How to get kids to eat veggies?

How in the world do you all get your kids to eat veggies? my child wont even look at something if it is healthy…help


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get kids to eat veggies?

Blend it into fruit smoothies. Blend it with fruit to make homemade popsicles. Veggie pasta noodles from zucchini/squash.

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3 try rude
Kids legitimately do not like certain foods by taste or texture
I used the try rule. The must try whatever it is at least 3 times (on different days not just bites) after the 3rd time and they still don’t like it they don’t have to eat it
This opened my kids taste buds so much and there are certain things they get a pass on bc I know they really don’t like it

Hide them. Squash in Mac n cheese, shredded or puréed vegetables in spaghetti sauce, use tofu to thicken soup instead of cream. Jessica Seinfeld has a cookbook out on this. Just keep introducing vegetables over & over & requiring a few bites until they accept it. Dips are great. Got my granddaughters to eat crisp-tender chilled asparagus with a dip of mayonnaise + Hollandaise sauce mix. Raw vegetables with ranch dressing helps. Use hummus as a sandwich spread.

Smoothies with veggies snuck in, veggie Dino nuggets, veggie squeeze pouches


I always just offered them early, consistently and with every meal just about. I have 5 kids. All eat what I put on their plate except our oldest! She is my step daughter and I don’t know how meal times goes at her house. But she does not like a lot of food. And i don’t pry or push because it’s not my place. But none of my biological children have ever had an issue. They go through phases where they’re temporarily not feeling certain ones like asparagus, cooked spinach Or Brussel sprouts. But to me these are all understandably rough on a little ones palate lol :joy: so we just try and keep trying. When they’re old enough we tell them about why we eat them, benefits of eating them and also show them in dramatics how much we enjoy them lol and tell them how they’re our favorite!! That has always been enough! If it’s like a one year old… just keep trying and exploring different foods. Personally I’ve never been one to get wildly crafty with hiding or mixing. You try and you try and you just try again. Show them that they’re good! Set a good example and hopefully they catch on. I’m the meantime there are vitamins and shakes if worried about nutrition they may miss! But becoming to reliant on giving them more enjoyable or sweet options will make it so they have a hard time acquiring the taste. If that makes sense.

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My kids don’t get an option. :woman_shrugging: Eat what you’re served or go hungry. I know my 3 year old sometimes doesn’t like potatoes but it’s not every time we have them so I always serve her a little and if she really doesn’t like them I don’t force those on her but aside from that my 1 and 3 year old get what they’re served. My 1 year old eats anything. I’m convinced she’d chew my leg off if I waited long enough to feed for though.


homemade mac and cheese, cook and blend up cauliflower, squash, and carrots, mix it in with noodles and cheese, kids never know

Blend them and add to smoothie or to spaghetti sauce

smoothies. mix it all up with fruits so it’s got a little sweet taste to it and they should gulp it straight down

First change your mind set and terminology from healthy vs bad. That tends to make things rough. We like to say this food will give you long energy or this will give you short energy, this food will help xyz. Make it playful. You don’t have to try it but let’s talk about it (colors, texture, crunchy, ect). Use small bites and don’t make it a big deal. Sometimes you’ll have to do this a million times but other times kids surprise you. Also if it’s more needing them to get the nutrients you gotta be smart. Spaghetti sauce is a great way to do that, smoothies too. Look up recipes and also try looking up some pages that specialize in helping with picky eaters. It’s tough sometimes.

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Veggies on the plate first before any meat or anything else, I will feed them like a baby if I have to.
Then they can have the rest of their dinner.

I’m the boss, not them! :woman_shrugging:

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I have always been straight up with my kids. They need to eat it. I never tricked them and never would. We meet in the middle and found veggies they liked. Corn, peas, carrots. They know of they don’t eat it they don’t get their bed time snack. If it’s a new veggie we have a 3 bite rule. Then after that if they don’t like they don’t have to eat it and will still get their snacks. I feel sneeking it, is lying to them which teach them lying is ok. Start out with corn. Corn and butter with some garlic salt is the favorite with my kids.

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I never taught my kids they had a choice. Their choice begins and ends with which veggies. Not if veggies.
I suppose don’t create the situation in the first place. My kids have never seen me eat junk food and they certainly haven’t been offered unhealthy options in my care. By the time they were old enough to be offered food by someone else or make their own decisions, the healthy foundation was habit.

Carrot cake muffins, chocolate zucchini muffins, smoothies (can throw spinach in with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries and such)


Idk my son and daughter have always loved veggies and fruit
It’s meats that my son is picky with
My daughter eats anything

If u make a meat loaf ad cellery or onion in it if don’t my kids don’t realize in it they know bread crumbs it… certain veggies one kid will and won’t eat that child is a fruit child.and I have a child that’s a veggies child .they won’t eat a lot of meat

I started my kiddo out early with veggies. His favorites now are green beans, peas, and carrots. Try different ways of cooking them, add spices or some butter or steam them.

I used to give my children the choice… I cooked 4 vegs and they got to choose which 3 they wanted…like adults they won’t like all vegs, and they felt they had some control of the situation. They are all grown now and still eat their vegs…:+1:… My work here is done… lol…:joy:

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Let him try them raw.

Start it when they are babies

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My 2 year old walked up to me while I was eating a salad and “ew yuck” and walked away, so, I have no idea lol

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Hide them in food. I introduced veggies to my 2 year old as soon as he could have solids and have no problems with him eating them. Try making them seem fun (peanut butter and raisins on celery, or ranch to dip in), but starting off hiding them in other foods is your best bet.

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Make mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes. Use spaghetti squash in place of pasta. Make fruit smoothies and add spinach (look for recipe). I always put veg on their plate and they had to try 1 bite. Your taste buds change every few years so one day they will try and then decide they like them.

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First off, how are you introducing/cooking them and serving them? We eat our veggies but if they aren’t cooked certain ways, they won’t. Roasting things in the oven with different seasoning brings out good flavor. Sneaky ways are adding spinach to smoothies. You can’t taste it and the smoothie tastes great, blueberry smoothies keep a purple color and dont turn it a weird green color. Adding different veggies to a tomato sauce and blending it in a blender so they aren’t seen is a good way as well. I throw in minced peppers and onion into things all the time and they are none the wiser.


Keep giving it to them until they it. No junk unless they eat veggies

Have you tried the veggie chips? Just don’t tell them what it is lol

Don’t buy junk food .
But I started all mine when they were very young on fruits and veggies. It’s a key in having them like them


Purée veggies into spaghetti sauce is a favorite of mine.


Mine would eat anything if I let him dip it in ranch, maybe try that or some other dip they like

Green bean while cooking add a tad bit of bacon dripping. Corn drain the water cook with butter.broccoli after its cooked rub butter on it. That how I got my kids to eat it and actually like it

Then later on they will eat it without the butter

Started them as soon as they could take solids so never had a problem but try putting hidden veg in things they will eat like blended in pasta sauce or chopped up finely in pizza topping . Obviously they’ll have likes /dislikes and I never forced them but continued to serve them up a very small helping and insisted they at least tried them every time. Children’s taste buds change as they grow…one day they tried and asked for extra

Veggie straws. There so good try them not even lying I love them

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I gave pumpkin fritters, they called it little cakes and i did not correct them. They loved them.

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Hide and blend or create. Peanut butter on bread apple eyes banana nose raisin smile. Veggies in sauces for pasta. Hide in wraps or over nachos

Hide it in muffins, meatloaf, burgers, etc do what you have to or maybe sneak them into smoothies etc

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Have them shop with you after some discussion on why eating healthy is so important have them help with meal prep and let them pick some recipies dint give them too much of a tange of options (ask if they want this or that)
Tbh if they wont eat their veggies substitute it with fruits give them fruit and veggie mixed snacks make cucumber salad for a side introduce them to ratatouille turn in their pallet if just veggies arent working
Dont make meal time hard on them or you

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They make Mac and cheese with hidden veggies in it now. And whole grain noodles. I thought that was neat.


I have a kid like this. :woman_shrugging:
She is 10, I’ve given up :woman_facepalming:

Herbalife shakes.

I always say you gotta try it. Then if you don’t like it, that’s fine.

One time i made fajitas and my sister didn’t want onions. So me being the awesome big sister I am I minced the living hell out of them until they were mush.

She loved it and didn’t know until after she ate it. :rofl::joy: