How to get kids to take medicine?

Hi mamas how did you get your child ( mine is 9) to eat/drink or take medicine if they are sick and or vomiting? I am about to pick up the meds for vomiting from pharmacy but the nurse that my husband talked to didn’t really say anything. I even offered popsicles.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get kids to take medicine?

What is the medication? Is it a pill? Liquid?  dissolvable?

Some nausea meds will melt on the tongue/in the mouth depending on what was prescribed. When I worked as a pharmacy tech, our pharmacists recommended a chocolate syrup chaser- give the meds then give a teaspoon full of chocolate syrup. Worked for my kids. Good luck!

I melt it with water in a spoon.

Bribery is how I’ve done it…I make sure I have a special treat for them I show and they get as soon as they swallow the meds. Since yours is for vomiting, candy which I usually do probably not the best idea but a small toy or favorite movie or play outside or something the kiddo loves. Most of all stay patient!

Our pharmacist tells us to mix the liquid medicine with chocolate syrup. Pill form we crush and put into chocolate pudding or applesauce.

Idk ngl I don’t let my kid watch anything or do anything for refusing medication . I tell him if he’s not willing to help himself how can I help him. I also tend to give him Gatorade when he’s sick (zero) for electrolytes. He no longer fights it.

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Try Coca Cola. It settles your stomach small sips. Works better than ginger ale. Dr Donald Munn taught me this when one of my kids Was throwing up all day long. Only took one or two drinks. Have used it ever since

Never had any bother tbh. They just took it
Personally id try bribery…a treat they want but don’t normally get

Crush it and put it in there drinks. I can’t even get my son to take him vitamin most days I give him chocolate milk with his vitamin in it

Nausea meds are best taken if they are the dissolvable ones under the tongue. See if they have that option.

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I get a cool pop cut it off short mix it in with cherry kolaide kinda make it sweet then take a hot hair straightener seal it back shut then freeze just a little …when you go to open it I get sizzors like it’s new and open it … lol :joy::joy::joy:

Depends on what it is. Some meds can’t be crushed if its pill form. Google it and see or call the pharmacy.

Ask for the meds that melt in the mouth when I get home I can put the name on here for u too ask about it can also be put in a little water to melt it then child can just drink it I have one that will swallow them fine I have another tht acts like they are going to fall over unless the meds can melt or be melted

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I just give my 2 year old hers. :woman_shrugging:t3: sometimes she asks for juice or soda in the medicine cup with it.

I may sound mean but my kids know they better take thier meds if they need it. As far as vomiting. I’d offer ginger ale. It always settles our belly over her

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Depends on the medicine. If it was a liquid and they didn’t like the taste I had them hold drink of their choosing in their mouth then I dumped the medicine in and they swallowed it. If it was a pill I crushed it up and put it in applesauce. They take all meds fine now.

Is it pill or liquid? If pill hide it in soft gel candy. If liquid mix it with squash drink (dont tell them there is medicine in it! )

Mix it with ice cream and don’t tell them the medicine is in it .

If vomiting only offer ice chips after tummy rests for a few hours otherwise more vomiting occurs

Usually anti nausea meds just dissolve under the tongue. My kids have willingly taken them on their own. If they’re not dissolvable, the easiest way I’ve found to give a pill is to put it in a bite of applesauce and have the child swallow it.

I give mine something to drink or eat sweet afterwards and tell them, dint smell it, drink it fast and then pop that in your mouth… It works.

If it’s a pill. Smash it in a cup. With some juice. If it’s liquid use a syringe and little by little give them drops with juice.

At 9 I feel like they are old enough to reason with… take this and you’ll feel better…maybe offer some ice cream or an extra favorite snack


:joy::joy:some comments sound like lifetime stories…jk my sugar prbly high​:joy::joy::joy:

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Go to This.

jello or pudding with meds in whip cream

Mash it up in a teaspoon of jam or honey

Offer to hold his nose or let him then swallow it.

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If it’s a pill, you can probably crush it and put it in applesauce or ice cream. If it’s a liquid, mix it with juice. Don’t tell them the medicine is in it. I wouldn’t worry about getting them to eat too much right away. Stick with ice chips to begin with. Popsicles if they feel like it. When you go to solids, you want to stick to soda crackers and toast to start with. A lot of kids like oyster crackers. If they can keep those down, you can try Ramen noodles. Most kids like those. I would only use about half of the flavor packet to start with. Chicken is probably the favorite of most kids. If the Ramen doesn’t sit well, you may want to go to mashed potatoes or baked potatoes. Those are pretty bland. Then once they tolerate that, add baked chicken and maybe a veggie. If they can do that, you’re probably home free. The meds for vomiting will probably have taken hold by this time. I hope your young one feels better soon. It’s miserable feeling sick.

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Mix with juice or soda or if it’s a pill chop up and put in her favorite food

With liquid with a 9yr old chase it with a favorite drink with a pill they can either swallow with a drink or have it with apple sauce

Plug child’s nose and sqirt the liquid into the mouth and then drink and unplug the nose

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Reassure them that what your giving will make then better. Put syringe in the side of mouth gum and teeth. Little at a time x

Most vomiting meds devolve under tongue. Read directions to see how it is supported to be given.

Hopefully the zofran is the type that dissolves then they don’t have to take it with anything. Just try to get them to sip on liquids so they don’t get dehydrated.

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If they give you Zofran, it will dissolve in their mouth. If it’s a liquid, put it in a syringe and inject it into their mouth and have them drink some Powerade or Gatorade after.

Holy shit some of you really need to check on your dam kids mental health, forcing them to take medication, trying to trick them can cause serious ptsd and major issues in getting medical/medication help in the future. People trying to hide pills in shit make it so hard that the first time I swallowed a pill by my self without having panic attacks was at 15 and it took 25 attempts and I ended up freaking out so bad I smashed my head into a wall, 8 years after the last person tried to force me to take a tablet and now a decade plus later and I still have panic attacks if someone tells me to even take a Nurofen I would truely rather slit my throat then take meds because of ptsd caused by shit like trying to make a spoon full of hidden meds down my throat, the taste alone made me vomit, stop pretending you can or should hid that shit and just use some dam consent before they grow up either scared to death or make it easier for someone to actually drug them in the future, I know to many chicks who couldn’t taste drugs in their food and drinks because their parents use to do it to them that they couldn’t work out why it wasn’t tasting right. There are also many people out there with things like autism that causes food and texture sensitivities which also makes the impact of forced medication a million times more traumatic and ruins many other foods and textures forever rather then explaining and asking what they want to fix the taste after.

We say: you need to take this
… and they do :joy::woman_shrugging:

what about a yummy drink straight away afterwards to get the taste out of mouth

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I have nothing on liquids but for pills I taught me daughter to take them by giving her tik tacs. It’s what her ped recommended. They are small and the child won’t choke on if. My daughter was 3 when she learned this way