How to get kids to drink water?

What are some ways you get your kids to drink water? my kids refuse to drink plain water…are those mio things actually good for you? isnt it like drinking juice instead of water? help!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get kids to drink water?

This one is my favorite! It only takes a little squirt! Alot of them have caffeine so double check !

Just stop buying juice and buy only water


Mine likes to eat ice

Refuse to by cordial and soft drink. I don’t buy it full stop


Just don’t buy anything other than water. They’ll have no choice but to drink it.

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Keep offering water instead of juice or milk until they drink it. Its hard but it worked for both of my kiddos

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The sugar free crystal light is a good one

Let them pick their own “cute” water bottles. Add ice to their water. Or a lemon slice.
Just stop offering/buying juice altogether, especially if they are refusing to drink anything else but.


MiO is a sugar free water additive for flavor/color…there is no sugar…juice is full of sugar…

Just tell it to them straight. That water is life and all life (plants and animals too) need to keep hydrated to survive. Especially when it’s hot out. Told this to my boys and they understood and now they drink more water than juice

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Don’t allow them to drink anything else but water trust me at first they will hate it but then they will have no choice and drink the water because that’s all there is to drink


Have them crush strawberry or kiwis mango inside the water add lemons make it fun and healthy and tasty for them.


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Be the parent and make them drink water :woman_shrugging:

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Do YOU drink water??
They will drink it if they’re thirsty.

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Why do adults make kids eat/drink things they don’t like. We don’t force ourselves too :woman_shrugging:t3:

I also won’t drink water. I don’t like it. I drink sugar free juice. Yes it’s not as good as water but it’s the only way I’ll drink it so better then nothing


Mine never drank just plain water, they simply didn’t like it, so I would put the teeniest amount of juice in to flavour it. I don’t like plain water myself, so never forced it on my children (I know many will disagree but … :tipping_hand_woman:)
My son is 16 now and drinks 2 litres every day. My youngest is 14 and will drink it if he has to but normally just sticks to juice which I keep in a jug REALLY watered down.
Don’t fuss yourself, I find as they get older they become more aware and concerned about their health but honestly, there’s more important ‘battles’ to worry about imo.

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Hint water is a great way to start, or let them pick out their own fruit to add to their water.

Maybe your water tastes bad. I bought a zero water filter for the kitchen tap and I’m very pleased with it. Here our cities water is well water and they add too much chlorine to it. Ever since I installed it we drink water all the time and my son enjoys using it.

flavored water or add fruit… i hated plain water as a kid & even still struggle with drinking enough as an adult.


Splash of juice in the water, if they’re old enough to drink plain water they’re old enough for a splash of juice in it. Sure it’s not AS healthy anymore but just enough for a little flavor isn’t going to do as much damage as them being stubborn and ending up dehydrated.
There was no “if they’re thirsty they’ll drink it” with my daughter and she wouldn’t drink plain water until she was like 4

Infuse some berries into it or some citrus.

My kids don’t like plain water so I get flavoured. I don’t like plain water either so wouldn’t force my children to drink it if I personally myself wouldn’t drink it. They still human. :woman_shrugging:

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I get my kids the no sugar flavor packs with our case of waters and they love it

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Check into Cirkul!!! I refused to drink water until I found cirkul, now I drink 2 to 4 bottles a day.

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My kids drink a lot of water but I do let them have mio or another flavour enhancer from time to time but I do call it juice lol also they get juice as a treat from time to time.

My kids prefer water from a filtered pitcher, our water isn’t the best. My kids only drink water. I’ve never been one to buy them juice. They are allowed usually once a week a juice or caffeine free pop as a treat. They also love the Mio drink mixes.


I guess I’m lucky that my kids love water. I have a whole bucket of those singles for your water bottles. All sorts of different flavors for them to choose. So if they’re tired of water there’s always that too. I just try not to give them too many sodas and if my youngest is drinking a soda it’s usually sprite or 7-up.

Capri sun makes Roarin waters. It is just flavored water. Not plain water but pretty close considering it’s not juice.

Try looking into cirkul

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You can wait until the kidney stones hit. After that they’ll be drinking water I promise.

I buy the packs of zero sugar flavor to add to bottles of water… I hate drinking water but adding flavor helps … my kids will grab one of those and they pick their own flavor before they want tea or juice anymore

Flavored water- crystal light, the brand ice , sparkling water ( fruit mist, clear choice) you can cut some fruit up and put it in there water to flavor naturally

Only have water available… then they don’t have the choice but to drink it.


Take away ALL soda and limit juice. They’ll want it eventually

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My kid hates water too. But I’ll add a pinch of juice and he’ll drink it lol. So each time I add less and less juice until there’s barely any. Sometimes he notices but most times he doesnt

Sometimes you have to do things in life that you don’t like. Period. Drink the water :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: and I guarantee that most of these kids who say they don’t like water just know if they whine enough about it they’ll get something else. If they get thirsty enough they’ll drink it. That’s the problem w today’s society…entitled whiney kids turn into the same kind of adults.


Ummmm don’t have anything else to drink

I do t like plain water either. I started mixing in some cut up fruits. So many different combinations, try letting them pick out their own

My youngest wouldn’t drink water at all xx

My kids loved water as do my grandkids so not a problem I’ve had.
Try keeping a jug in the fridge with fresh fruit added to flavour it

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Many kids don’t like plain water. I don’t either. Most city water tastes nasty. Even well water has developed a bad taste these days. And if you have a water softener, that’s worse. I use a drink powder in mine. It’s low calorie, no sodium. They sell it at Walmart. It’s in the pop section. It’s cheaper than buying bottled water and the canisters of packets, each packet makes 2 qts. If I was ever to drink water again, it would have to come from a farm my parents once owned. It was clear, cold, and tasted wonderful!

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My daughter drinks more since we got a new fridge with the ice/water dispenser :rofl:

Give them mo choice in the matter or try non sugar flavor packets

We only drink water if it’s ice cold we have alot of fun shaped ice cube trays and also cut up lemons or water melon and add to a jug of water keep in fridge then at least it has a little flavor

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If you don’t buy the juice they will only have that option. Make some flavored water, or like kid friendly sangria put some stone fruits in, theres herbal teas to make a sun tea, no caffeine. Plenty of options or you do this😆


If they’re thirsty enough they’ll drink water. Don’t buy anything else. My kid loves water. Always has. When we go out to eat at restaurants even when he was 6/7 years old he would always order water. Go to Subway, bottle of water.

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Try the cirkul water bottle I love it

Refuse anything else. Don’t buy juice or soda or tea. Only water

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I recently found mio is not good for kids at all. But what is these days -__-

My oldest (8) drinks water thankfully.
I always water down juices for them. So my 3 year old drinks half water with a splash or two of apple juice (that’s what he’s currently obsessed with) he also drinks a little milk now.

If all u have in the house they will drink it,get it real cold forbrhem

Try the kool aid drops then slowly put less and less until they are good with plain water.

We live in Arizona, where summer’s are often 110+. I told mine that your body only gets thirsty for water. If you are thirsty it’s not asking for any other liquid, it’s asking for water. Don’t make it a punishment. Just a fact. We let each pick a cute water bottle.

When that’s all there is to drink. They will drink it. Some days we have soda. Most we don’t because the kids go through it quicker than snow can melt on a summer day.

Cirkul bottles are a great option. My kids love them.

Have a “tea party” but use water…… the only way I could get my daughter to drink when she was a toddler. We even used her little plastic tea set. But they leaked so we upgraded to a ceramic set that she still uses at age 6.

Put some lemon slices or cucumber slices in their water or watermelon or pineapple juice, like leftover liquid from a can of pineapple or many fruits are packed in water, let them mix it in. There are juices less sugary too, but thin them out and get them to gradually like water. I never drank it plain til I was an adult.

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I stopped buying anything else for a bit. :woman_shrugging: Only option was water.


My daughter (2) loves having ice cubes in her drinks so I do that… also whatever I’m drinking she wants so I drink more water too.

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Only buy water. It’s very simple lls

Go get them some cool water bottles and you can infuse it with different types of fruit. Have them cut it up put it in the water bottle.! Make it fun! Make that a only option.!


My oldest drinks nothing but water but trying to get my youngest to drink it is difficult. You can get some mio and add it to the water to get some flavor.

Started my kids on water when they were babies. Most of their juices even now get diluted some. Always toss ice in their cups with it. And we do bottled water not tap. They will actually choose water over any sugar beverage. And they also know for every cup of juice, soda, milk etc, they have to have one cup of water.

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I got myself and my kids Cirkul bottles and buy sips for them. It is great! I myself did not drink water and thought coffee was a main drink 24/7 before i started using Cirkul. Check into it. You can subscribe at or buy them at walmart now. But the selection of flavors isnt as wide in walmart as online. Theres electrolyte ones, energy ones, etc. lots of vitamins and filters the water to give you the flavor infused and doesnt leave your drink stagnant like mio does in a water bottle. Hope this helps!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine was the same so i just will tell him if you are thirsty you will drink water if not you aren’t that thirsty. Took him a bit to get used to now he ususally asks for water over juice.

In most cases kids learn by example!

I didn’t give them any other options…they drank it once they got thirsty enough. Now it’s rare for them to drink anything other than water by their choice. My 15 year old orders it when we go out to eat

You’ve got to stop giving them anything else.

Help them cut up fruit slices to put in water :strawberry::lemon::kiwi_fruit::watermelon:

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Target has naturally flavored coconut water and my boy is OBSESSED!!! They have tons of flavors and coconut water is very hydrating. We don’t have any issues with not taking water anyway but these are usually what we use when we’re out and about if he doesn’t want just plain water.

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Get fun water bottles, let them add frozen fruit for flavor or wedges of lemon or orange. Pretend it’s super expensive spa water and make it a game, if it’s fun they’ll want it


I buy the super free water packets at Walmart for my daughter!

Don’t give them options. Quit buying jucie. They won’t go thirsty. Worked in my house, now my kids will pick water over most drinks in the house.


Only give them water. If they want something else to drink with dinner tell them they have to drink water all day. You are the parent, you control what you bring into your house.


We usually do Gatorade or lemonade and have them eat watermelon. It’s close enough to water for me. Having a filtered water dispenser has helped though because they can reach it themselves and it’s ice cold and they have their own cups/water bottles to use.

Get propel. It’s flavored but has no sugar or anything. My kid loves them.

give them a special bottle to drink it from and maybe frozen fruits to use to flavor it

Lol cant really help with this one eno im just glad my two kids like drinking water.

Try stop giving him juice for a week and say all you have is water and see how that works.

Hint water my daughter loves it, zero everything

Fruit in water
Lemon and cucumber in water

Also a lot of foods are high in water, so eat tour water too.

And yes mio is not good for you either, along with Gatorade and those type drinks.

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My son was the same way. I took away the juices and all the drinks he likes and bought him his own little water cup and he loves it! He prefers water over everything now!

The only way I could get my son to drink water is each time he’d ask for his favorite drink water it down more and more each time till it’s plain water

Mash fruit and put it in water. Those drink things have fake sugars in them which are really bad for you.

Crystal lite, my kids love it. Pink raspberry, limeade, and fruit punch only 5 calories and no sugar.

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I’ve never heard of a kid not drinking water. What do they drink?

I’ll do without rather than drink plain water so I’m on your kids’ side. Try adding Tang, Crystal light, fresh fruit, anything to their water. Try slowly reducing it until there is a small amount of what you’ve been adding and see if that works.

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In my school I have a child drinking unsweetened decaf tea and he chugs it like water . It helps with the family to keep him hydrated and he feels special drinking “tea”

Only give them water! They will drink it! Talk to them about what it does for their bodies and how important it is! I used to let my kids have juice more often and they would refuse water and just ask for juice of course so I stopped buying it. They have natural juice as a treat sometimes, lemonade, tea or almond milk and that’s it. They only get the other stuff here and there and only if they drink enough water throughout the day. You could also cut up some fruit and add it to their water to make it more fun. Strawberries, kiwi, blueberries etc. Mio is not good for you, especially not for kids. There is another brand called “stur”, it’s a concentrate you add to water and it has clean ingredients!