How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Question. So, I was reading about people and their kids sleeping through the whole night. My 2 younger kids (I have 5), still wake up during the night. They are 4 &5 years old. The 4 year old just wants snuggles and my 5 year old just does his own thing. He likes to quietly play and look at his picture books and flash cards. My 5 yr old is developmentally delayed, the therapist says he’s about “18 mo” marker now. So, tips on how to help them sleep through the whole night? Should I just let them keep doing what their doing since they don’t wake the older kids up?


Mine are 9 and 5, 9 year old is on the spectrum and even with meds rarely sleeps through the night and they act more like twins so when one wakes the other one does as well and they want to cuddle, especially my 9 year old and will go back to sleep usually. Nothing else usually helps. Got really bad when my husband passed almost 4 years ago and they witnessed it, they ended up sleeping with me for over a year and then transition back in there bed but still wake every night like clockwork

Try a weighted blanket

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The 5 year old probably enjoys the quiet time to be by himself and to be in his own head without being bothered but if your worried talk to your doctor