How to get baby to sleep through the night?

My son is almost 3 weeks and will not sleep in his own on his back for no time. Only on my chest and on his stomach, I know they say not to our babies on tummy due to sids but it’s the only way he sleeps long enough. What are others views and how does your baby sleep?


Mine has slept on his stomach since day 1


My daughter is almost 6 weeks old and only sleeps on her tummy. My son was and still is a tummy sleeper and he is almost 2


My youngest would only sleep on his tummy…

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It’s only dangerous because they cant lift their head, so if they’re face down and tired it’s unlikely they will be strong enough to turn their head. With that said. I think as long as its supervised it’s okay, my son definitely prefers his stomach so it took a long time to get him on his back. And even then I have to make sure he passes out on me first before I put him on his back or it wont work.

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Mine sleeps in bed with me and hes sleeps on his side might have to make her/him and sleep train

Jeez Jenna, what’s your problem?


This is an anecdotal post. God forbid you let your son sleep on his stomach because someone else said it’s okay and he dies because of it. Have you tried swaddling? If you’re really concerned, talk to his pediatrician. They’ll probably have some recommendations for you.

Mine sleeps next to me on her side. Has been sense she’s been born and she’s 3 months now.

My son has been sleeping on his tummy since we came from the hospital all you do just watch him carefully whenever i put him on his back he wake up in no time

Both my kids were side sleepers. They would not sleep on their backs. At all.

My son has always been a tummy sleeper. I was a neevous wreck at first and barely slept. They make an movement sensor that younput under the mattress and sets off an alarm ic no movement is detected every so many seconds. That was the best thing i ever bought.

Its called Angel Care

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What does your doctor say to do?

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All 3 my kids slept on there sides as well I suggest that u try that switching them from side to back to side see how that goes tummy time is ok but only when they are awake and trying to hold there head up that’s strengthens them

I think it would be perfectly fine. I tried and tried everything for my little one. My little one only sleeps on her belly, carseat, or swing. Do what makes you feels right. We have mother instinct for a reason. And if you think about it all the older people and even now used to sleep on there bellies.

My son only slept on his side from day 1. I would swaddle him and lay him on his back, but he would always roll over. Its what babies do. He’s 16 months, still started out on his back and sleeps on his stomach or side every night.

How is this post even allowed?? This screams infant death/suffocation and SIDS. Then others commenting is survivors bias. Just because you did it and baby was fine doesn’t mean others babies will live. This is horrible! Follow safe sleep guidelines! :woman_facepalming:


My twins slept on their bellies and thru are fine

They make wedges out of foam that has a strap to secure the for stomach sleeping. Im not sure where to get one but i have seen them

Try swaddling at night.

I put both of my babies in a bassinet and would swaddle them and roll up a swaddling blanket and prop of under their back it put them kind of on their side but not enough that they would move around and go on their bellies just enough to prop their side up!

Since the day I brought both of my boys home from hospital they both slept on their bellies…now did I sleep much no…always putting my hand on their backs


When mine were newborns and slept in a bassinet by my bedside I always rolled a towel and put it against their back and lay them on their side they slept fine this way then when they were about three months old I would let them sleep on their back but I never put them on their stomach

You guys are ridiculous! Babies sleep on their bellies (bet yall did, I KNOW I did) yes some babies have died from SIDS but doesn’t mean all babies will!

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Mine have both been in bed with me since the beginning they are 3&5 now still in my bed. However something that helped was tightly rolled receiving blankets placed at their back and chest . It kept them on their sides. Swaddling also helps. I was more concerned because I had kids who puked a lot. If they were on their back I was afraid they would choke on their own puke. Personally I think you have some sort of risk no matter how you lay them .

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My daughter always slept on her stomach. I tried to get her to sleep on her back and she was having none of that. She has recently been diagnosed with severe scoliosis and is having spine surgery on June 5th. I’m not sure if that is why she wasn’t comfortable on her back or not since scoliosis is usually diagnosed during puberty…she’ll be 12 next month.
I know of friends children that were tummy sleepers too. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Both of mine would only sleep on their tummy from birth

I had an angelcare sleep monitor that monitored breathing. Both my kids slept way better on their bellies, so that’s what we did at about 4 weeks old. The sleep monitor have me peace of mind.

My son only slept on his belly for the first few months. He just turned 2 and has just now started sleeping on his back.

I’ve struggled and spent many many sleepless nights with my almost 7 week old. He slept on his side or stomach to stomach with me until I was comfortably laying him on his belly in the bassinet! He’s strong enough to move around now but that’s the only way I could get him to sleep. It all depends on what YOU are comfortable with.

I still wake up all night to check on him and make sure he is ok. But he’s sleeping 5+ hours a night on his own like that.

My oldest was like this I would let him sleep on his stomach for naps not at night only because I can watch him in day and make sure he could breath and move his head if he moved it in his sleep

I’d still put the baby on it’s back. You aren’t gonna sleep well until they move out of your house anyways lol


I have raised five children my oldest being 34 and my youngest is turning 13. Each and everyone of them has slept on their stomach. You don’t have to be a helicopter parent, check on them as you normally would, and use common sense. Yes it’s good to be informed, but there is information overload in this world today that creates needless amounts of anxiety


When my son was NICU they would swaddle him and lay him on his stomach sometimes. I even have a picture of him sleep on his stomach in there and he was born at 35 weeks.

My daughter has slept on her tummy since birth and she’s (almost) 8 months now

All mine slept on their bellies too.

Get the SIDS pad that goes under the crib mattress.

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As long as you have breathable material and mattress, I let my babies sleep on their belly for the same reason

My son was like this at night. I had to swaddle him for a couple weeks until he grew out of the swaddle phase and sleeps on his back just fine.

There’s a baby monitor called Angelcare, they sell it online and at Walmart. It has a breathing monitor so baby can sleep on their stomach and you don’t have to worry.

My son slept on his stomach as he was not comfortable on his back, I tried his back every night and the second he figured out how to roll (very young I might add) he’d roll to his belly every night and sleep peacefully. There is not right or wrong way when it comes to getting your baby to sleep. Could also try allowing him to fall asleep in his swing and then once he’s out transporting him to his crib and onto his back so he wakes up on his back and begins to have a good association with it. Best of luck

I put all 4 of mine of mine on their stomach n they are all fine and iv put my grandbabies on their tummys and their also fine

My babies slept on my chest for like the first 2 months of their life. I say do what you gotta do

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You should see a chiropractor. There could be a problem with the central nervous system. Also cranial sacral work might help as well. Im at lighthouse Chiropractic in Gainesville VA. We see a lot of new born within the first week of life. Check us out on our website

All 5 of my babies were tummy sleepers. Most babies naturally will lift or turn their heads if they can’t breathe on instinct.

Oh my five kids slept with me for a very long time my youngest one right now is 6 and still in my bed… I say enjoy it because once they get big they don’t need you anymore…

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All 3 of my sons slept on their belly

Snuza has a diaper clip if you decide to let them sleep on their belly. Mine spent many early nights in the swing because of not sleeping on his back but the snuza minister gave me peace of mind

I have 4 children and they all slept just like that

On the tummy was always the rule ,yrs ago.suddenly it’s Changed??but use your best judgement for your grandson slept his naps on his belly at my house but at home he slept with Mom and Dad…which was unacceptable back then now co-sleeping is the (in)thing for some reason.

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Get an Angel care monitor! They are the best

Oldest would only sleep on my chest for the longest time. If he sleeps on his own on his belly let him AS long as he can turn his own head

We have had this same problem! My little girl would not sleep unless she was laying on my chest, sitting up in the recliner. I was desperate for sleep and bought the Graco dream glider swing/sleeper. She has slept in it every night since we got it! :raised_hands:t3:

My kids were all tummy sleepers.

Let the baby sleep on his tummy.All my babies did and they were fine and slept

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We had to prop my new granson up in either a bouncy seat, or his boppy pillow. Even now at 4 months, he has to sleep with 2 pillows under him to prop up or he wont sleep. We also put a blanket under & around him to try to mimic us holding him lol. So far it works for a few hours at a time hahaha

They have these nets that attach to the crib almost like a hammock that the baby sleeps in and it does not allow them to roll you should look into it they are on Amazon

Mine have all been belly sleepers. Was the only way they’d get good sleep. I’m all for tummy sleeping

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Both my kids slept on their stomach since they were born

My daughter was a tummy sleeper from the time we came home from the hospital.

I let my son sleep in his swing beside my bed until I felt comfortable letting him sleep on his stomach.

When my son was that small I let him sleep on his tummy only if I was right next to him so I could monitor his breathing

All mine were tummy sleepers. Doc even recommended my first to sleep on her tummy or side due to sleep apnea. Snoring is t good for babies but she snored bad when on her back.

My baby is 7weeks and sleeps on my chest as well she also will sleep all night if she is sleeping on her stomach I just make sure her head is turned

Tried putting him on his side?? My daughter is almost three weeks and side sleeping is her favorite, and it’s safe!!

The heart beat is what they hear

I never put my babies on their back to sleep unless I was right beside them awake…

My babies slept on their tummies but they were in a bassinet right by me. I heard everything… So that’s what I did. I know some say different rooms my babies were with me unit a year.

All my babies slept on their tummies.

Thats the only way my son slept. He slept bright by my side of the bed so i let him. As long as They can move their face and/or roll over they are good

My son sleep on me.
With me.
With Pillows and Blankets.
With his favorite stuffed animal.
Let him sleep how he wants. Just watch him. I dont think sleeping anyway Messes with SIDS.
Unless it reduces the risks.
But, I Dont think it does. Only thing that does in my opinion is cosleeping.

Just get one of those monitors that attaches to the baby and lets you know that it’s breathing all night …alarm goes off if they stop breathing then the baby can sleep however they want safely without woreying mama with one if those… that would be my suggestion!!

As long as they have the strength in their neck to hold up or turn their head, I don’t see the problem with tummy sleeping. Both of mine did from day one

Mine always slept on their stomachs

“Back to sleep” - yeah, I’ll tell the pediatrician that they do. All 7 of my kids were (and still are) stomach sleepers. When I was born (1976), parents were told to place kids on their stomachs to prevent SIDS and for safety if we puked in our sleep (less chance of choking). Personally, I feel as they really have NO CLUE what causes SIDS, it doesn’t matter if they sleep standing up…let them sleep comfortably.

All my kids slept on their tummies and r still alive.

Baby will be fine. Watch for “sids “ after vaccines


Since the 1st day home from the hospital he has always slept on his tummy, my son is now 7 months old

At about 7 weeks my son started tummy sleep for naps that way he was supervised. Then we started tummy sleeping every few nights. At 11 weeks he was strictly a tummy sleeper. And still is at 9 months… 25 years ago they wanted babies on their bellies for sleep. Then sides. Main reason I switched my son was because he started gagging and choking on spit up and if we didn’t room share I never would’ve noticed it. He had excellent head control and at 2 months he was holding his head up for 2 minutes .

For my babies who were and still are tummy sleepers…i propped mine up on a biopsy pillow with their head over the edge. They still got to sleep on their tummys and I could still make sure they were breathing. My kids are 14,10& 9 now


My son slept on my stomach for the first like 4 months of his life and napped on his stomach. He did fine.

Just food for thought if u want to try it supervised and get comfortable with the idea first

He may have a silent reflux my son also would not sleep on his back and it started at about 3 or 4 weeks old we went to the chiropractor and he started sleeping shortly after

My sons all slept on their tummies.

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All 6 of mine slept on their tummy from birth
The doctors and nurses even let them sleep that way in the nicu

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My son would freak out every time I put him on his back. Even swaddled. I would let him fall asleep in my arms or on my chest and then lay him down. When he was 4 months though he became more aware and would wake up every 30 min no matter what I tried. I started bedsharing at that point and now here we are, a year in, and he sleeps pretty well.

All 3 of mine tummy slept. My oldest is 8. Just dont put any pillows or blankets in the crib

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My daughter has always been a tummy sleeper she’s 9 months old now. She also had silent reflux.

Sit him in his car seat to sleep. Put a little extra padding under him. Buckle him in but if your sitting near by you wouldn’t have to. Your choice.

My daughter, now 18yo, had to sleep on her side. And then switch side every time i putted her in bed to prevent her head deforming (don’t know if that’s right word in English?) Personally i know almost none grownups who sleep on their back, why would we force babies to do so? Imagine yourself being lay8ng on your back, unable to roll over in a more comfy position. Especially swaddled so you can’t move at all. Will you be able to fall asleep??? Ofcourse we need to keep an eye on babies, on thete tummies there’s always a risk they end up face down, unable to breathe! Very dangerous as long as they can’t controle their heads enough to lift it up and turn it aside!

Mine slept on my chest for the first 4 months

They actually dont know for sure what causes sids but ive known plenty of kids who slept on their tummies and didn’t die. Ppls natural instinct is 2 wake up or turn their heads even when sleeping when they cant breathe. I always had my kids heads turned 2 the side and they were fine.

My 3 boys all slept on their tummies from birth.

I put my 4 month old daughter on her back. But she’s turned and slept on her side since birth. Her dad and I both sleep on our sides, but her and I also both like being on our tummy. I personally don’t let her sleep on her tummy overnight, but that’s because I am a very heavy sleeper, and I don’t want to not wake up to muffled cries if she’s super tired and doesn’t realize she’s facing down. But I do let her nap pretty much however she chooses.:woman_shrugging:t2: I lay her on her back, and then she flips and turns however she wishes​:joy: and then I make sure she’s good and let her be.

He’s only 3 weeks old, he was in your belly for 9 months give it time. You have to keep trying. Swaddling works great for some babies, sleeping on his back is safest.


Does he have a crib or bassinet? My daighter was kinda the same. I put towels underneath the mattress pad thing. It propped her up so she wasnt laying flat but she wasnt sitting up either.

All 3 of mine were tummy sleepers too. They are 11, 7 and 17 mo old. My mom would always tell me to lay them on their left side every now and then too. The only way my youngest would sleep on her back is if I put her in her rocker but she would only sleep in it for about an hour or 2. To this day she sleeps on her tummy or her side.

All of my children (5) have slept in their tummies and they slept so good, they slept in my room for the first 6 months so I could listen to them breath then into their own rooms still sleeping in their tummies.

As long as you are supervising and not sleeping and his crib/bassinet is free from obstructions I’d say that it’s fine

My munchkin slept much better on her side or belly. At 2.5 she still does.