How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Ok mamas, I need some help. I have a just turning two year old. He’s never been a great sleeper, but I feel like his sleep patterns are getting worse. He wakes up anywhere from 2-5 times a night screaming his head off. He sleeps with my husband and I, so i just pull him close, give him his pacifier and pat him back to sleep. I can’t do this anymore. I have gone almost two years with no sleep. It’s starting to make me feel crazy. I’ve pushed dinner back some so that he’ll have a full belly when he goes to bed. He always has his nice warm bath. Tylenol nothing is working. Any tips are greatly appreciated!


Have you had his ears checked for infection?

Move him to his own bed teach him to self sooth as long as he isn’t hurt you don’t need to go in his room. Look up the bedtime routine from nanny 911. It works. he will cry but he will get over it of you aren’t willing to let your kid cry you will never get any rest.


If all else fails try melatonin

Might want to get his ears checked & also try Melatonin. Wal-Mart sells some that are gummy ones so they thing it’s a treat.

Soth him he is just turning 2. He may wake up cuz he is having a bad dream or night tirrer. My son is 4 and is in my room and last night he woke up crying i want my mom. Your a parent and yes we need sleep too but ur little one needs to kno u r there for them


He could be in the autism sprectrum. I had one like that. A lot of work, but he turned out fine.

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Maybe get him checked for reflux. Also, maybe teething? We used Ora Gel extra strength but that was decades ago, so not sure if it’s no longer recommended. Can you and Dad alternate sleeping with him in his room so you each get a good night’s sleep every two days?

Been there done that with 2 extended breastfed girls (oldest was such a light sleeper we couldn’t even even flush the toilet)…18 to 24 months is about the absolute WORST TIME for sleep deprivation IMO ( we also co-slept) I really have no advice except hang in there it does get better​:+1::two_hearts: I tried “sleep training” with my first and it was horrible every time I tried so I finally gave up… You can do it - You are doing a fantastic job Mama!!!

It could be a few things…
It sounds like night terrors. You’re best is to talk to his Dr. Melatonin can help his sleep cycle so he doesn’t really dream like that, but def ask the Dr.

There is something you can get called rescue remedy. You rub it on their wrists…it is all natural…it relaxes them. Or get some CBD oil for sleep…it works…
My daughter had same problem with my grandson…doctor told her to buy some magnesium powder and mix it in some juice…before bed.
She still gives it to him and he slept all night from first dose.
Grades went up 2 grade levels

I would start removing his pacifier, i would leave my first until she was really tired and would fall sleep, and stopped asking for it…my second I open holes in the pacifier and she stopped liking it…for sleep, my oldest have nightmares, and talks a lot i her sleep, what i do and may sound crazy, I put a crystal clear glass full of water under the bed where her head rest, and it works for her and for me as well.

He is too young to cope with this problem by himself . He really needs the comfort of his parents. Continue to let him sleep with you and your husband because he needs you both through this ordeal. You talked about your ordeal but remember he is a baby and he is the one going through an ordeal . Do not abandon him to suffer this alone. Pray and believe this will get better. Pray and ask for God s help .

Melatonin and or talking to your pediatrician he may have night terrors

Lavender lotion and melatonin chews works for my 6 and 3 year old

He is having night terrors and he will grow out of this. (my grandson did this)
Put him in his own bed

My daughter did this for a year, took her to the chiro and found out her back was out of whack causing pain in her stomach and we never knew it! She slept like a baby the first night after seeing the chiro! Might be worth a shot!


sounds like night time terror’s our so had those when he was younger, we keep him close to us or 1 of us sleep with him to keep him calm, it his his mind working over time, talk to his ped doctor and ask for help and info…

Firstly, Tylenol should only be given when there is a need for it such as (fever or pain). Secondly, he needs his own space to sleep. I suggest a dark, cool room, with white noise. Introduce a bedtime routine that is consistent before bed. I do bath, lotion, book, sleep sack, snuggles and say time for night night and put down wide awake in crib. Also, have you thought about sleep training? There are plenty of methods to choose from with parental intervention to Ferber, and extinction. You need to remove all sleep associations such as paci, rocking, hushing, patting otherwise he will not learn to sleep independently and at each waking he will need the same thing. I suggest joining Respectful Sleep Training/Learning it was the best thing I ever did I got my bedroom, boyfriend, and sleep back by doing all of the above. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

He prob cries bc you’re right there but asleep (aka not giving him attention) you should put him in his own bed and own room.

If he woke up alone he prob would just fall back asleep but when you’re there it’s easy to cry and get cuddled

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My suggestion is talk to the dr about Melatonin or Benadryl at night♡

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I agree with the night terrors. My sons started when he was around 2 or 3 and they would happen often. He would just scream and flail around no matter how much I tried to comfort him. The older he got the scarier they got for me cause he would open his eyes and look at me but couldn’t remember anything in the morning or that he had even dreamed of anything scary. They slowed and became few and far between the older he got. They stopped altogether by the time he was 7. Talk to his pediatrician. I just always tried to get up and comfort him by patting him on the back but wouldn’t try to wake him that seemed to make it worse.


Melatonin worked wonders for us

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Start a bedtime routine, a long 1 where he ends in his bed. No more naps, just “chill” time or quiet time for a few in the afternoon. We would color during this time or watch a movie. Their routines & lil bodies change so much, you just gotta figure out the flow he needs.

Not kidding - get a doctor to check tonsils and adenoids. My daughter didn’t sleep for 3 years, and finally found out she had obstructive sleep apnea due to over sized tonsils.
If tonsils and adenoids are fine, he could be suffering from night terrors. If it’s night terrors, though, generally you can’t really soothe them because they’re not entirely awake when they’re screaming and if you wake them it takes a bit for them to realise they’re not stuck in the dream anymore. Children suffering from night terrors also tend to kick and flail. Night terrors can either be triggered or not triggered, and if they’re triggered, the triggers can be anything from an experience to diet, or even fevers.
Could just be nightmares. Nightmares are usually triggered from experiences or memories (seeing scary things, or even a bad fall and hurting themselves.)
Could be getting sick.

Due to my experiences though, I’d definitely be seeking advice from a doctor. If I hadn’t actually witnessed my daughter stopping breathing in her sleep, I’m fairly sure they would have continued to tell me that there was nothing wrong with her. But after her tonsils were removed and a three month period of breaking out of the habit of waking up scared because she was so used to not being able to breathe in her sleep, she has slept through the night every night.


My son did this a few times. I soon realized it was a bad dream/night terrors. When I would go to comfort him, he seemed really confused. I think my being there actually made it worse. It was like he was really living his dream, eyes open and crying.
Try not going to comfort him, it sounds mean I know but give it a try.

Try moving him into his own bed/room if you can. He will most likely sleep better

2 year molars it will pass

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Some kids are just bad sleepers. I would say try everyone else’s suggestions but dont get your Hope’s up thinking something has to work. My daughter is 4, and she will sleep almost all night now, down to only waking once. But she has never been a good sleeper, ever. I have tried everything on planet earth besides drugging her to get her to sleep. We have a strict bedtime routine. This is the only thing that has helped, but not completely fix the issue. We get our jammies on, then the kids lay in bed for 40 minutes and can watch TV, then I go sit in their room until they are asleep, this is usually the last time I have to do bedtime, they still come in my room in the middle of the night but they generally go right to sleep and that’s fine. He is 2 so he could just need his own space, not all kids enjoy cosleeping, they are people too :slight_smile:

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Melatonin works, mother of 5.

Going to bed with a too full stomach could be a problem