How to get mattes out of hair?

I use this on my mixed kids hair it’s very curly an a good brush

Hair has to be wet with some kind of heavy duty oil or cream
Start at the BOTTOM of the hair and kind of brush not down but, out. Never start brushing at the scalp. Work your way up.


Try a wet brush. And ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS start at the bottom and work your way up. Also grab a good detangler. I use Matrix 20. It’s a pink bottle and helps soooooo much.
-licensed cosmetologist-

Extra wide tooth comb or a detangle brush made for thick hair. Lots of conditioner and some coconut oil or Shea butter if she’s allergic on wet hair. Always always start at the bottom and work your way up. Finger detangle it into 4 sections to work with if you can.

Coconut oil and wet brush!! Magic

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It may not be such a bad thing to shave it off and start over. I have a hard time caring for my hair properly because it’s so thick and curly and I have very weak hands, when this happens I get bad mattes and knots. A few years back I shaved my entire head. The hair that grew back was so healthy so strong. But if shaving her hair off won’t do the best you can do is either Aussie 3Minute miracle or extra Virgin olive oil.

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Wet her hair condition the crap out of it and slowly brush it out. That’s how I have to do mine when it gets bad

I have heard from hair dressers, wd40 is amazing for removing matts

Take her to a good salon


She might need a hair cut to start over…
Sometimes the combing of old nappy hair is very unhealthy…
Lots of conditioner

Wet & then load alot of conditioner in her bair, try to comb it with a wide tooth comb while conditioner is in it. The knots will fall out easier. Always start from the tips of her hair & work your way up. Seperate it to focus on one section at a time


Wet brush and a good detangler

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I recently brushed out my full head of dreadlocks. I did it dry, no product with a metal wide tooth comb (it was actually a dog grooming comb) and a lot of patience. Start at the bottom and do tiny amounts at a time

Take her to a hair dresser. Do not shave her head. That’s cruel


Patience and small small area at a time biosilk is a miracle worker and start at bottom :rose::sunglasses::dancer::+1:

Put baby oil in her hair comb it then wash out four times

She might have dry ends which tends to tangle- my daughter and granddaughter both have curly thick hair- I always used detangler, but always made sure dry ends were trimmed off. I noticed that when we put pig tails the tangles are less than with a single pony tail. She has hair down to her waist. Don’t leave it down- that’s a recipe for mats.

Yup we did coconut oil and a wet brush then shampooed and conditioned carefully to not tangle more.

Wash and Condition her hair. Let conditioner sit for 10 minutes. Rinse out and apply again. Try brushing when the conditioner is still in her hair. Dont let it dry.

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I would take her somewhere to see if they are able to fix it or if she has to get a cute pixie cut!

Comb with conditioner in hair then rinse

Hair dressers cost a lot but I’ve heard on tik tok from hairdressers that they just use wd40 to get them out

Boars brush is what I use on my daughter hair her hair is pass her butt and she is only 4 so it gets knotted easy

Wet her hair and then use coconut oil, conditioner and a wide tooth comb

Baby oil,sometimes my daughter will leave her hair up over night and it gets tangled very bad. I put baby oil in her hair,leave in for about an hour,wash it out and I can get through all of it very easily afterwards.

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Just give her a short haircut. I had to cut mine short. Which I havent had in forever

Take her to hairdresser x


Deep conditioning masks!

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Detailer. There is several. Good ones

Ok don’t use wd40 please. I recommend covering her wet hair with conditioner. And combing down from the bottom to the roots. Rinse out after matting is gone. (I have a cosmetology education)


I have thick wavy, curly hair…wet, lots of conditioner or detangler…wide tooth comb…start at bottom…good luck

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Either a really thick conditioner and comb with it in her hair. Or try show sheen or cowboy magic. Its for horses but it works really well. Very conditioning and wont hurt human hair either. You can get it at tractor supply or rural king

Use your fingers. The comb just rips them out on my daughter when her hair starts to get them. She’s a rough sleeper

Cowboy Magic. You can Oder in online or get it at the feed store. Works miracles!

I just saw a hairdresser tiktok that said use WD40 to help lubricate and go slowly with a comb

I’ve heard WD-40 works wonders

Lather the entire head and hair from roots to ends with a lot of conditioner start brushing from the ends and work yourself up to the roots.


This stuff is amazing specially for matted hair also. We used this to get gum out of hair and it was really bad and matted into the hair and this made it so easy!

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My daughter hated having her hair brushed. I would spray lot of leave in hair conditioner and also used a wide toothed comb.

Tangle Teezer and spray in conditioner or detangling spray. Section the hair so you start with the bottom layer. Brush the hair down from top to bottom starting with the bottom inch and working your way up slowly and gently. Tie, then move to the next layer. You can do the process on one side then the other then the back to lessen the work around. Keep spraying as you brush.

My hair is SOOOOO thick that I have to get it thinned out every 5 months and cut shoulder length. My youngest daughter just got her first hair cut (she’s 4) because of it being so long thick and I just got tired of the knots

I wash my hair and put lots of conditioner in my hair and finger brush them out under water. Its the easiest and least painful for me.

Lots of conditioner and comb the matts and conditioner out with a wide tooth comb while in the bath

From someone with the same hair I wash my hair then put in a leave in conditioner afterwards let set for about 10 minutes and with a wide tooth comb I start from the bottom and work my way up in small sections.
Wet brush from Walmart works wonders.

Nexxus conditioner condition before shampoo and again after and a wet brush


Whatever you do use patience! Get a wet brush (they are worth the money), find products made for her hair type (ask a stylist if you don’t know what curl texture she has), and condition, condition, condition! Wavy/curly hair needs moisture and the dryer it gets, the more frizzed and tangled it will get too! Good luck! …adding start at the BOTTOM moving up a section at a time!

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Put her in the tub wet it put conditioner in it and use a wet brush. Works wonders and cheap

I have long thick curly hair! I use herbal essence and spray in detangler! I also dont towel dry!! I do a wring out of excess water and use the no tangle brush for curls it glides tight through!

O had to cut my granddaughters out unfortunately nothing worked

Do it in the bath… apply loads and loads of conditioner and brush with a WET brush from the bottom up. The Wet Brush is a lifesaver!!


wd40 is amazing at getting out matted hair and washes out easily

Lots of mayo! It smells horrible but it will loosen the knott up and make it easier to comb out. I have really curly hair and its a pain in the ass to care for.

I love to use the noodle and boo conditioner you can find at target. I use it on my hair thats gets knotted super easily.

Use conditioner… Soak her whole head in it and leave it wrapped in a bag for about an hour… And comb out in the shower… Add more conditioner while combing

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Tons of good conditioner when washing then put Pink oil in and work sections.
It’s sold almost every where, (walmart, Amazon). It’s excellent for your needs.

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I have thick curly hair. Start with washing and putting conditioner in. Let the conditioner sit for about 5 minutes and then wash out. If you can while the conditioner is in, Brush or use a big tooth comb. but not from the top. Start at the bottom to avoid breakage. When it’s washed out section it and you can put some oil for it or a leave in conditioner. Try to get one without alcohol if you can. I use Cantu products though they have alcohol, still keeps it moisturized with oil. And style as usual. If you can use any thing but a towel for their hair it can help from frizzing up. Hope this helps

VO5 hot oil treatment

Get her in the bath and load her hair up with conditioner

Do it in the bath. Thoroughly wet hair with warm water. Slather conditioner all over the hair. Start with a wide tooth comb. Gently section hair and get big knots out. Rinse the hair. A lot of hair will wash out. Apply conditioner again. Resection hair and go over with a Wet Brush, start at the bottom and work up. Again, expect a good bit of hair to come out. Some is from breakage, some is shed hair that is in the mats. After hair is tangle free, consider a hot oil treatment and maybe even a trim depending on the health of her hair. Good luck! I had to do this once. :confused:

Just use coconut oil. No it doesn’t have to be the type for hair either. Any of them work. A few years ago my daughter and her friends decided it was a good idea to cover their hair in Bunchems. It took like and hour to get them all out once we used the oil. Good luck. (P.S. it smells good and is organic).

I’ve seen some hair stylists talk about using WD-40 to loosen up the mattes. You spray it in the mattes, let it soak for 10 minutes and then start to loosen the mattes.

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Do it in the shower…!!! Get a wet brush, lather it with conditioner and as the water is running through it brush. Keep adding conditioner as needed.

LOTS OF CONDITIONER. start from bottom, work up

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Lots of conditioner or leave in conditioner. Works wonders

Do it in the bath while hair is slathered in a good container. Work from the bottom up & do small sections at a time. Good luck :heart:

My hair gets such horrible matts even hours after brushing. I brush my hair in the shower. I put lots of conditioner, let it sit, wet my hair a little and then brush it out with a paddle brush. Works wonders

Take her to a salon. Marie Fetyko from Studio 34 can help you.

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Mine after riding motorcycle is terrible.a pump spray bottle called MANE AND TAIL works for me(and its available in shampoo for human section

Detangler might work I use it on my daughters hair but to save her head some pain it might be best to see a hair dresser also moisterizing shampoo and conditioner will help too

I used coconut oil (lots of it) to get gum out of my hair, worked like a charm. Would think it’d work great for matts, too.

Coconut oil and baby’s detangler

I have to let conditioner soak in my hair at least 5 to 10 mins bc my hair is so thick and curly. My daughter has wavy hair and I usually try to brush it while the conditioner is in her hair.

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Soak her hair completely in water. It has to be completely wet while you’re combing. Use s conditioner or leave in conditioner and let it sit for 5 minutes and then start combing, also start slowly from the bottom of the hair and work your way up, if needed you can also use coconut oil/hair oil x

I’ve always heard coconut oil works really good. Or maybe that detangler spray u could get it. For myself I like leave in conditioner(always put it on everytime after I shower, and it has me even after being on a motorcycle-still hurts alot to brush but not as bad as it is when I don’t use it) but always brush bottom to top! . Or maybe and see if a professional could help with it or have any better advice for it. :heart::heart: good luck with everything. And God bless you for taking care of this child​:heart::heart:

Heaps of conditioner and then get her to sleep on a satin pillow case

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Wet brush is life!!!

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This is the brush, Walmart has em like $10. It has to be the one with these bristles but it is amazing.

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Parvana detangler is the best. Start at the ends and work up. Maybe wash her hair in cool water first

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Fill it full of conditioner, take,small sections and comb from the bottom up. Have patience because it will take alot of time. Good luck. ( I just did this for someone)


Was it with good shampoo and condition and then use suave kids detangler. I use it on my hair it’s better then any adult detanglwr

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Palmers cocoa butter oil spray is amazing I use it on my daughters hair it smells amazing too

A lot of conditioner work it through leave it in for a whiel put your fingers through to separate the hair

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Johnson’s and Johnson’s no more tangles spray

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Most salons are equipped to help de-Matt hair. And a lot less stressful on her and you. It can be costly but could help save the hair and make it come out beautiful.


Conditioner and brush out from the bottom…

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Matrix Biolage Daily leave in tonic and a wide comb.

If you have the money, take her to a salon. I’m sure the entire experience would be better for everyone :relaxed:


Dove has a line of products I use on my mixed daughter. She has the most difficult hair ever. Best stuff I’ve ever found. My daughter won’t wear her night bonnet and she forgets her serums so she’s always a nappy mess. She’s only 8 so we’re working on it. These two products have been a game changer, no matter how bad her hair gets, this system works like absolutely no tangles or naps. This is literally our best find to date.


For showers/baths ,leave the conditioner in for 5 minutes, you can rinse slightly but leave most of the conditioner in and begin combing out knots. For every day combing make a spray bottle of a small amount of leave in conditioner like a teaspoon to tablespoon depending on your bottle size, purified water and a teeny tiny bit of alcohol, and I mean VERY VERY little , it’s just to make sure the leave in conditioner isn’t leaving her hair too greasy. I find this to be a cheaper option then detangling spray. Just mix the conditioner, alcohol and a small bit of water vigorously to mix the conditioner in and then add the rest of the water to make it a spray.

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There was a hairstylist on TikTok talking about this. She said to use WD40

Wash the hair and cover the matted areas in plenty of conditioner, and let it sit on there while you slowly work out the matted sections. It may take a while but will help. You can also add coconut oil just be sure you wash it out well afterwards so it’s not too oily!

Go get her hair done! Not only a win for you and some expert tips, and she comes out feeling pretty and loved!


Lots of conditioner. So much conditioner…and time. You have to slowly work them out…combing up from the tip…little by little in hair saturated with conditioner. She will still lose some hair and it isn’t gonna be a pleasant process, but it can be done

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There are some wonderful oils that can put put into the hair and that might help

I literally went a few days without brushing my hair (depression struck) and this morning I spent about 45 minutes in the shower brushing the knots and matted hair out. I put shampoo brushed the tips rinsed then conditioner let sit for 5/10 minutes and brushed my hair from tips to roots until I was finally able to brush through it.

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Biosilk & a widetooth comb. Start at the ends and work your way up.

I’m just going to put this right here for those suggesting WD40.

They do make brushes specifically for tangles. I ordered some from Amazon when my daughter’s hair waist length. It helped but still took time.

I use Coconut cream types. Your hair will stay soft and won’t tangle. :rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose:

Just use cream rinse and do a small space at a time

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