How to get labor started?

I have a question. I went to my appointment yesterday 39 weeks and 2 days and the night before I was having what my dr said were Braxton Hicks 20 minutes apart but they went away. From my 36 week appointment till now I’m only 1cm dilated and barley thinned so she did a membrane sweep and so far no changes other then this morning I’ve had some painful contractions but there’s all over the place and not consistent. It feels like a cramping feeling under my belly button and I can feel a little tightening but these last couple days my stomach has been so hard it’s hard to tell. At 36 weeks he was 7lbs and she said he’s gaining half a lb a week so so he should be about 8 maybe 8 1/2 by now. He’s bigger then my daughter and carrying all up front and low. I’m scheduled to be induced next Wednesday unless I can go into labor on my own before that. My dr thinks and hopes I will but we’re not sure my body will dilated anymore.
Is the on and off contractions normal? And how can I get things moving?

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Sounds like Braxton hicks. Your body is just getting ready for when u do go in labor

I walked and walked up and down stairs. I had the same problem of not dilating and that’s what helped me.

I did everything the book says. Sex works. That through me in labor

If you’re trying to kick them into active labor Sex, cinnamon sticks boiled in tea, & nipple stimulation is what we did with my last trying to avoid inducing after the last 2 were induced. Worked for me.

Bounce on a ball or the corner of your bed

I walked a lot after he did the membrane sweep and then I also had sex went into labor not too long after

Sounds pretty normal. Don’t get discouraged, baby will come when ready. And the weight estimations are so inaccurate, i don’t k low why they still do that. My friend got induced because they thought the baby was so big and they were off my am entire pound. I honestly would just ignore it

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That’s pretty normal to have them off and on. Try walking a lot and sex!

Intercourse, nipple stimulation, and walk some stairs. I was in labor but wasn’t dilating, contractions 10minutes apart. l&d was packed so they sent me home and told me to come back when my contractions were 5minutes apart. I walked my sisters stairs up to her house (about 45) once, went to Kroger with her to get things for breakfast, walked back up her steps, and went back to the hospital. I had my girl 5 hours later. But I progressed enough within an hour for them to keep me and give me an epidural.

Dr told me 6 or more Braxton Hicks an hour could mean labor. Keep walking n doing squats

I was 39 and 3 days with my 2nd. Sex helped dilate me to a point they could get things rolling. It softened my cervix I think he said.

Why would you be induced? You can go 41 weeks safely. Is his size what’s worrying you?

I walked around the mall a bunch, then rode around on a riding lawnmower for about an hour. Water broke the next morning.

I had Braxton hicks from week 30 with my last. I went a week overdue before my girl arrived. Apparently hot sex, hot curry and a hot bath can get things moving. Lots of squatting I found actually worked for me and hurt keeping busy. Bub will come soon when it’s time. Enjoy these last days with your daughter. All the best of luck

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My hubby was scared to have sex so if yours is the same try pleasuring yourself… also lots of walking and if you can bear it squats help too!

Yoga ball and fresh pineapple

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I walked a lot after he did the membrane sweep and then I also had sex went into labor not too long after

I walked a lot and ate 2 full cans of pineapple.