How to get my 4-month-old to sleep through the night again?

Help! So my son is 4 months old and was sleeping beautifully right before I had to go back to work, he eats like crazy during the day and even been having 2 little things of food a day. We’ve hit the sleep regression because now he’s up wanting food every 3.5 hours again, what helped you get through this??? And how long does it last???


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get my 4-month-old to sleep through the night again?

My 6month old eats a lot and is still eating every 3 hours at night. You are lucky! Lol

Normal. Just have to grin and bear it. Growth spurts

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My daughter’s sleep patterns kept changing up until one. She never slept through the night until then. I think all baby’s are different

Try to start feeding him solids before bed and a warm bath
It worked for my four babies

It will come and go with age he is hitting another milestone I’m surprised he hit all night sleeping at all yet before this

You are aware that babies don’t sleep through the night correct? Even if they did it one time babies are not meant to sleep through the night they’re meant to eat every few hours


Rice cereal helped with my 3. Started it at 6 weeks


Have you tried lavender essential oil? It’s amazing for littles, and also repels mosquitos when outdoors. A few drops in bath water may make the difference between a full night sleep and a few hours. I used it on my daughter to do light massage after her bath (just need a drop wherever you’re massaging) and she slept through the night from 3 months on. It’s also good very cheap, yet effective. We also did the rice cereal in the baby bottle trick an hour before bed to keep her more satiated throughout the night without causing reflux.

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My baby girl slept through the night until she was 3months and since then she hasn’t slept a full night😂 I think it’s normal for them to not start sleeping until around 1!

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My sons nearly 7 month eats snacks and drinks during day and still gets me up every few hours in night

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My sons nearly 7 month eats snacks and drinks during day and still gets me up every few hours in night

First of all, unless he’s showing all signs of readiness (doubtful if he just turned 4 months), then he shouldn’t be having food. Adding that to his underdeveloped digestive system could make him feel uncomfortable which will make everything worse. At 4 months their sleep cycles change and they become more aware, so not sleeping is normal. Just do a nighttime routine, and wait it out, it’ll eventually pass. Waking frequently prevents SIDS anyway.


Follow babies lead. If he’s waking up to eat he’s hungry. Babies aren’t supposed to sleep through the night.

Sounds normal to me, most babies do not sleep through the night

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My boy was sleeping thru between 3-5 months… he hasnt ever since lol hes 8 months now and this mama is tiiired…

Sorry to break it you, but all my due date groups babies are also similar.

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No food until 6 months here in the uk I’m afraid especially in there bottle no way

It’s normal. That’s a baby


You might try a rice cereal feeder bottle right before bed. That fills up the tummy and keeps them from getting so hungry. My kids were hungry at that age. Another thing recommended to me was powdering Graham crackers and mixing it with their formula as you would cereal. That also fills the tummy. It was recommended by a man who raised nine children and it worked like a charm! It helped my babies too!


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You dont. Sleep is developmental.


I added oatmeal to the bottles the more full they are the longer they sleep.

I can’t believe women think you can get a 4 month old to sleep through the night. Feed that baby jeez. Fucking duh baby wants to eat every 3 to 4 hours. Wth did you expect?

My sons 15 months and still wakes up at 1 am and 5 am … with a bed time of 8pm …

My 52 year old baby had rice cereal put in his bottle when he was a few months old. His pediatrician said I could mix a small amount with his formula. His reasoning was that he would be so hungry that he would get milk fat. I followed the doctor’s instructions and never had a problem. I am not arguing with the new information. I just paid attention to what his doctor said. Of course, this was back when the dinosaurs roamed.:wink::grin::slightly_smiling_face::blue_heart::blue_heart:


When they go through growth spurts they get hungrier. Mine are 13 now and I can always tell when they are going through another one lol constantly hungry

Growth spurt give him time

Look up the 4 month sleep regression

You can try sticking to a bed time routine I usually wipe my little down with a washcloth if hes not taking a bath that night, lather on lotion, change his diaper, put on some fresh clothes and maybe read a baby book or sing a song… make sure he gets adequate naps throughout the day too so he isnt overtired/undertired but some babies like those that are breastfed wont sleep through the night until about 6 months anyway, each baby is different and it’s normal.

At 4 months 3.5 hours is amazing. We were up nearly every hour :grimacing: