How to get kids on a schedule?

Tips for getting two under two on a schedule. My daughter is almost two months and son is 18months. He usually goes down for a 2 hour nap about noon. Shes still waking about 3 times a night. My son goes to bed at between 8 and 830pm and wakes about 8 to 830 am. Shes pretty good about going down around then and waking about 9. I just cant seem to get her day naps on a schedule at all. Its all over the place sometimes she sleeps during his nap and sometimes she doesnt. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Little babe is still pretty young… after the 4mo sleep regression you should start seeing a more clear schedule from the littlest. Just hang in

Then get ready for the 3 year regression!!! Lol

That’s great your 18 month old has a set sleep schedule. It sounds like the two month old has a set bedtime and wake up time. She is going to wake up during the night, she’s two months old! My son is three and wakes up two-three times a night. You will survive.

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Trying to get a 2 month old on a nap schedule is ridiculous.


Mine son is the same way. He takes a nap whenever he wants to or sometimes he doesn’t take on at all he is 19 months. I just go with the flow because he still goes to bed at the regular bed time. And he wakes up during the night to still nurse so just hang in their and go with the flow

Trial and error and honestly don’t think it is definite to happen at 2 mos. Thats a bit young for one still

2 months is a bit early for a sleep schedule… I’d wait until she’s 4-5 months, but keep your boy on the same schedule and before you know it they should be on the same schedule

Getting a 2 month old on a sleep schedule is hard. They still have trouble telling day from night.
My daughter was almost 4 months before she stopped getting up every 2 hours.
She is now 7 months and gets up at least twice a night (between 8 and 5 a.m.)

You put 2month olds on sleep schedules?

For your toddler that’s a great schedule… but your baby is still too young to put on a schedule. Hang in there’s going to be hope shortly

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Shes still too little to be on a schedule. But my 18month old daughter is on the same 8-8 schedule and ita great