How to get old stains out of carpets?

I just moved into a house that used to have a daycare that ran out of the upstairs. Well, my carpets looked clean. Until I shampooed them. Oh my goodness, so many spots and stains got pulled up when I did. Does any mamas have any advice on how to get old stains up from kids spilling what looks like juice maybe and other stuff?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get old stains out of carpets?

I say just take it all out, it make take a while depending on how dirty but i say put a new carpet it love, theres probably pee stains as well and u never know what has been spilled or smothered all over it

Shave cream is helpful from what I’ve read.

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Peroxide if they’re on the whiter side. Baking soda and tooth paste works too.

Peroxide and baking soda will help let it soak for a little while then use a carpet cleaner.

Dawn dish soap and vinegar! My realtor told me that! :slight_smile:

Yuck, definitely new carpet! I’m sure there were many “accidents” too! I know it’s expensive but better than walking on strangers bodily fluids and dead skin etc! Or rip it up and lay down some cheap linoleum until you can afford some carpet if you can’t now…


This!! Should be $1 or less for a spray bottle. I mix it with water in my carpet cleaner. But it does have a strong smell so make sure to have good air flow!
New carpet would be the best option though. You just never no what was spilt.


TSP can buy it at home depot or lowes.

I bought one of these. Best investment ever if you have carpet and young kids. Cleaned our bench that came with the dining table. The water that came out was disgusting. Cleaned super old carpet stains that I don’t remember what it was. Saves me much time and energy from scrubbing down spots and spills

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get old stains out of carpets?

I dnt do carpet just pull it up n replace when u can , bc carpet will never get clean


Any dollar store sells some spray cleaner called Awesome. It works wonders. You can clean carpets, baths, car seats, basically anything. After you spray it let it sit for a minute. I would even put down a little dawn liquid soap. Hope this helps.


Saturate the stain with vinegar and water mixed and let it sit. Put a white hand towel on top of the stain and run a hot iron back and forth on the towel. The stain will lift into the towel. But, the longer the stains have been there, the less likely you’ll be able to remove them.

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Bissel pet stain and odor remover carpet cleaner. Put it in a spray bottle and pre treat bad stains before cleaning the whole carpet with it again.
Side note- I also keep a spray bottle in the laundry room to treat clothing stains before they hit the washing machine.

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Stanley streamers they are awesome and cheap we get 4 rooms and a living room for 199…

In your carpet cleaner put in awesome (u can find it at the dollar store) I usually put in pass the line and add only hot water. No other chemicals. I have been using it on my rugs and they come out spot free. & I have a dog along with a cat

Folex!!! It’s the best thing ever! You can get it at the grocery store or Home Depot, Lowe’s etc. It won’t dye your carpets either. I use it on white carpet when my dog used to have accidents… And even cream colored carpet.

  1. Pour vinegar on it. Covering spot .
  2. Sprinkle carpet powder… let it soak 5 min
  3. Scrub and vacuum up until no crumbs
  4. Repeat vinegar and sprinkle baking soda
  5. Drizzle dawn on top
  6. Scrub for 5 min minimum
  7. Vacuum it up and then place a fan for it to dry all the way thru

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get old stains out of carpets?

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Use peroxide to clean you carpet

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White vinegar and baking soda

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Try folex, its a spray u can get at home depot or lowes. Works great on old stains.

You may need to pull it up and check your carpet pad. If it’s full of dirt and sediment it will only get worse when you try and clean it. Change it if needed and either rent a rug doctor or have a professional come in and clean it for you.


Make a liquid solution out of cascade add water to powder version put in shampoer works great…

We always use laundry detergent

tear out all carpeting because you never know what is underneath


Awesome cleaner, shampoo spots, then baking soda and vinegar, shampoo again

Shout. I have a white carpet and it always gets stained i spray it down with shout and then i grab a wet rag to scrub it and vacume it afterwards and you wouldn’t believe what come out of it! I swear by this. You could also use a scrub brush instead of the rag.

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Folex works pretty good

Yeah, what’s under that carpet? I’d just tear it all up and put in vinyl flooring or all new carpet and padding. Who knows what’s festering underneath and if it’s created mold on the floor surface under the carpet. Yuck!


Dollar Tree has a cleaner called LAs Totally Awesome. READ DIRECTIONS. It needs to be diluted and used in a ventilated area, so open the windows. But it works great, on almost everything.


I just bought a house and the carpet in the basement wasn’t in the greatest shape and it’s gotten worse from my kids etc. So we are ripping them up and putting flooring down. There’s really no way to make stained carpets look new again.

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My fiancé cleans carpet and repairs carpet for a living. Take a wet wash cloth and sit your clothes iron on top of it. It should pull them out the carpet.


I talked to a guy online with a carpet cleaning business for a couple months. Spray the spots with a remover, I recommend oxiclean carpet spot remover, and then spray the whole carpet down with a mixture of Fabulouso and water. Then either rent a regular carpet cleaning machine and use almost boiling hot water, or a steam cleaning one. I recommend the steam one. Works really well.

Have it done professionally. You won’t be sorry.

Put new padding in that’s what we did looks good

Pull them up! Those stans ain’t coming up!

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I got 3 year old paint stains out of my carpet by using a dollar tree small spray bottle and filling the bottom with dawn dish soap then the rest with water and mixed it. Sprayed it then scrubbed it like mad and vacuumed it up with a wet vac and it pulled the stains up! Good luck!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get old stains out of carpets?

In this case, I would have them professionally done. The crap is UNDER the carpert and probably in the pad. You will never get this out, with out a professional extractor! There are all kinds of wonder products now, but I do not think this is your problem


Spray spot with water, sprinkle baking soda on it, let it sit for like 15 min, poor white vinegar on it and blot up access liquid. I always run my carpet cleaner over afterward.


If it shows up after cleaning then you need to replace the pad according to my caret cleaning man. Never use Dawn as it attracts dirt . Awesome is so toxic it leaves a stink . If it is blood you can try peroxide. If it was a day care you may want to replace the carpet


Save yourself a bunch of headache and get new flooring. It will never be right.


Vinegar or bleach depending on color of carpet

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Get RID of the carpet! It is obviously in the padding. Go to one of these overstock places and get ‘wooden’ flooring. Watch youtube video how to lay it. Will be cheaper in the long run. Then as you can afford it you can lay area rugs.


Spray Oxiclean mixed with water. Let sit and then blot up. Repeat if needed. I had a major juice stain of a oatmeal colored carpet and it came right up


I add dishwasher detergent to my carpet cleaner. It breaks down any kind of oil left over from urine, food, and body. I also add it to brighten my clothes in the laundry.

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Heirloom paints has a cleaner for furniture but I’ve seen a video where she cleans the carpet in a vehicle.

Blue dawn, or you can use baking soda and white vinegar. Or windex also gets out the smells that a child care can leave behind.

Use awesome. Yellow in clear bottle pour …its only $1.00. I think most stores carry it put whole bottle in machine depending on how big room is or where needs cleaning. I live by this stuff. My ex took my car where I needed to replace the carpets cuz it was so bad in the car he used that in the little shampooer for the car and my carpets looked brand new

Sounds like new carpet or some other floor covering for such overhaul on the old carpet

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We have used beer as a spot cleaner. Don’t clean carpets on a hot humid day. Put old towel over the spot, place foot on towel and twist.

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Oxiclesn I did my Rug and it came out Really good and it is real good on Stains

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IF they had pets and they wet on the floor, you won’t get the stains up…you can clean them and they will look clean for a while and they will be right back.


Take a White bar of soap of any bran and rub on it and take a scrub brush and scrub it and the stain will come out

I have used blue dawn, peroxide and water mixture.

Replace the carpet for health.

Awesome. It’s sold at dollar general stores. It’s great stuff.


The stains are most likely in the pad under the carpet and will continue to show up. You may have to replace both the carpet and the pad.


Walmart…Shot Spot…in an orange and blue can… In the section which the spray called Resolve. You spray spots and vacuum

Try Shave Cream get stains out. Not gel

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White vinegar and Dawn liquid soap,or just peroxide

Something that you can get that’s called mean green you can use that in your carpet cleaner or you can spray it straight to your carpet scrub it in let it sit it’ll pull the stains right out you can get it at Walmart dollar stores family Dollars

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Soap is the worst thing to clean carpet with.

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Call Stanley Steemer

New Carpet! Cut your emotional losses. You will be happy u did!:wink:

Professional cleaning

Fels naphtha is a miracle worker, it’s a bar of soap. Ive also used ammonia/water mix on juice stains, use an iron on low heat and an old towel to pull the stain up. Works good too, but takes a few times.

Personally I’d rip the old carpets up if I were you, look up the amount of toxins in that old carpet. It’s a lot of eww.

Professional carpet cleaning… It’s not that expensive.

The stains are in the pad. They will keep coming back. Best to get new carpet or at least new pad.

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Corn starch & some dawn dish soap & some spray n wash . let it soak .

Sorry not corn starch baking soda with dawn soap & some stain remover like spray & wash let it soak .

Try “purple power” or oxygen powder mix it with water to make a thick paste, rub the paste on the stains & let it dry. Vacuum then carpet clean the area again.

If that doesn’t work, Remove the carpet.

Baking soda made into a paste let it set for about 10 to 15 minutes then go ahead and steam clean the area or use oxy clean on it too if those dont work my final thing is resolve pet stain edition one it works so good and dont have to worry about to much chemically smell either.

We moved into a rental with a bunch of red stains that must have been a few years old. I removed most of them completely with Woolite INSTAclean Permanent Pet Stain Remover. I swear by this stuff every since.

I use hydrogen peroxide

Get a wash cloth wet and lay it over the stain and then use your clothes iron over it, or use a steam cleaner. It will pull stains up, no chemicals needed.

I think with the amount you’ll spend in time, cleaner and renting machines…. You’ll be happier with new carpet and padding. It’ll also give you a chance to get all the dirt out that’s under it.

Pull up all carpet and lay wood floors that can just be moped

Take it out and have hardwood put in. It may already be under there. Just need to be sanded and refinished. Much more sanitary and healthier!

I would ditch it and get something else. The pad or floor underneath might need a good clean.

Cleaning Vinegar!! Just spray it on, if he needs more after it drys, apply more as needed.

If none of the above work get new pad and carpet. It probably is a mess underneath too.

I use a product called my pet peed. You can get it on Amazon, amazing on old stains I even started to use it laundry.

Barbasol shaving cream. Damp rug spray shaving cream…let set for 20 to 30 min. Take wet cloth and clean up shaving cream

Get new carpets. That crud gets in the padding too.

Pull it up and get rid of it. You will be happier with new carpeting knowing you’re the only one to use it first.

There is not anything to remove stains. new carpet…just saying…

Plain blue non-generic Windex .

Pull up the carpet.
Replace with tile or something else NOT carpet


Homemade carpet cleaner. 1Tsp blue dawn. 1cup peroxide. To 1gal hot water. … Works miracles

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Baking soda and white vinegar.

It’s cheaper to replace carpet than get a professional cleaner they dont get the stains out and it’s a waste of money

Ew that’s gross. I’d get the carpets replaced. I sure don’t want to live in someone else’s filth! :nauseated_face:

Soda water when they first happen…not carpet cleaner or any type of soap. You nay have to hire a professional. Get one that uses the chemical mixture not soap.