How to get comfortable while pregnant?

I’m 36 weeks pregnant, and for the past month I wake up several times in the middle of the night switching sides because my hips hurt so much. I sleep with a pillow under me and in between my legs so I’m not sure what to do now. The pain is mostly on my left hip, some days it even hurts to walk. Any advice?


May be PSD… I had to go to physical therapy for it!

Same thing happened to me and the doctor said nothing u can do about it but maybe try a pregnancy pillow

Go to the hospital where you are planning on having your baby. I had contractions in my lower back and my hips. Kinda just felt like pressure. Thought it was a normal pain. Go get cleared by your OBGYN

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I’m 36 weeks on Friday and I’m having the same problem

See a chiropractor. :hugs:


I’m at just over 35 weeks and having the same thing. I am going to try sleeping in a light bra. Putting a smaller pillow under my stomach has helped a little. And going to try a bigger pillow between my legs.

Usually this is caused by the tendons and ligaments getting softer and stretching, preparing your body for birth. Just try to stay comfortable until your bundle arrives.

Chiropractor has saved my life SOOO many times being pregnant!

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I’m 36 weeks tomorrow. Same thing. I think baby is messing with my siatic nerve. Not much you can do but deal. :sob:

I had it with my 1st pregnancy and now with my second. With my 1st pregnancy the preggy pillow helped up until 30 something weeks. After that nothing helped.
At 32 weeks now nothing helps. But i always make sure with my appointments to mention it to my doc.

I had the same problem it was so uncomfortable an I would hurt all night long

The hormones are making the ligaments ready for birth.

i’m sorry you’re dealing with that :sweat: i’m not of much help but I took warm epsom salt baths to relax & soak all my joints, it seemed to help!

Chiropractors can work miracles on a pregnant person!!!

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I have found some comfort just laying on my back and falling asleep that way. I was never a back sleeper till I was pregnant. Sometimes both sides are uncomfortable no matter what I do. Lavender lotion too. It can calm your body and is also very helpful for baby when theyre born. Helps them sleep better at night too.

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Go to a chiropractor…my lifesaver when I was pregnant

I recommend the pregnancy pillows … saved me with all 8’of my pregnancy… still use it now

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Consider a belt for your sacrum, massage and the chiropractor- possibly acupuncture if needed

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I read this and thought it’s something I’ve wrote :joy: this is every night. I flip so much because my hips hurt. I can’t lay on my back because that hurts worse. I just get up and walk around for a minute and lay back down.

Pillow between the knees

I still sleep on my stomach when i can im 34 werkscand hips have been bad too nothing helps

I’m 39 weeks and have had this issue for several weeks. What has helped me the most is prenatal yoga and pelvic stretches. I sleep almost completely on pillows and just recently added one under my left leg in addition to the one in between which helped tremendously. Many mamas recommended chiropractic care as well and even physical therapy if you or your dr feel it is a joint problem. Good luck!

Same happened to me
I started sleeping in a recliner :sleepy:
I would say if you have one sleep in it

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It’s probably sciatica .it will probably go once you have your baby

I have to second the Chiropractor and Acupuncture. I felt relief after the first visit.

This is normal and unfortunately just what leads to labor, but it means its almost time. Uncomfy is probably all u can be for a bit more.

You need more pillows. I had this problem with all 4 pregnancies

Pillow everywhere or a pregnancy pillow

Following. Having same issues and I’m currently 2 days away from 32 weeks :confused: been miserable since like 28 weeks

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I couldn’t even lay on my side! Just laid on my back half sat up by pillows in the end, it was not fun at all! Had this from about 29wks onwards

Stretches!!! Google or Pinterest Pregnancy stretches!

Sciatica and best advise I can give you is get one of the automatic massagers and try to stay off your feet as much as possible. It will probably go away once you give birth.

Sounds like your sciatic nerve. This was about the time sleep got impossible for me too! Try a pregnancy pillow! Mine was a god send. Unfortunately for me though i started getting sleep apnea at this time too so towards the end i mostly had to sleep propped up otherwise i would wake up hyperventilating from not breathing in my sleep right.

The sciatica Nerve is unreal! Go to a specialized massage therapist in Pregnancy and Sciatic nerves. My massage therapist took my pain away. I would toss and turn like that all night when I was pregnant until I would get massaged.

This jhad been lynsay few months for me. Im also 36 w. I try to do squats before bed, light ones, and walk in the morning. Other than that there’s no consistent relief that ive found.

I’m 38 weeks and sleeping in a recliner helps

I’ve had this problem with all 4 pregnancies (28weeks now w/#4). I’ve had to sleep reclined since usually around 4 months till about a month or so after birth. Good luck momma!

I had the same w my 2nd son. It was horrible. 10 yrs later and i still have issues

Got to chiropractor sounds like sciatica I had the same problem

Sciatic never is being pressed on by your little one. I saw a chiropractor once a week and that helped immensely!

I never could find anything to relieve that pain. Had it up until I delivered. I hope you find some comfort.

Push through it. You’re almost there. Boy oh boy do I know that pain all too well. Mine was mixed with severe carpal tunnel as I slept, or tried to at least. I’d wake throughout the night crying because my arms and my hips. The joy you’re about to bring into this world will make it all seem so far away. Promise. You got this momma

It hurts mama hips and pelvis are loosing up for baby what i find that helps is taking a nice warm bath before hand and stretching before bed thats still not a garentee thou its all normal body preparing for big day

Chiropractor, only thing that helped me. I couldn’t walk some days until I started seeing my chiro

Sciatic Nerve. I had the same thing and the only things that really helped were my fiance massaging my back or a nice hot bath. Tylenol worked also but that took time

Belly wrap to help lift up the weight. You can buy it at targrt

I had the same issues…after going to dr and orthopedic I was diagnosed with bursitis very painful when it flares up

I use to sleep with a flat pillow under my belly (so it was elevated but not uncomfortable) a pillow behind my lower back and hips so I could lay on my back but not flat, got rid of the one between my knees because that killed me.

I had that too could never get it to stop and even to this day 4 years later I still can’t sleep on my left side without my hip hurting