How to get baby to sleep through the night?

My daughter just recently turned one. She has always slept in our room, never in our bed, but in her own next to mine and my husbands. Last night we decided to put her in her own room, she fell asleep instantly and did great! However, this mama slept horribly and I watched her on the monitor most of the night lol. I have this fear of someone breaking in and taking her in the night. And that’s why she was always in my room. Anyways, am I being totally crazy? :joy: Am I the only one who has this terrifying fear?


Same, my oldest is 10 and i still worry. My mom said it never goes away, just worry about different things​:woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: mom life i guess!

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I worry all of the time. Even during the day when we both take naps. It’s normal!

No i am the same. The only difference is my daughter slept in bed with us since day one. She will be 2 in October. I have no plans on switching it.

You’re not being crazy. Your being a protectant mama. :heart: its what we are supposed to do.

Yes, You’re crazy! Stop it! Haha! No different than many moms! <3

Look at it this way
If In the last year nobody has burglarized your home …chances are it’s unlikely. Besides the fact that you would end up with a high schooler in your room…and even at that age you will worry just as much, for different reasons.

It’ll be okay Mama :heart:

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My son just graduated and I feel you.
I triple check locks before I go to bed. If I get up, I check them again. I check on my kids.
It happens at any age momma.,:green_heart:

Not as sure the windows are locked and even put a stick in the windows for extra security.she will be fine momma.

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My 4th son slept in our room til he was 5 even though he had his own room.then he would drag his toddler bed.mattress in our room and next morning he would push it under the bed.He is now 30 and has never had any backlashes.He slept in his room when he was ready

I’m in the same boat, except we had a break in, they were ruthlessly violent and ended up pulled a knife out, my baby was not even a meter away sleeping and only 5 weeks old at the time, without thinking I stepped in to keep my baby safe and they backed off and left laughing, I still have nightmares, i know we are safe, but i have irrational fears about the same thing, I must admit I worried about that at night before it happened, i think it’s just mumma bear wanting to keep her baby safe.


My son is 19 months old and still sleeps in his crib next to my bed I have the same fear so now you’re not crazy

Do you sell drugs? Are you or several neighbors in a gang? The Mafia? Leave large wads of cash lying around in plain view? Live ostentatiously (boat in the driveway, Lamborghini parked out front, leave the house dripping in diamonds & furs)? No? So OK, what are the crime statistics in your area? Your neighborhood? Divide by the population and figure the odds of a break-in: probably EXTREMELY low. Still worried? Welcome to motherhood! :wink:Get an alarm system if that would make you feel better or just put a fake security system sticker on your windows. It can make an intruder think twice and go to the next house.

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Not irrational at all. Our daughter will be 3 this month and her bed is right next to ours. No plans to change that anytime soon either. I love being able to either look over or reach out and touch her to check on her throughout the night. Even better are the morning snuggles and giggles. No plans to change anytime soon.

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My 2.5 yr old has his bed right next to mine… Did it with my oldest too. Could never sleep always thought I heard something, or is he cold did the blanket come off, sometimes he still cries at night has to use the bathroom. So much easier to have him there next to me and peace of mind

I had the same fear. I put a window alarm on the windows in our house. They are like $6 for 3 at Walmart.

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It’s totally normal! For most of us the first time the baby sleeps through the night we don’t get any sleep. Check all the security features: doors, windows, locks. If you feel like you’re being irrational about it talk to someone because it could be PPD. Aside from that it’s normal to wanna feel secure.

i am the same way! my kids are now 6 and four and we all sleep together

One time I had a nightmare that someone came in the middle of the night through the window near the crib (kidnapper was wearing a yellow raincoat and hat, in my dream it was a thunderstorm outside) and took off with my son out of the window. In my dream I woke up just in time to see him running off. This was 10 years ago. My son was no more than 6 months old

My son is 6 and still sleeps in my bed. He has never slept on his own. I love it but I’m afraid he will never sleep on his own

My son is 3.5 and just got out of my bed and into his own next to mine. I’m terrified of not only break in but also stuff like fires (which has happened) and him being on the other side of the house. Nope.

I have terrible thoughts too
You’re so not crazy
It sucks so bad