How to get baby to sleep through the night?

My 6 month old has ALWAYS been a good sleeper. At night and at Naps. She’s always gone down easy. The past week has been a nightmare. Up 3x at night, fighting for an hour to fall asleep, and if she does nap she’ll wake up every 15 minutes screaming. Is it because she’s teething? Please tell me it’s just a phase!


Same thing with my daughter and she is 9 months, I was told it was because teething

Teeth or sleep regression


Same with my son and he is almost 6 months old. He doesn’t wake up screaming but he refuses to go to bed and wakes up three times a night. He’s been fussy as heck lately too. Also he is refusing his bottles and old toys wanting to eat baby food. Idk what to do.

My daughter did this when she was teething. It was hell.

Teething or growth spurt.

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Teething and growth spurts. Very common. They really dont sleep until after a year old. But growth spurts do cause some trouble for my little ones. We do magnesium lotion on legs, feet and belly at night. We use goodnight lotion from helps alot for us.


Could be an ear infection

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It will pass, eventually. She will establish her own pattern. Try air purifier, white noise or soothing music.

My son is 15 months (big age difference) but he’s always been a good sleeper, has a set bedtime and everything but he has stages of bad sleep because of his teething.

My son JUST started going through this and it’s been going on about 3 weeks now lol

Run a few dabs of infant Tylenol on her gums before bed. It works pretty much instantly

Teething, maybe ear infection or if she’s recently had her vaccines. Mine never slept the same after his 6 months vaccines

Well if she’s teething it’s going to be difficult. Baby Tylenol (can’t remember what she can start) my babies teethed around a year old. I had teething tablets, cold binkies, frozen wash clothes to chew on. They say vanilla extract on gums. I didn’t try that though. Good luck.

Could be teething if there’s a lot of drooling but I believe around six months there’s a growth spurt and it cause sleep regression. My LO skipped 6month clothes all together just about… he was in them for a week n went into 6-9 and 9month really fast

Could be teething, could be an ear infection. Could be a phase. But check temperature if temp is higher then normal even by 1 or 2 degrees it could be the beginning of an ear infection.

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I’m pretty sure around 6 months is a normal age for sleep regression.
Hopefully it passes soon and she’s sleeping through the night again.