How to get breastfed baby to stop biting?

Asking for tips.

My son is teething and I breastfeed. His bottom teeth are almost out, and he has figured out how to bite my nipple. Lately they have been sore. It sucks, but I am planning on breastfeeding until he is one…so I don’t want to give up. Question is…do any mamas have any tips on getting through the biting and still breastfeed for awhile?


Unlatch , Stern no set him down and reinforce it by taking a few minute break. Then give it another try. He will eventually understand and associate biting with losing the boob.


My son is 20 months and now since hes older and bites I have to hold his nose for him to let go.

A couple of things: 1.) He won’t bite when he’s actively nursing so cut back on comfort nursing. 2.)When he does bite, firmly say “no” and pull him off the boob for a minute or so, long enough for him to understand that he shouldn’t be biting. Good luck!


Unlatch baby every. single. time. you get bit. This will annoy your baby and believe it or not, they’ll take the hint. I’ve breastfed all 3 of my children and longest time was two years. Anyways, this always did the trick. I never had to say no or resort to anything physical to the baby. They learn that biting loses their favorite thing and they don’t like it.


I didn’t breast feed but an aunt would stop the feeding when her kids would bite down. They learn earlier than most people think.

I EBF my son for 19 months. Fhe firsf time he bit me it was unexpected an i yelled (which got hos attention) then i swatted his butt (not hard) an told him we dont bite an if he did no boob :joy:. Well from that day on he never bit me again lol