How to get baby to sleep through the night?

I need mama’s advice.
my sons is 4.5 months old and I am having trouble getting him to sleep … he will be rubbing his eyes and yawning but he puts up a big fuss and won’t sleep some days he sleeps awesome but most of the time he is a hassle to get to sleep I need some advice on how to get him to sleep even maybe some home Remedies mamas help ftm

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Since my kid was born, he is now 8, I have singed one song, always the same when it’s bedtime and to signal it’s sleepy time.

Have you tried a warm bath before sleeping?

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Lol, just gotta wait it out. I was up every 2 hrs because he wanted to eat. I was so tired one 3am that I mixed formula with ketchup. He’ll settle…in like 10 years :wink:


My son is like that also. I tap his butt or rub his back, head, etc. try playing music for him. I found this one to be successful for my little guy

Good luck mama :heart:

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Warm bath, body massage and lotion and soft music…the same routine everyday


Try a warm bath, swaddle him and play classical music for him…

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I always rocked and hummed a tune while rocking…or rub back patting back moving their body gently back n forth & humming…maybe some lightly played classical music or lullabye music instrumental

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A nice bath just before bed

Warm bath with lavender shampoo also followed by lavender cream and a nice warm bottle of chamomile tea its 100% natural it will relax him release any gas if any and calms fussiness

Lavendar esstential oils! Check out do terra they are amazing and can be used on babies for sleep, teething etc!


Give him a good bath and maybe a massage.

What works for my son is a bouncer seat to get him to sleep, then move him to crib once he’s good and asleep. To help him stay asleep I use a timed projector nightlight and lullabies play in his room all night. My son is sleep fighter too, but with this routine he falls asleep in about 30 mins and sleeps 7-9 hours through the night and hes only 3 months old. Every baby is different tho, just need to try different things and be patient and you’ll find what works for you!

My daughter loves to be walked around the house ! From birth to now at almost 9 months . Probably not the best habit but there only little for so long !

OP Update

Thanks mommas I will try a bit of everything tonight was successful with his white noise machine and some tylenol and a warm bubba if this stops working I will try others … it is just getting so stressful on the fiancee and I


I would rock my boys in the rocking chair till they fell asleep. Hold them for maybe 20 mins to assure they are sleeping soundly. And then gently place them in the crib and tip toe outta the room like ninja… lol u gotta be a mom ninja

I just held him and rocked him. Pat his back.

Essential oils gentle baby lav peace and calming diluted

He could be ready for a little cereal in his bobba…warm bath and bottle of a little cereal.might take a few nights but worth a momma told me what she had tried on all her four babies.i have three boys and will say it worked…full bellies.

My kids always slept better in their swing so if they fought sleeping at all or even just going to their crib I’d let them fall asleep in the swing and then move them to their crib so they would at least wake up in and began to associate it with comfortable sleeping.

Warm bath before bed and a warm bottle after bath

Noise in the background

Try a warm bath, swaddle him and play classical music for him…

Wipe babys face and hands with a warm wash cloth, rub a finger across their forehead to the eyebrows. Thats how my mom puts the grand babies to nap and at bedtime. Also worked with us kids :blush:

Is he teething?? My son did that a lot when he was teething and maybe a nice bath n snuggle :hugs: