How to get baby to sleep through the night?

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What does everyone do to get their 2 year olds to sleep at bedtime? I’ve had the same bedtime routine since the newborn stage that involves story time and cuddles, but bedtime is a battle, it used to be a special relaxing time. I’ve tried earlier and later bedtimes and nothing helps.


I advise everyone to watch super nanny! Her bed time tricks for even the worst sleepers work so well

Get them to do some jumps or hops to bed. Let them run a few minutes. My son will fight sleep and that’s what we do with him

If my 2yr old fights her sleep at night, I usually turn her fan on and make it pitch black in the room or try to some warm milk. Helps her fall asleep faster. But as for during the day, some days I won’t let her take a nap and I’ll take her outside all day to play, that way she’ll be exhausted by bed time.

We have dinner around 5:30. By 6 I have my littles in a bath every other night. We sit down in the livingroom with the lights out while I put my 7 month old to sleep my 2yr old watches a movie. At 8 we go to the bedroom and read one or 2 books and then I leave him be. Sometimes it takes an hour, other nights he falls asleep on the couch. The whole time he is watching his movie he has his sippy with milk and a blanket.

about 1/2 hr before bedtime we put PJs on, turn down the lights and watch Disney junior. Then we tell her it’s bedtime, and we brush her teeth and in she goes. 99% of the time there is no protest whatsoever. I think the wind down time on the couch is key for us atleast! Good luck!


This is my suggestion, and it may not be right for you and your littles but I’m sure you will find the perfect way for you and your littles. I struggled with my two girls and I finally talked to their dr , and she said keep the routine the same but before I read the books to give them a 3mg melatonin , do this for 1 month then stop and only use it if they are having trouble falling asleep . It helped their bodies get used to falling asleep at 7pm every night . They have give me no problem for 3 years now . And the only time I have to give them one is if they took a late nap or if they for some odd reason canf fall asleep and it’s way past bed time and they have school the next day . Melatonin and is all natural and you body makes it , but some people are against medicine and to each his own :heart: all the luck momma

We do bedtime snack, put pjs on, brush teeth and get in bed. If he gets out I simply put him back in bed (he won’t be two until July and he’s been in a toddler bed for 2-3 months now) and tell him it’s night night time. He sleeps with a fan on. It may help he shares a room with his 4 year old brother

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I don’t let my daughter nap for more than 2.5 hours if she naps on time. If she naps late I let her nap for an hour only to keep on schedule. We also do evening walks a lot (especially now that it’s summer and the snow is gone) and that helps her release some energy before bed. If we don’t go for a walk, I put on the wiggles and we do the dances together to get tired for bed. Hope my little “tricks” help!

I always laid down with my kids until they went to sleep. It was the easiest way to get mine to sleep

Lavender bath times along with lavender lotions massage it into the skin then lay the baby down and play a lullaby. It saved me til my lo turned 3

If the child takes a nap during the day either shorten it or take it away

6-630 dinner plat till 730 bath till 8 and relax until 830 then he goes into bed and falls asleep on his own within 30-45 minutes

Try relaxing lullaby music

At 2, we moved into a toddler bed and a safe set up room. After dinner its bath and pjs. Next comes and cup of fresh cold water and I place him into his room. He will go over and get into bed and cover himself while I start him a show on netflix. I turn the volume really low, close his curtains and tuck him in say our love yous and nite nite and by the time his show is over he is fast asleep. I do have one of those plastic baby gates at his door so he can’t escape during the night and roam the house. He goes to bed with his elementary age brothers and gets up when they do at 7. He naps between 12 and 2 usually.

Same routine…M-F.
Dinner 5:30/6:00…
Play time til baths at 7:15ish
The some tv/snacks…
8:30 bed time.
My 1yr son goes right to sleep no issues…
My 2yo daughter… I have to rock to sleep… it quicker for us that way.

God send my 2.5 yr old is asleep in 15min max

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When my oldest was that age I would just lay down with him until he fell asleep. However now I just tell both my oldests to go to bed. They aren’t allowed to come out of their room except for a drink or potty. I walk past the door every few minutes and yell “go to bed” until they’re finally asleep. And only a night light on during this time. I kinda took it from my dad who’s rule was “as long as you’re in your room, I can’t hear you and the overhead light is off then I don’t care what you’re doing.”

Dinner, bath, cuddles and rocking with a book. They are so relaxed they fall asleep in your arms. Yup at 2…but not at 8 or 18…my kids figured it out by that age

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My son does bath, jammies, milk, brush teeth, then lay him right in his bed and leave the room. He lays there for maybe 10-15 minutes quietly then passes out.

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Music. I say night nights my 1.8 year old and 2.8 year old walk to bed

When my kids were little I made sure they got plenty of exercise during the day. Before bed I always took them a bath gave then a snack that almost always included warm milk. Made sure they were in their PJs and tucked them in teddy bear in their arms. Off to sleep they went. Lights off closed door. Night light was fine. Good luck!

Well they don’t like resting at this age. Try some soft music that you can leave on at night.

Cut back on daytime naps. Although my 2 year old still has to fall asleep on/with me then I put him on his bed.

I had to cut out naps straight up. My 2 and a half year old will not go to bed at night if he naps!

We walk to the park before bedtime routine to burn off as much energy as possible. Then we get home, relax and start our typical routine before bed.

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I do dinner around 4pm, snack around 6pm if she wants it. Then I get both my kiddos ready for bed (pjs, teeth brushed, bath, etc) and we go for an evening walk to get my kids cozy. I then around 8pm I put on Lady and the Tramp (both kids love it) and by 9pm my 2 year old is usually asleep. I do not put on a new movie because she will stay up and watch it. But Lady and the Tramp keeps her cozy after her walk. I also cannot let her nap after 3:30pm or it’s a nightmare and 11pm before she goes to sleep lol. But I keep to this routine and both my babies sleep really well.

Babe is 17 months old. We do bath at 645, dress for bed in bedroom, brush teeth and hair in bathroom, then unwind time no tv just cuddles on the couch, read a few books, more unwind cuddles, milk around 730 then bed around 745/8. We sway or rock him in a pitch black bedroom with noise maker and then lay him down drowsy and rub his back on off till he gets comfy and falls asleep.
Still in crib thou, will probs move to toddler conversion around 2

I guess I’m lucky…my almost 2 year old will ask to go night night, sometimes even before dinner. He’s always been a good sleeper though. Last Sunday he fell asleep in the car on the way home from grandma’s (about 4:30) and slept solidly until 6 the next morning.

Literally just the age. They love to test limits with everything at that age. Just stay consistent