with their child to make them sleep through the night, make sure you are feeding enough through the day and not too many naps, you’ll have to persevere with it, both my babies slept through from latest 6 months, my son when he was teething used to wake up but a bit of bonjella on his dummy set him back asleep.
Also they are harder to go to sleep when overtired so bare that in mind xx good luck xx

Even when you think you have them on a schedule sleeping through the night… BAM they switch right up on you lol. My 3 year old slept through the night since he was a month old, but now sometimes he wakes up and climbs into bed with us. My 5 month old started sleeping through the might at around 2 months and now he’s waking for his bottle. He’s a tubby boy who loves to eat lol. 5 months and already almost 25lbs :woman_facepalming::joy:

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Don’t stress about it. He’ll feel the stress. He’ll get there. I’m 57 and don’t sleep through the night. :rofl: Routines are important.

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My son was an all night sleeper by 2 months and that’s when I had him on a routine. Routine and persistence is key. Some babies are just better sleepers than others

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Mine goes to bed at 1030 and wakes up at 8 she is 1 and has slept through the night since she was 2 weeks

Depends on the child. My youngest is a sleeper. So he slept through the night starting at 2 weeks. My oldest was 3 months old when he started sleeping through the night.

Start working on a schedule first and that will help. If you get him used to going to bed at the same time every night then you can star working on sleep training him to sleep through the night and fall asleep on his own. There are a bunch of other ways to sleep train that aren’t CIO (cry-it-out) but since he’s almost 1 a little crying isn’t going to hurt him either if you need to walk away and take a break. I did CIO with both my kids at 8.5 and 9 months and they started sleeping 12 hours solid every night as opposed to waking every 2 hours for no reason other than they didn’t know how to get themselves back to sleep.

My twins didn’t sleep through the night until they were 4 years old so good luck lol.

My ped told me routine is key, and nothing but water after bedtime. By this age, they don’t need extra calories at night. I tried this with my girl, she’s been sleeping all the way through the night 9/10s of the time. She just turned 1.

Every child is different…my first 2 slept through the night at 6 weeks old and stayed that way…my 3rd is a total different story…she is 20 months and still wakes up…she will do good for a couple weeks and then she will start waking up at night…

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My son was 2 he’s turning 5 on Thursday

my kids are 2 and 4. one or both of them gets up at least once every night of the week…so yeah.

It depends my 3 year old when he goes to bed at 8 PM maybe will still be awake for 20 min but my 4 year old will try to play all night it’s tough my kids have gone through waves of sleeping through the night and being up most of the night

… Well I have an almost 2 yr old on a schedule an he still doesn’t sleep through the night!!! It has NOTHING to do with a routine or schedule!!! Some kids are just different!!! Good luck!

5 weeks she was at lile 11-7, now at 18monyhs she is 7.00-8.30/9 every night, if she wakes up I’ll cuddle her in her room so that she knows that she still needs to be in there

Mine started sleeping through the night at 2 months. It was heaven. Whem she did wake up during the night I just crawled in the crib with her until she fell asleep.
Leave the house bright and loud during the daym come night time…all light down and all volumes quieter. Make sure there is a big difference in your home between night and day. Even daytime naps should be done with blinds open and brightness. Start turning the house down at the same rime each night and maje a routine to do the same thing over and over again…be it a bath each night or cuddling up with a book…whatever…just stick to a routine that works.

My first was around 3month and my new baby is about 2 1/2 months and is going a good 6-7hrs at night. Oldest had a bit of sleep regression before she turned 2 but now she’s back to sleeping 12hrs a night. Lol

All three of my kids are in bed by 7:30. Ages 6mo, 3y and 8y. Sometimes my 6mo stays up until 8:30 but she also sleeps through the night… :woman_shrugging: routine. And stick to it. Consistency and routine.

He will be more likely to sleep through the night if he was on a schedule. But mine woke up to eat for the longest time because of being in the NICU and their intense feeding schedule. All kids are different so sadly no one can promise you he will sleep all through the night no matter what you do. But if that’s what your looking for start by getting him to bed at the same time every night, that’s the first step.

My son was well after a year before we got our first sleep through the night. He didn’t start sleeping 10 hour increments till he started school in January. He has never slept more the 8 hours at a time other then that.

Get him up same time every day and if he naps same time for that and bed time make it a ritual… we do dinner, relax for 30 then bath relax for 10 then teeth and books and bed and he is asleep by 8:15 every night

My third son didn’t
Sleep through the night until 18 months old. He was up every two hours. It was a long 18 months. I was exhausted!

My first two children slept though the
Night at 3 weeks old. But Then, my third child was up every two hours.

Oldest around 6-8 weeks old (shes almost 10)
Middle well shes 7yr and hasnt really slept all night ever… She has night terrors.
Youngest 3m old shes touch and go lol she will sleep all night if im home (3rd shifter) if its just dad alone.then shes awake every 1-2hr

Every baby is different. Society puts way too much stress on making a baby fit a certain mold. I did not do CIO because I breastfeed and didn’t want to take that need away from him in the middle of the night. Also, after researching how damaging it can be for the baby, I decided sleepless nights for a short period of time in the grand scheme of things, wasn’t as bad. Every parent is going to have a different technique that they feel is better for other people’s babies, but don’t worry no matter what you decide, when he’s a teenager you’re not going to be able to get him out of bed lol.

Mine is almost 11 months, and he usually goes down about 8, will get up around 12 and 3 for a feeding, and then up for the day at 5 or 6 am. He only started doing that when he fixed his naps on his own. He used to have three shorter naps a day but now he has two 1.5 hour naps, with about three hours of awake time in between. I do the same routine every night at the same time and make sure he’s well fed with solids and milk… sometimes if he’s really tired I go through it all quick, if he’s got lots of energy, I spend extra time playing and reading. Hang in there mama! It will eventually get better.

Have you tried a crib soother? Alot of people swear by them, including me. We love ours, it has a “cry detect” feature that’s amazing bc my son is not old enough to push the button and turn it on himself yet.

I never really had this problem with any of my kids. I did a little with my first but then I read that the best thing to do is keep all the lights off because if you turn the lights on it will signal to their body that it’s time to wake up and they’ll stay up longer. So yeah, my kids woke up in the middle of the night all the time, but they didn’t stay up for hours like some kids do.
I also try not to take them out of their bed if they wake up. If they wake up the first thing I do is pick them up and rock them until they calm down. But then I put them back in bed and leave the room for a few seconds to see how they do. Need a diaper change? I change it in the crib. Need a bottle? I leave a hallway light on and go make one in the kitchen then bring it to them. That’s it. We also don’t use a night light until they’re older.

We do not allow my 7 month old to take a nap after 6 so with that it makes him super sleepy and he ends up going to bed around 8/9pm then sleeps until 8am with only waking up a time or two for cuddles.

Never lol
Well my daughte is 4 and she still wakes up through the nights :woman_shrugging: most nights anyways…

My son has pretty much slept through the night since he was around 4 months but with the occasional waking up once sometimes

Every baby is different. My 2 month old knows once the pajamas are on, its bed time.