How to get breastfed baby to sleep through the night?

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Ok mommas Looking for Suggestions…I have an Almost 7month old exclusively breastfeed baby boy… struggling w/ major sleep regression… (he refuses binky)… demands to use me as pacifier off and on all night long. Between actually nursing. Suggestions?!


I worked with my son who was the same way and forced the pacifier on him. Whenever he would cry wanting food when it wasn’t time/trying to sleep through the night, I’d put it in his mouth and pay his back. You’ll be exhausted for a few nights but it worked for us, good luck.

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I’m in the same boat!

Yes.You will have to work at it for a bit.Deny him and keep using the pacifier and comforting him.Mommies get soooo tired.

Try a different nipples pacifier

Try a different pacifier and if that still doesn’t work let him self soothe it will be hard at first but he’ll get it eventually

He isn’t using you as a pacifier, the pacifier was made to mimic the breast. Mine is almost 15 months and still doesn’t sleep through the night, if I’m there he nurses. He’ll go to sleep for other people without anything at all, he’s never used a pacifier, it’s always been me for bed and during the night.


I just went through this. My baby is 8 months. At the time that he started to struggle sleeping, literally a few days later he cut a tooth. Try some teething remedies to see if it helps.