How to get baby to sleep through the night?

I just made the switch and converted my 19 month olds crib into a toddler bed. Any tips of how to make it easier getting him adjusted and to stay in bed? Night hasn’t come yet but I’m preparing now


Does he sleep all night in his crib?

I had to sit beside my kiddos beds at first and constantly tell them to lay down. I only got up once they were asleep. Took about a week before they got it that mama meant business.


Every time they get up take them right back to bed… Have to be constant… My 3 year old never has a problem… I never allowed from the beginning for her to get up a million times… Teach them right from the beginning and no problems…

I put my baby in his room, in his bed with the baby monitor on. He would get out of bed and play for a little bit but he always crawled back into bed to sleep. It was just kind of like…put him in there and let him do his thing lol. Eventually they learn the bed is more comfortable than the floor.

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I switched my son from his crib to a twin bed at 19 months I had to lay with him until he fell asleep… he is 3 years old and I still have to lay with him