How to get baby to sleep through the night?

I’m in need of some ideas on what to do my almost 6 month old is up every two hours at night wanting to nurse. He eats baby food 3 times a day and about a half hour before bed I give him rice cereal and nurse afterwards. I have tried some gentle sleep training which worked to get him on a nap schedule he takes about a 90 min nap in the morning a 90 min nap in the afternoon and then a 20 min nap about supper time. I don’t mind him not sleeping the whole night but would love more then 2 hrs at a time. Any advice is greatly appreciated thank you.


Wish I had some advice. My kids still get up several times throughout the night at almost 4 and 1 1/2. (Honestly probably because there’s a lot of tension right now) I wish you luck though! :heart:

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He gotta be going through a growth spurt . There is really nothing you can do . My daughter nurse throughout the night and she is 1 years old . Not every 2 hours but like every 3-4 hours . But when she went through growth spurts she was nursing a lot . And it’s annoying but it’s really nothing you can do but nurse him . He might just need extra comfort at night . It’s not always about just eating . Good luck mama

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That’s pretty normal and age appropriate. His stomach is still tiny. It gets better, I promise.

My 1 year old is up live thst and he eats regular food throughout the day.

The nap at supper time may be the problem…


My daughters ped told me half a jar 2xs a day at that age and the rest milk…maybe he is constipated?

Maybe some classical music played lightly…or Sleepytime music…instrumental.

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My 4th son was the same way he was a big eater. I could not keep up with him. I know its suggested not to do these days but I used to put rice cereal in his bottle. It really helped. Again you have to decide if that is something you want to do since Drs are against it now. Every family member and friend I have did the same for their children back then.

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Babies need to eat. Babies need to be comforted. Its just a phase. Also the rice cereal and oatmeal cereal…is hard on their tummies and tricks them into thinking they aren’t hungry.

Less naps during the day!

Feed him. He’s probably hungry. Babies eat a lot.

i mean, that’s normal for his age. he could be going through a growth spurt. as long as your still breastfeeding, he’s going to want to nurse at any hour. rice cereal also is harder for them to digest and is basically empty calories, so he may either have an upset tummy, or he’s still hungry. you can ask his pediatrician if baby oatmeal mixed with breast milk is a better option instead

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I told my daughter she has to decide what is best for her because that doctor is not in your house at night taking care of your baby. She chose to do rice cereal in a bottle of breast milk at night he slept and she did too. Everyone could function and enjoy each other all day long. He is now 5 perfect and smart and healthy. Remember mommas you have to decide what is best for your family and you to function. Good luck.


Idk if you’re comfortable with cosleeping it helped my daughter sleep but now she wont sleep alone :roll_eyes:

Maybe cut the supper time nap? May help. Just gotta try things and see if they work. Try one thing for a few days and see…hope u get a little more sleep soon.

I an 8 month old son …who naps 15 minutes in morning and afternoon …and is up through out the night… My daughter started sleeping through night at like 3 months and would have one decent nap in afternoon…I think every babys sleep habits are just different

Sounds like a growth spurt. Feed baby

Cut a little nap time so hes more tired at night

Check out They have some awesome sleep advice as well as night weaning. It has suggestions for both formula/bottle fed and breastfed babies!