How to get baby to sleep through the night?

My daughter is going on 7months old and tonight I don’t know what is going on with her. She fights her sleep and then when she finally gives it up she wakes back up crying and screaming. She won’t take her paci or even a bottle. I am so exhausted I’m becoming helpless because I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and I don’t know how to eVen get her to sleep anymore. Any one have any guesses as to what’s going on with her?


Maybe gas… I’d wrap a sleeper blanket snug around her belly and see if that helps…

She might have an ear infection. The sucking motion hurt their ears.

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Have u tried letting baby sleep with u?

Teething. Chew on A tooth brush. Hope she feels better.

Make sure no strings between toes, etc

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There is a sleep regression around 8 months could she just be doing it early?

Room temperature can have something to do with her comfort. Hold her tummy side down on your lap. Pressure will soothe her if it is colicky cramps.

My 1st thought was gas. Try putting her on her belly on the bed and rub her back and bottom just rough enough to where her belly shifts a bit on the mattress. I used the do short up and down the back movements. Sometimes I’d do this with baby on my chest too. They get a belly rub and a back rub. The bicycle legs was another good one. But honestly hun a warm bath with baby will help you both. Water heals.

Nighttime gripe water says 3+ months. Helped my baby digest her milk and calmed her. I mean… I’d do the recommended dose and not all the time so she doesn’t become dependent but moms need sleep to be good moms

Teething or possible ear infection. Try Motrin or Tylenol. If she’s fussy in the daytime too, then maybe take her in? My son’s ear infections always fly under the radar because he doesn’t ever get a fever, so there’s not a good way for me to know aside from unusual fussiness.

All the above comments should be very helpful to you. I just want to say that you are doing nothing wrong. You got this sweetie. Just breathe.


Check for teething, ear infections, and gas. If it’s not those things then she maybe too tired to sleep, you might see if you can squeeze an extra nap in, my son did that for a while and wound up having night terrors when he was too sleepy. It was awful.

It could be 100 things but don’t stress! I know it’s hard and you don’t know what to do and y’all both want to sleep but She can sense that and just makes them more agitated and cranky.
Couple daily insights though. The string thing is real happened to my daughter, don’t let wind/air blow on her ears and if she’s gassy my Nanny taught me to prop my knees up lay her so she straddles my legs Pat her back and lighty bouce your legs. My kids always tooted or burped within 5 minutes everytime.

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Stomach aches or could have other pains.Pick her up & rub her tummy & legs.Or she might be having a bad dream.

She is either not feeling well, has gas or is just being fussy… Bring her to the Dr to rule out any medical things.

Baby is probably teething and, as someone else mentioned, going through a sleep regression. It’s actually a good thing, it means your baby is learning and growing!! It can be tough to get sleep yourself with baby waking up again. Try sticking to a strict bedtime routine and maybe introducing a lovey or stuffed animal if you havent already. *definitely go to your pediatrician and rule out any medical issues if you’re concerned or your baby seems more fussy than usual during the daytime as well.

Gas n teeth most likely momma. Also have allergies to consider.


Could be a ton of things. Teeth, belly ache, ear ache, stuffy nose, sore throat, just plain grouchy and needs mom. Good Luck, mama. You can get through it!

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She.might need to be more active during the day. Take her to the park.

Maybe teething my girls the same atm and same age x

Hey mumma. Take a few deep breathes. And repeate. If getting self worked up walk away for a min and deep breathing does help.

Could be lots silly little reasons. Colic maybe the one. Have babe over your shoulder or knees patting back and rubbing.
Snoothing sounds. And mummas touch might help. We all have days where its hard coz we dont know why. Xxxxxx

Teething or ears. When mine does that even at 17 months old that’s usually what is going on with him.

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Could be an ear infection.

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Sounds like teething…give her 1/2 teaspoon of Tylenol

Ear infection? Might explain why she doesnt want to suck on paci or baba. Could be hurting her ears to do so.

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Could be anything nightmares, teeth, belly,nose, sore throat,ect ect

Teething? My youngest has always been really good at sleep but when she was around the same age as your babba teething made her more fussy at bedtime than during the day, if not teething try putting babba to bed a bit earlier might be over tired? All my three wake up shortly after going to bed if they actually go to sleep over tired just a thought xx

Gas. Ear infection. Teething. Sleep regression.
So many possibilities.
Have you swaddled?
Let her lay with you?
Gas drops? Ears checked?

Teething, earache is what comes to mind

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Send her to Grandma’s until it’s over

Get her a water teething ring and freeze it. And also some infant Tylenol.