How to get back sex drive?

Not sure if this TMI but here’s the deal, I am 7 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 and my sex drive has completely disappeared!!! I’m too tired and too nauseated to even feel sexy let alone get it on with my husband. He understands but apart of me feels so bad and I’m not sure what to do. Do I just do it to satisfy him and allow myself to feel more nauseated or what? Has anyone else experience this?


Im almost 18 weeks. Still haven’t gotten my drive back. I have nights where I want sex. But most times I’m just like eh. Your significant other should understand. It’s a lot of work growing a human being


Im going through this same thing right now i feel so bad for my so

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It happens in the beginning and of course you feel that way… just wait until about 7 months pregnant when your hormones start going super crazy that feeling may change


We should not ever feel obligated to have sex. He’s a grown man and can satisfy himself.


I have been like that with both my daughter’s… I have no want for sex at all… I guess its normal for some to be like that…

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Well my husband isn’t very kind when he isn’t satisfied, he was like that before I got pregnant. I do it every two days just to keep him happy. Sometimes I hate him, I am 19 weeks and have no desire to be touched.


I had sex 3 times in my whole pregnancy. It’s normal.

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If you have sex when you don’t want to… that’s called rape. …just sayin.

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Uh if I ain’t feelin it I ain’t doin it idc what reason is. Could Be i just don’t want to be touched.

I had no sex drive with my 2nd the whole time I was pregnant

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I’ve had sex a couple times this pregnancy (#2) but I’m 30 weeks and just want nothing to do with it :woman_shrugging:t4: it’s normal

I think the idea of having sex without wanting it is gross. and it should probably gross out your partner too :tipping_hand_woman: in a moral way not a gross bodily function way lol

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You do have a mouth, even though you don’t feel like it, suck it up and do it for him,


I was like this til I hit 13 weeks. now I was sex all day every day lol

Dont let it bother you it’s not your fault. I cant even have sex til my 20 week scan thanks to subchronic hemorrhaging and placenta previa.

Yeah if I’m not feeling having sex then I don’t. My husband can whine, pout, whatever. It ain’t happening

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It happened to me. It was just the thought of seamen made me puke. If I finally was able to fight it I puked afterwards. I felt so bad but he understood. I would try to fight it as best as you can. Good luck and congratulations on your being pregnant with your newest addition.

It’s normal, if he understands then don’t feel bad. I’m 27 weeks and 2 days and I haven’t had much of a sex drive since about 16 weeks. Just do it when you feel ready to.

Some weeks I felt crazy hormonal lol other weeks I didn’t want to be touched and I’m currently 32 weeks. Who knows :woman_shrugging:

That happened to me first 2mo into my pregnancy
After that I was fine.

Honey your PREGNANT lol you have earned the right of resting your hoochie till the baby is born and do NOT have to feel bad about it lol, you already have a baby in there from sex so clearly he wasn’t deprived lol so he can wait to hit that till YOU are ready lol.

Wait till you get about 13 weeks along then update us on your sex drive XD

You don’t have to have sex if you don’t want to. One compromise I’ve found that works is my bf watches porn on his phone (with ear buds) and I give him a hand job while I watch Netflix. Its kind of a win/win situation lol

Whats the sex of your first two may I ask?..

My entire pregnancy i had zero sex drive