How to get pregnant with PCOS?

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I have PCOS and since I don’t ovulate, I’m on Clomid TTC. What are the best books to help get pregnant / what are the best recommendations people have? Personal stories would be great!


For me personally… I think Losing weight and quit smoking helped me get pregnant… good luck

I have PCOS as well. We used femara instead of clomid but it didn’t work alone. We ended up doing an IUI with femara and a trigger shot. Worked 1st round.

I have PCOS and my OB put me on Metformin (a diabetes medicine) and I 2nd the “losing weight”…studies show that losing 10% of your body weight drastically reduces the effects of PCOS on your body…


My sister has pcos…she had gastric bypass surgery…literally got pregnant as soon as she started losing weight


If you reveal yourself I can add you to a group called truvision. It’s not just a group it’s a support group for a health supplement and we have hundreds of success stories about women who have PCOS finally able to conceive their miracle baby. With Tru all the impossible things become possible.

I’m having a little boy in 1 week thanks to clomid! I also purchased ovulation tests from Amazon that helped me know how to time things! I tried using the an ovulation app and turns out it said I was ovulating on the wrong days! Definitely recommend using tests! Good luck!

I have PCOS as well, told by multiple drs I would never conceive because i was sterile… I lost weight, got my sugars under control and have a 2 yo son… Also, the older you get, the more likely you are to conceive, more likely to have multiples… I was 36 when I found out I was pregnant…

We used Letrozole and then a shot of Ovidrel to conceive originally, worked like a charm for the first pregnancy. This one, I used OPK sticks at home. Best of luck!

For me i took clomid was only smoke 5 cigs a day quit right after i got my positive now my little man is a 9 days old :sparkling_heart: oh ya i have PCOS and endometriosis