How to get crayon off a wall?

What gets crayon off the wall?


Blow dryer to heat it up

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Wax paper and an iron/ blow dryer

Foaming bathroom cleaner and magic eraser

Magic Eraser it works miracles

or fantstic with bleach

Soap and a hair dryer

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Magic eraser got permanent marker off my car lol it works great :+1:

Magic eraser,if that don’t work gasoline,or try nail polish remover,try toothpaste,or water bacon soda I forgetting a good one,oh well good luck!

Magic eraser for sure

Magic eraser or windex

Magic eraser. The other thing I turn to all of the time is hand sanitizer. It takes most things out. I haven’t tried it on crayon, but many other things so it would be worth a try

Look it up on Pinterest

Literally any cleaning supply… Even dishsoap and a sponge.

Idk why people think you need something special to take off crayon with.

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Magic eraser

You can also heat the wax up with a hair dryer and it’ll come right off with a wet sponge.


Mr clean magic eraser.

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Magic eraser. They work miracles on many things.

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Blow dryer with heat and wipe as it melts/softens

Magic eraser works great!

Blow dryer works perfect! Just did it last weekend to get crayon off, LOTS of crayon :crayon:

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Shaving cream.sounds funny but it works and u probably already have it in your house

Windex? Magic eraser?

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You don’t need anything special. This is literally a sponge and water. It’s crayon, not permanent marker.


Heat it with the hair dryer and then just wipe it off with a rag works great

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Hair dryer and baby wipe

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Nothing you gotta repaint the whole house now. Lol

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Magic eraser some other things people listed

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Hair dryer, then wipe it off

Magic eraser works like a charm

Soap and hot water wash cloth.

Very hot water and a dryer sheet!

Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser

Magic erasers do work… Mr. Cleans!!.. If its a larger area then just repaint… Take a dime size piece from the wall under an outlet… Light switch take it to home depot to be matched if you dont know the color of paint !! :wink::ok_hand:

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Magic eraser and hairspray

There is this stuff called GOO GONE it is wonderful you can get it at walmart its in the paint department .


Crest PASTE toothpaste

White paste toothpaste.

TEARS! And magic erasers

Hide the crayons. Lol. Just kidding. Magic Erasers are a miracle worker on just about everything! :blush:

Stick a match or use a lighter it will also melt off when the wax gets hot

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Water, vinegar and a scrubbie

Mr clean magic eraser

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I agree to everyone who’ve said magic eraser… :smiling_face:

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Magic Eraser. Make the kids do it :person_tipping_hand: :joy: lol that’s their punishment

U can use dawn, and hot water.
Or coconut oil. Put on wall then wipe with hot water.
I’ve also used magic erasers before. Either works pretty good.

Mr. Clean magic eraser

Paper towel and a hair dryer

Majic eraser and the child who put it there


toothpaste and magic eraser

Goof off. Removes crayon, ink, marker. Apply to rag and wipe.

magic eraser or goo be gone

Heat with a hair Dyer then wipe with magic eraser

Magic eraser and some bleach depending on the spot.
If your little one gets it on screens taking a blowdryer to heat it up with a washrag ready to wipe it up will get that off too.

Goo gone it even gets wax off stuff when I wax customers eye brows , lips

White sponge cleaner from ALDI -99c for 3 sponges xxx

Someone once told me to use hairspray! Never tried it though!

Magic eraser and 409!

Whitening toothpaste even removes perment marker

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Tooth paste and hot water