How to get baby to stay asleep?

Hi all my son is 2 months old and this is the first night I’m trying to get him to sleep in his pack n play but everytime he falls asleep and I put him in there he wakes right back up. Please help. I know it takes time and consistency but if there are any tips or tricks to help me I’d greatly appreciate it!!!


Swaddling him and soft noise machine. We bought one for our son and it’s been a total game changer; he’s now 5 months and sleeps in either his own room or pack and play all night

Definitely do the swaddling technique. It works. Good luck and prayers

Yes swaddle is a good idea but also don’t but him in the second he’s asleep that’s what makes them up my son did that too…wait 20-30 mins before putting him down

Leave him in bed and try to comfort him without picking him up. He has to get use to being in his bed.If he wakes up but does not cry just say nite nite sweetie mommy loves you and walk away.

Cuddle the swaddle blanket so it smells like you!

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I use to put my shirt in with my baby. She smelt mommeh and did help her sleep.

Swaddle! My 3 1/2 month old sleeps almost every night in his bed. Thank you swaddling!!

Swaddle, white noise machine, blackout curtains. Look into nested bean products, they’re amazing!

What if baby hates being swaddled?

Is the pack n play comfy for him to sleep on besides the hard mattress, with mine I had to put a thick comfy new mattress in it or comfortor ,(tuck sides of blanket under mattress so doesn’t come up) and the more comfy the better, or try getting him asleep and easily lay in down in pack n play to continue …

Hi all I’m the one who asked the question I have a blanket tucked around the mattress I swaddle him and leave a rain sound on for him. It just seems like he knows that he isnt in my room anymore and I’ve been putting him down in there for naps which he does fine with except at night so idk what I’m doing wrong lol

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I had this problem with my son. I noticed he woke up because of the “falling” feeling. I started laying him down when his eyes would first flutter. So he wasn’t asleep yet didnt feel the falling feeling and would rub his head until he fell asleep

My son used the swaddle blankets at that age and it seemed to comfort him , also he used a binkie and i would wait till that fell out of his mouth when I was getting him to sleep and at that point I knew he was good and asleep

Both of my kids hated the pack n play! My daughter was the same exact way but does good in a mini crib. I think it’s the sturdiest of it and it doesn’t sway every time they move and probably more comfortable.

I found that it was hard for me to get my son in the pack n play without waking him up. Maybe try a bassinet and swaddling if he likes that.

Fill a glove with rice warm it up with your body and put it on his back he will feel like your still there