How to get baby to sleep through the night?

So last night was supposed to be my two year olds first night in his big boy bed… it didn’t go well at all. He kept getting up. I laid in bed with him for over an hour. Sat next to his bed. He fought sleep until he was happy. Once I got him to sleep in my bed and then transferred him, he only slept in his bed for three hours. He can open his door and tried to climb his safety rail so he doesn’t have a safety rail. I’m frustrated. Tips. Advice. Anything please and thank you.


Be persistent. He’ll start to learn that he will be okay in his own bed. Reward him the longer he stays in his bed as well!


Give it some more time.

Just stick with it. I would really try to avoid him falling asleep in your bed and then moving him. In the long run this is going to be an issue. When my youngest moved to a bed I had to double gate his door, one on top of the other for a bit. I also had to remove his door handle and replace it with one that didn’t have a lock because he locked himself in one time.

Make a routine.
Dinner, bath/teeth, book (or whichever) and bed.
It’s tiring but keep putting him back.
If you didn’t, take him to pick out his own stuff…
Sheets, blanket, pillow, stuffed animal…etc. It’s his and if you get it, he has to be in his bed.
It’ll get better momma. :green_heart:

It will take a while. It’s a big change.

It took my son a month to get to sleep in his own bed and still now he comes to me at times. Be persistent, you’ll have easy nights and then the not so easy ones.

Be persistent about it and give him some time

My daughter slept in her bed a little bit longer each night until about a week later she was in her bed all night

Might take a week, might take 9 weeks :woman_shrugging: just gotta keep putting him back in bed 500x a night.

It’s one night? You just changed a huge part of his life. Give him some time. The more frustrated you get the more frustrated he will get. It’s not gonna be a safe place if he thinks your punishing him but putting him in there and getting upset.

It takes time having patience is very hard