How to get baby to sleep through the night?

My daughter is about 7 weeks old but she was a month early so she was in the nicu For two weeks she’s my second baby but literally she will not sleep anywhere besides laying on me… which is okay but at night I. D.o.n.t like it just bc I’m so sleep deprived I get nervous of the co sleeping. Any advice or is this pretty much a normal thing ? I have tried swaddling white noise and tonight I think I’m just going to try her crib the only thing is the crib is not in my room it’s in her nursery


Maybe a co sleeper bed.


Put a shirt of yours that you have had on with your smell fir her to sleep with


My oldest was this was. I cut up an old shirt of mine and swaddled him in that. He loved it, and slept in his own crib.


So sorry. It’s quite common common for babies born early to have trouble sleeping alone. There’s a trick to use some gloves filled with rice to use as a weight to put it on baby or beside baby for comfort. It’s something to try. Parenting, Baby Names, Celebrities, and Royal News |

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One of your shirts or a glove filled with rice.

Definitely got to put a worn sweaty shirt w her, sometimes under her and on top

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Try this, my diy dock a tot lol keeps their legs supported so they don’t startle, and they like to feel cocooned


My son was like this for 7 week after we brought him home (he was in nicu for 4 week) literally nothing worked I had to stay downstairs with him for the full 7 week, my family came for a few hours a week so I could get some sleep and my partner did the nights when he wasn’t working. Iv got no advise to give you cause nothing worked for us but it does get better he’s now 16 months old and sleeps through the night xx

The glove of rice wrapped in a dirty shirt of yours may help with the scent and feel of you. Also…keep in mind that NICU babies are used to a lot of noises and activity throughout the night. If your house is silent, you may want to add a white noise machine or something to help add noise. My youngest was in the NICU for 97 days and it took months to get him to sleep alone once we were finally able to bring him home.

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Put a few if your shirts that you’ve worn on the crib mattress and try to swaddle in another. Your smell might sooth her.

Try putting a shirt of yours in her bassinet and put it by your side of the bed

I would try the rice glove trick and rub the crib sheet all over yourself. Your scent will calm her.

Try getting a teddy bear with a heartbeat,

About a year ago or so one of my friends killed her NB because of co sleeping. She was also very sleep deprived and didn’t realize she rolled over the baby. I don’t recommend co sleeping especially with a tiny baby.

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My rock and play was a life saver…

Bassinet right by the bed so you can be right next to her n it may seem like shes still with you. If the crying it out method bugs you. If iy don’t- break this habit now save yourself a lot of stress.

Both my daughters would only sleep on there belly or on my chest from around 6-7 weeks on.

That’s very common in babies that age. My son had to either sleep on us, or be swaddled so tight he couldn’t move his hands lol. We stopped letting him fall asleep on us as much as we could, and forced him to sleep in his bassinet, and eventually he started sleeping just fine by himself. He’s almost 10 months old now, and has been sleeping in his crib since he outgrew his bassinet at about 2 months. And he goes to sleep all by himself very well now. I hope you figure out a solution for your family soon, because I know how bad being sleep deprived is.

My son was born at 31 weeks and spent seven weeks in the NICU. He slept fine in his crib when we brought him home but the nurses warned us that he may need noise and a little light to fall asleep. They suggested a music and white noise player that attaches to the crib.

Try the swing next your bed, maybe the motion and just being close to you will help

I put bassanet and crib in my bedroom never liked having babies alone in another room

My 32 weeker would only sleep in the bassinet that connected to his pack n play. He spent 6 weeks in the NICU and we tried a regular bassinet and made it about a week before he HATED it. The newborn bassinet worked because it had a slight incline.

There’s a group on Facebook called ‘biologically normal infant sleep’ that will be helpful if you join. Look up the ‘safe sleep 7’ rules for safe bedsharing

Put a jumper or T-shirt you have worn in with her

This is what I used for my kids and both mine were NICU babies.

Put a jumper or T-shirt you have worn in with her