How to get kids on a schedule?

Im currently 33weeks pregnant with our daughter due May 5th. My son is 15 months. Im very excited but nervous about having 2 under 2. I know everything will fall together and be fine but my biggest concern is how i would get a schedule with them. My son sleeps 8 to 8 every night and i know we are very lucky for that and that will change now im sure. So my question is how long did it take u to get on a schedule with two kids and do u have any tips for getting them on a schedule? Also, any side comments about having 2 under 2 related or non related are welcome, im not sure what im in for here. Thanks everyone!


I had 3 under 2…twins were 15m when my youngest was born…twins didn’t sleep thru night till they were 3…

My daughter was 13 months when the youngest was born. 7-7 sleep. I out the youngest right into our already going routine their now 3&4 and think their twins schedules are still the same

I had 3 under 3 … my eldest just turned 3 …the 2 oldest sleep like 12 straight through the night. Took only 1 month with newborn to have him sleep through the night …youngest is now 6 months and my 3 kids sleep around 10-12 hours a night without waking up :relieved:

My son will be 2 in April and my 2nd son was born 10 days ago. I was as worried as you are but my newborn sleeps through everything. My almost 2 year old is still on his only child schedule for now. It seems like everything just falls into place.

I could habe written this myself!
My first born is 19 months old. I’m 32.5 weeks pregnant. Due May 10th. I’m nervous for all the same reasons!! 2 kids in diapers. The newborn messing up my son’s schedule. Trying to get only of the baby’s naps to be when my oldest takes his only nap. Both will be boys. I don’t have any advice for you just know you are NOT alone.

My boys are 13 months apart. I know it seems scary and some days will be harder than others. However, as far as a schedule you will find what works best for you & everything will fall into place. Even tho its not twins I always told everyone they might of well as been. You will be doing everything you do now just twice. Manage your time & rest when you can.

I’m 32 weeks with a 13 month old and have same fears

Stick to his schedule the best you can. And try to work with her. Obviously you will have to be a little more lenient with her schedule.

I would suggest get a handle on the babies eating and sleeping habits first and then adjust the older ones schedule by 15 to 30 minute increments over the course of a couple of weeks if you even need to. My first baby was the baby all new moms hope for: easy, content, scheduled herself like clockwork and then my second baby gave me a realty check: colic, reflux, had to be held and couldn’t sleep unless she was on you. Once you figure out the new one you will be fine!

Breast feeding?
Last feed between 11-12 can get you further for next am feed. Circadian rythm releases melatonin between 8-10pm and 3-5am.
Bathe baby at night tires them out. Rest with them mid morning/noon, dont clean. Family or friends can help fold laundry or pick up groceries when they come to visit. Grand parents/ aunts uncles can start play dates and give you 1/2 a break (great bonding time for them too with the older sibling/child feels special).

I’m having my 3rd kid in July middle boy is turning 2 in April…I believe older one has a bedroom newborn in parents room

I have a son who’s a little over 2 and our daughter will be here in august and I’m nervous as well so following!

My oldest 2 are 18 months apart. & it was basically like having 2 babies but one was on the move :roll_eyes: I was a nanny for twins for years & it was easier I thought Bc they were @ the same stages @ the same times.
That being said make sure you make time for you to still spend 1 on 1 time with your oldest. I even would read books to them while I was nursing. It kept him busy too :wink:
I had a co sleeper bassinet next to my bed so I could get up with the baby as soon as the woke. I wanted to try & not disrupt my oldests sleep as much as possible since I knew that would just make things harder if he was a grumpy tired mess haha.
Try to have the oldest help with things like bringing a clean diaper, or a burp rag. Or gently helping with bath time. They like to try to help a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

My 2 youngest are almost 14 months apart. One turns 2 next month the other turns 1 in June. The first bit was the hardest cuz my older one was not happy when we brought the youngest home but now 9 months later they play together sometimes the older one brings the younger toys n stuff. The jealousy is already started tho too. I’ve caught the toddler smacking, pushing over, taking toys, taking snacks etc. They are both on pretty much the same bed schedule (don’t know how it just happened) its harder to go places like the store and stuff but really its not that bad. There’s definitely a learning curve and takes getting used to but its really not that bad.

my son was a month off 2 when my lg was born. we kept his routine the same. and didnt worry about getfimg my lg into a routine until she was around 6 weeks. then i would put her down around the same time as my son. so we would still get a bit of an evening. by the time she was 6months they would both be in bed for 6/7am.