How to get baby to sleep through the night?

I need some advice. My son is two weeks old, and Ebf and I’m dying of sleep deprivation. Yes, he’s my second so I know that’s how it is, however with my first we bed shared. With this one I’m terrified to bedshare or up the risk for SIDS in any way. What should I do? He won’t stay swaddled, he hates anything touching his legs so the sleep sack didn’t work either, and he wants to be held the whole time he’s asleep! Which I love, but if I’m holding him while he’s sleeping, that means I can’t sleep. He wakes up fussing after 10 minutes or less of being in his crib. Hubby works a very early morning shift as an officer so he isn’t much help right now, which I need him to get sleep to take care of us when he is home, so I suppose that’s okay. I’m just really starting to panic that I will fall asleep feeding him.


My sons crib is connected to my bed. One side of the crib is off, that way he has his own space.


Maybe a bedside bassinet?

What about the swaddles with the two zippers maybe you could swaddle above his legs and leave his legs out so he doesn’t get fussy?

Nap when he dose or get a co sleeper to put by bed.

I bought a sleep positioner, maybe try getting one. That way baby feels more secure and legs can be open

And even if you do fall asleep feeding him you’re okay… I remember when my lactation nurse told me I wouldn’t stay asleep long or not realize I had baby… bed rail, 2 pillows slightly slanted behind my head and 2 stacked on each side to rest my arms. I don’t have a picture of that setup though.

Have you tried a swing? And maybe tuck one of your worn shirts in there with him so he can smell you.


I always used a swing or rocker next to my bed til 4-5 months old. My babies hated laying flat on their backs unless they were being held. Swing or rocker worked great for me. I have 3 boys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I slept with my daughter on my chest because she was the same propped myself up a bit latched her on and fell asleep it was the only was I could get any

I’m actually going through this same thing right now :sob:

I bought my daughter the nested bean sleep sacks and they worked wonders

My baby was the same - I put him to sleep in a swing/ rocker. It vibrates gently and keeps him asleep with light sounds. It’s the only way he will sleep if he’s not laying on my chest.

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Have you tried a swing or a vibrating bouncer? Both worked wonders on my kids. My youngest would literally only sleep in his bouncer, he wanted fed and everything in that thing lol

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Bedshare, dont worry about SIDS, I bed shared with all my kids, was never a problem, and I got way more sleep that way, plus its meant to be that way. When we were living in caves we didn’t put our baby on the other side of the cave. Your baby is telling you what he needs. Snuggle him.

Sleep when he sleeps. If you breastfeed lay on your side and feed him so you guys can fall asleep together. This is honestly the best solution I can come up with.

Try a swing. My grandbaby slept in a swing until he was about 6 months old.

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Oh my daughters new son is the same way lol! He HATES footed sleepers, socks, & yes a sleep sack lol.
We have to put his Mamas worn shirt over his boppy pillow & lay him in the middle of it so he feels cradled. We also wad up a blanket & put under his knees & feet & he usually will sleep an hour or 2 that way.
But mostly my daughter just lays on her side to feed, & they fall alseep that way~