How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Hi mamas last night I wrote a post about my 7 month old that wouldn’t sleep or take her bottle or paci she would just cry well I thought it was just something she was going through last night but turns out she’s been doing it all day as well. She has no fever her doctors say she’s fine that there’s no infections or anything. I’m just so at a loss of what it could be or what I should even give her to try and make her feel more comfortable. I try holding her comforting her playing with her nothing seems to work. Just looking for advice


My daughter went through something like this around 4 months…turns out she has split the little thing under her tongue witha toy or something and it was hurting her…none of us caught it for days until after about day 3 of her screaming when I tried to feed her and I seen it.
Try going over her body real good and making sure nothing is wrong that could have been missed before.
They go through sleep regression cycles too. This possibly could be what’s happening…she might be cranky because shes not sleeping. Google sleep regression and see how you feel about the symptoms. :woman_shrugging: We are all just fumbling through life/motherhood trying to figure it out. Lol.


Teething maybe ? Is she drooling a lot ?


Try burping her maybe some gas :dash:

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I would say her teeth…

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It’s possible she’s teething. That’s rough on them.

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My son did that while he was teething

She could be teething or starting to. Check for redness on the gums. I put an ice cube in a wash cloth and let mine suck on it. Maybe just some Tylenol will help.

1/2 a teaspoon of Tylenol or Motrin every 4 hours…rotate between the 2…sounds like teething to me…my 2nd daughter was/still is fussy when she is getting teeth

Check all her toes and fingers - make sure a hair hasn’t gotten twisted around one. It’s super random and weird, but it can happen.


Teething, check toes and fingers especially if wearing socks for prolonged periods of time. I have seen kids gets hairs, lint wrapped around their little toes and fingers and causing pain. Check finger nails and toe nails make sure they aren’t getting ingrown

Teething I’d say
Also i know it seems odd but check her toes for a stray hair wrapped around one of them.
I know…
I know…
But crazy shit like that happens.

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Teething or ear ache…mine didn’t run fever

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My niece was having similar symptoms because of a reaction to a vaccine. (Calm down I’m all for vaccinations. I believe in science) she was inconsolable. Dr suggested epsom salt baths to “draw out” the stuff that she was reacting to.

Babies cry for a reason maybe her tummy hurts try gripe water, teething…they cry for a reason

Could be teething. Did u take her outside? That use to help a bit with my little. Fresh air. Freeze a wet cloth and let her go to town with it.

Might be an early ear infection.

Fennel or onion tea helps

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Teething probobly. Could just be tummy ache from constipation. My 1st born got constipated while teething bad. The gripe water works. Gas drops are a life savor. I swear by them. Lol my 1st born was so fussy teething. That and Motrin were amazing. They have teething gels too, some with more natural ingredients. Just deep breaths. Walk around with her a little bit. Play some calm soothing music. And know it’ll get better.