How to Get My Husband to Dress Up for Our Ceremony?

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"My husband wore his military dress blues for his first wedding and for ours his wanting to wear a pair of pants and a day to day jacket. And we are actually having a wedding ceremony we’re he didn’t the first time round. I asked him to wear something a little more formal even just a nice shirt and pants and I’m happy to pay half’s with him but he absolutely refuses. My dress is a ballroom style dress and the Venus is stunning. I don’t know what to do to get him to dress even a little nicer for me he doesn’t have to wear his uniform I wouldn’t want that but just a black jacket and jeans would be nice. I don’t know how to address this anymore then what i have at this point"

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"I mean if he can wear a whole uniform the first time around how hard can it be to put a suit on the second time? Why bother if you don’t want to put any effort in!"

"I always wanted the big wedding with lots of people, beautiful dress, and for my husband to wear a handsome suit … I ended up getting married at the courthouse with a justice of the peace with both of us in blue jeans & I had on a beautiful white blouse and he had on a white button down. 11 years later i still don’t regret it because it was very intimate with us & my parents with a small reception afterwards! Do it small, dress casually, and save that money for the honeymoon girl!"

"Just let him wear his jeans and jacket. You will look back one day and love the memory."

"Buy him a nice jacket for a wedding gift?"

"I would just like to say, sometimes a pair of nice jeans, white button up… not buttoned all the way with a sport coat/blazer is absolutely the most attractive thing a man could wear. Just my opinion. I would simply ask him if he would do that much, but if not and I loved him… I wouldn’t make a deal about it. I would also say not to compare any aspect of your current issue to any of his past relationships…they are just that, the past. Yours are as well. Nothing good comes from that. It isn’t a healthy way to think or live."

"Is the outfit really a big deal? If he wanted you wear a dress you weren’t comfortable in would you oblige? If you got to the pick the dress you wanted without him telling you which to pick you should let him wear what he’s comfortable in. This is just the beginning of compromising."

"I mean, it’s his day as well…and you should understand that."

"While it’s both your days and you want it a certain way to be special and semi dressed in the long run if you are happily in love it should be special no matter what he wears and it’s his day too."

"I mean honestly what ever is comfy to him then let him wear it. I refused to wear heels so I wore converse, I’ve seen people change mid reception, Ive see people wear everyday clothes. I mean at the end of the day who cares honestly. You two are happy and you’re getting married. That’s what matters"

"Ask him to meet you halfway and you both compromise a little. Let him have a say, it’s all fine and well for you to have your opinion but you gotta let your man have his opinion as well. Ask him to go shopping together? You pick a few stores to look at and he can choose the outfit, just a thought"

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