How to get baby to sleep through the night?

My son is 8 months old and probably would sleep through the night except he pees out his diaper every. Single. Night. Which of course wakes him up! Any tips? It is only overnight bc he rolls so much from stomach to side to back.


Try going up one size on diapers at night


Are you using regular or overnight diapers?

I had to go one size up, change him right before he goes to sleep, and use Pampers baby dry or overnights to stop my son from doing that.


What kinda of diapers are you using?

Strap it on kinda tight.

Bigger size and make sure his little guy is pointing down not up…


better fitting diaper maybe …try that

My twins did/do this. I put luvs on during the day and they wear Pampers at night. Works great!

We tried over night diapers too and I still had the same issue. Most of her sheets are just ruined. My girlfriend did recently tell me that you can order bigger sizes of diapers online but we were already through the hardest of potty training so I never tried that but I would imagine bigger sizes will hold more. Like if he’s wearing a 4 just go up to a 6 or even 7 and see if that works. Good luck I never could solve this 1 either lol

Bedtime diapers! They have been a sleep saver lol my son had this problem and his doctor said get diapers the and made especially for bedtime and a size bigger than his daytime diaper

My daughter has soaked through also no matter the diaper so I just tried to put a cloth diaper cover over her diaper and that kept it in well

Make sure his thang tuck down when you close his diaper try changing it at midnight or 2am


Gotta make sure his little guy is in the down position and a little tighter on . my son did this if his little guy wasnt positioned right

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I was able to master the ability to change my son without waking him up. So I’d change him at his bedtime and change him one more time at my bedtime. Worked like a charm.


I used one size bigger in huggies overnights . They seemed to contain the pee

Had the same issue. We started using overnight diapers and went a size up for bedtime. Changed him right before we put him down and occasionally checked on him before we went to bed and would change him one last time before we actually went to sleep.

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The brand of diapers makes a difference. My son did that with pampers, Pampers sucks, sometimes huggies leaked too. I had started buying dollar general brand, and they never leaked over night. This was also ten years ago lol

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My twins used to do the same thing, i would put them down to bed for the night around 8pm and go in about midnight to change them both in their sleep xx

Get overnight diapers and size up works great

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I make sure to do name brand at night and go a size up! So my girl is a size three but I put her in pampers overnight size fours and it stopped the issue!

Go up a size and use over night diapers

Go up a size at night

When my daughter was little that usually meant she needed a size bigger because she would also do it during the day but if he’s fine during the day just go up a size at night

you can try inserts…put a small panty liner pad in the front inside of the diaper…maybe make sure the peri area or perineal area is on the pad … for extra absorbance…maybe make sure the diaper is snugged for prevention of leakage


If they’re constantly peeing through, it’s time to go a size up


Huggies overnight diapers in one size bigger then he wears!

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Overnight diapers size up than normal.

I just had to size up in diapers, didnt bother with the overnights or anything. He still occasionally pees through them if he drinks a lot at the end of the day. But sizing up was all it took.

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My son is 8 months and sleeps the whole night. Hello bello diapers hold it all in!

Size up. Also, parents choice diapers are the 1 diaper my kids NEVER leaked out of.

Parents choice at Walmart go one size bigger they’ll take in more at night. I had to when mine hit 8 months it worked for me.

Overnight diapers are a blessing. I really like the target brand.


Nothing to drink after 7

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Buy Pampers Overnight diapers and put a Sposie pad in. This combo has saved us TONS of laundry!

I’ve been dealing with this exact same issue. Thanks for all the tips! I’m sure gonna try them.

Go up a size and use diaper covers

Size up, make sure you getting up to change his diaper… get some over night diapers

I put long thick pads in with my daughters she hasn’t leaked since and I was having to change the sheets through the night before

Go up in diapers? Use overnight diapers?
Dry a different brand?

Goodnight diapers and make sure hes pointed downwards when you tape him up

I’ve seen they have diaper pad inserts.
And special overnight diapers.

Overnight diapers hold better

My friend puts the rubber training pants over her sons diaper. So he doesnt leak thru the bed every morning. Before that she would put two diapers on him. He peed alot at night and it didnt matter what type of diaper.

Go up a size in diapers or buy the night time ones.

I folded one diaper as an insert, and put it inside another, doubling the absorbent.

My son is a stomach sleeper. I have to make sure I pull the front of the diaper up higher before bed because we have the same issue.

Huggies Overnights. Go one size up.

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Go up a size for night time

I’ve always had my son on diapers a size up. Not cause of his pee but because of his poop It helps a lot

Buy a size up in a good quality diaper like Pampers baby dry. But you should still change him at least once a night.

Size up. If that doesn’t help thr Huggies Overnights are good but more expensive.

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Get a sleeping nappy for bedtime they hold more than ur normal daily ones xx

Have you ever tried essential oils? I used this for my 3yo over night and we have never had an accident through potty training. Dilute 1 drop of carrier oil with 1 drop if cypress essential oil around the belly button. It helps with bladder control


Time for bigger diapers at least at night

Up size diapers. We use Target brand with no problems at all.

Sounds like the diaper doesn’t fit. My son sleeps through the night and has a suuuuper full diaper in the morning but it’s not usually leaked through

And hello bello diapers hold a ton

Honest company diapers they nhave overnight diapers you can order online or they have at Target and Meijer. Best diapers ever

My son use to do that until the doctor told me you have to point his weewee downwards when you change him , so that he won’t pee out his diaper


To much to drink cut the drinks off earlier

We put two diapers on for bedtime haha

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Bigger size and huggies snug and dry is all that worked for me.

Size up or Huggies over nights

Make sure you are pointing his penis down when you put the diaper on and make sure he’s wearing the correct size. There is an issue somewhere if he’s peeling out the diaper every night.

Try to go up a size but you could also try rubber pants over his diaper.

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Go up a size, you could also try the Huggies over nights. But I would for sure for up a size

I used to change my son’s nappy when I went to bed every night so he had a fresh one or he would do the same. X

Make sure the diaper is fastened TIGHT. Once i started doing this, it doesnt leak.

Bigger diaper or change more often… Or use overnight diapers…

Don’t wake him slip in change him and slip out. I did that with my first baby

Size up at night maybe try changing him in the middle of the night before he pees so it’s less of a mess to deal with in the middle of the night.

Bigger size or diff brand of nappy. I found Bambino nappies were great for my first for the same issue

Use a pad at bedtime inside the diaper! :wink: